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May 1st, 2014
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  2. #Nasty
  4. ognasty
  5. Hey ManeBjorn. Thank you for hosting the unit for us. I'm glad to see it's been mining smoothly.
  6. 12:59:01 PM MST
  7. ManeBjorn
  8. So far it has been good. They are little heaters that is for sure LOL
  9. 12:59:24 PM MST
  10. nonnakip
  11. OgNasty: we should keep a copy of full chat log
  12. 12:59:27 PM MST
  13. ManeBjorn
  14. That is a great idea
  15. 12:59:38 PM MST
  16. ognasty
  17. silverfuture & Squirrel Dearing will also be hosting units for us. silverfuture's has been shipped out, and Squirrel's should ship in the next few days.
  18. 1:00:15 PM MST
  19. User12 joined chat
  20. 1:00:42 PM MST
  21. User11 changed name to Bees Brothers
  22. 1:00:47 PM MST
  23. Carnth
  24. OK, I'm here, we can start.
  25. 1:00:52 PM MST
  26. User12 changed name to Carnth
  27. 1:01:00 PM MST
  28. ognasty
  29. Everyone will be mining using their forum usernames on Nasty Pool. Their progress is visible for everyone to see at by searching their username.
  30. 1:01:18 PM MST
  31. That leaves us 2 more units to deal with, as the other 2 were sold.
  32. 1:02:00 PM MST
  33. ManeBjorn
  34. That was handy when I wanted to see how it was going on the pool. Sometimes on the other I purchased one side does not power up but it did not report it I only saw it on the pool.
  35. 1:02:17 PM MST
  36. Great graphs too.
  37. 1:02:35 PM MST
  38. Carnth
  39. nonnakip, you must have did some python work to get P2Pool to pay by user name. Good job.
  40. 1:02:59 PM MST
  41. nonnakip
  42. Carnth: no that is a p2pool feature
  43. 1:03:25 PM MST
  44. ognasty
  45. They are mining on behalf of the NastyFans address.
  46. 1:03:42 PM MST
  47. nonnakip
  48. Until now no p2pool modifications necessary.
  49. 1:03:45 PM MST
  50. ManeBjorn
  51. I have some suggestions for getting some more miners on Nasty Pool.
  52. 1:04:01 PM MST
  53. It will cost a tiny bit but I think we should advertise on these sites as they go so many hits from new and current miners
  54. 1:04:43 PM MST
  55. ognasty
  56. I had the pleasure of getting some face time with nonnakip recently, and I liked some of the things he was talking about doing for Nasty Pool.
  57. 1:05:07 PM MST
  58. I think advertising at this time would be a bit premature after hearing some of his ideas.
  59. 1:05:42 PM MST
  60. ManeBjorn
  62. 1:05:44 PM MST
  63. It is a good idea for the future though you are right
  64. 1:05:57 PM MST
  65. nonnakip can you share any of the ideas here?
  66. 1:06:11 PM MST
  67. ognasty
  68. I agree that at some point, there will have to be a better PR campaign than currently exists.
  69. 1:06:33 PM MST
  70. User13 joined chat
  71. 1:06:39 PM MST
  72. nonnakip
  73. NastyPool is still in early stages. There are plans for features that will interest miners that know nothing or do not understand P2Pool.
  74. 1:06:39 PM MST
  75. ManeBjorn
  76. Very cool
  77. 1:07:07 PM MST
  78. tsm13
  79. good job lads
  80. 1:07:18 PM MST
  81. /nick tsm13
  82. 1:07:28 PM MST
  83. User13 changed name to tsm13
  84. 1:07:34 PM MST
  85. ognasty
  86. I also like the idea of the new method of fans selecting the distribution % as opposed to the current poll system.
  87. 1:08:01 PM MST
  88. I think that in the future, the distribution will become more and more complex.
  89. 1:08:43 PM MST
  90. tsm13
  91. whats to stop ppl requesting 100%
  92. 1:08:44 PM MST
  93. ManeBjorn
  94. That is a good idea. Although it could backfire at times. It is more democratic.
  95. 1:08:46 PM MST
  96. nonnakip
  97. OgNasty: I think a text field on the donations page for members to save % might work good.
  98. 1:08:52 PM MST
  99. tsm13
  100. i mean other way around selecting 0% saves
  101. 1:09:39 PM MST
  102. ppl will be greedy
  103. 1:09:53 PM MST
  104. Carnth
  105. I would like to know if we will mine scrypt for LTC and if LTC will become part of the donations or if all alts will be converted to BTC.
  106. 1:09:59 PM MST
  107. ognasty
  108. It would be nice if BTC sources were identified and were also handled differently in the future. For example, Nasty Mining's loans specified that we repay 25% of the mined BTC to them. We are currently sending 50% of all BTC sources. That is something that should be looked at.
  109. 1:09:59 PM MST
  110. ManeBjorn
  111. It can be managed better by doing that.
  112. 1:10:22 PM MST
  113. ognasty
  114. I don't like the idea of paying out LTC. That complicates statistics and I don't see a valid reason for it.
  115. 1:10:31 PM MST
  116. ManeBjorn
  117. Do you have a software system in place for it or spreadsheet
  118. 1:10:37 PM MST
  119. One thing with LTC though is it does have a good value. I keep most of mine
  120. 1:10:58 PM MST
  121. ognasty
  122. I like the diversification aspect of Nasty Mining holding multiple crypto-currencies. It keeps me from spending everything too easily.
  123. 1:11:00 PM MST
  124. You can view the holdings on the forum thread OP, or the iOS app.
  125. 1:11:20 PM MST
  126. ManeBjorn
  127. I like how open you are with everything about Nasty Mining.
  128. 1:12:27 PM MST
  129. tsm13
  130. hey ognasty, two questions
  131. 1:12:38 PM MST
  132. ManeBjorn
  133. it makes it easier for new people to trust you as well.
  134. 1:12:43 PM MST
  135. that is going to be key as the Pool expands
  136. 1:12:54 PM MST
  137. tsm13
  138. 1. Whats change your opinion to vote vs abstain in recent times
  139. 1:12:59 PM MST
  140. ognasty
  141. I guess that sums up that I would eventually like mined coins to have 25% paid directly to lenders, and separated from the regular distribution.
  142. 1:13:14 PM MST
  143. tsm13
  144. 2. does og have anything to do with
  145. 1:13:21 PM MST
  146. ognasty
  147. 2. No. I have never seen
  148. 1:13:54 PM MST
  149. ManeBjorn
  150. it is am empty site too
  151. 1:14:14 PM MST
  152. tsm13
  153. yeh it was closed down a long time ago
  154. 1:14:35 PM MST
  155. was abbreviated to og, by the ppl there, just wondering
  156. 1:14:56 PM MST
  157. the first q, tho whats changed
  158. 1:15:07 PM MST
  159. i still see it as conflict of interest if you vote
  160. 1:15:21 PM MST
  161. ManeBjorn
  162. Og do you think having the 25% paid directly to lenders will help pay off the debt faster?
  163. 1:15:34 PM MST
  164. Carnth
  165. That leaves me wondering... What does "Og" in OgNasty mean... if anything.
  166. 1:15:41 PM MST
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  168. 1:15:53 PM MST
  169. User15 joined chat
  170. 1:16:18 PM MST
  171. ManeBjorn
  172. I do not see it as a conflict of interest as he is at the epicenter of it all.
  173. 1:16:26 PM MST
  174. Him voting could allow for faster action on some issues
  175. 1:16:48 PM MST
  176. Carnth
  177. Mane, the argumanet is, OgNasty is a primary shareholder. He could potentialy vote his way and it would pass.
  178. 1:17:12 PM MST
  179. ognasty
  180. 1. We had a member bring up concerns a long time ago with regards to me having too much control with voting. I just wanted to voice my intent to vote with all my seats since I have at times abstained in the past, so that anyone watching is fully aware of what is going on. It was all about transparency.
  181. 1:17:14 PM MST
  182. tsm13
  183. carnth
  184. 1:17:22 PM MST
  185. exactly
  186. 1:17:24 PM MST
  187. nonnakip
  188. OgNasty: Any newly generated coins donated to nastyfans we can consider as NASTY MINING. I could identify these and maybe we vote to set policy that NASTY MINING always gets at least 25% of mined coins?
  189. 1:17:33 PM MST
  190. tsm13
  191. ognasty, if you reduce your voting power i think then its doable
  192. 1:18:25 PM MST
  193. ognasty
  194. ManeBjorn, it isn't that I think 25% will pay it off faster. It is that I think it will pay it off as per the agreement, and can be done more transparently. I also think that setting it to the exact lending agreement will allow the debt to establish a price, so it has the potential of being bartered in the future.
  195. 1:18:34 PM MST
  196. ManeBjorn
  197. Carnth I understand that but at the same time decisions also affect him more than everyone else because he is the primary shareholder
  198. 1:18:46 PM MST
  199. tsm13
  200. can u chose to vote with the avg number of owned seats
  201. 1:18:47 PM MST
  202. Carnth
  203. But at the same time, OgNasty has a lost of shares, so should it be fair that all his shares count for one vote like the rest of ours do?
  204. 1:19:04 PM MST
  205. tsm13
  206. this is the conflict of interest, is a fan and runs nasty mining
  207. 1:19:29 PM MST
  208. ognasty
  209. nonnakip: I would like it if eventually the 25% was separated completely, and paid out transparently to the lenders directly in the distribution.
  210. 1:19:37 PM MST
  211. tsm13
  212. am not being combative here, i think there is a solution
  213. 1:20:07 PM MST
  214. ManeBjorn
  215. I understand that as well as there can be conflicts of interest but at the same time every choice made affects him more so than us because of that stake.
  216. 1:20:16 PM MST
  217. nonnakip
  218. tsm13: OgNasty started sending mining machines to other fans. So fans as miners is becoming common. Maybe in the future most fans are mining.
  219. 1:20:23 PM MST
  220. tsm13
  221. but if someone can vote with 10,000 seats it swings the vote
  222. 1:20:24 PM MST
  223. ManeBjorn
  224. I like that idea for paying the lenders.
  225. 1:20:35 PM MST
  226. ognasty
  227. tsm13: That is why the first step is in getting an average of every seat for the distribution.
  228. 1:21:14 PM MST
  229. ManeBjorn
  230. I would love to host a monarch that way I could also review it on and Nasty Mining and Nasty Fans more press in the process.
  231. 1:21:31 PM MST
  232. tsm13
  233. nonnakip its not really the same here, i do appreciate your answer
  234. 1:21:34 PM MST
  235. ognasty
  236. I think we need to move a little towards an every vote counts system, as opposed to the majority rules system.
  237. 1:21:46 PM MST
  238. ManeBjorn
  239. How do you weigh the votes then?
  240. 1:22:58 PM MST
  241. tsm13
  242. let me give u an example, if the poll was what to put in our lunchbox on tuesday. A: Apples B: Oranges
(assumption: OGNasty hates apples, apples are cheaper than oranges). I vote with my two seats as to the rest of the shareholders = 9000 seats. OGNasty votes for Oranges with his 10k votes. this is the problem. "All made up"
  243. 1:23:54 PM MST
  244. me and other shareholder vote apples
  245. 1:24:16 PM MST
  246. ^^
  247. 1:24:19 PM MST
  248. ognasty
  249. tsm13: the goal would be to make sure you get an Apple.
  250. 1:24:32 PM MST
  251. but if everyone else wants an orange, they get oranges.
  252. 1:24:49 PM MST
  253. tsm13
  254. ok explain how this works, a pool normally has one outcome
  255. 1:26:01 PM MST
  256. i dont understand how you can have multiple outcomes for all ppl
  257. 1:26:14 PM MST
  258. poll
  259. 1:26:25 PM MST
  260. nonnakip
  261. tsm13: As a fanclub we work together. I try to create polls to solve these issues.
  262. 1:27:09 PM MST
  263. tsm13
  264. yes, it has to have an outcome
  265. 1:27:31 PM MST
  266. ognasty
  267. It depends on what is being polled. For example, I thought the distributions shouldn't be the way you are saying where whatever the majority wants is what we get. I wanted everyone to have a say, so I put forth this average idea. It is a step towards everyone's voice being heard.
  268. 1:27:33 PM MST
  269. tsm13
  270. i dont understand how you can have multiple outcomes to a poll
  271. 1:27:42 PM MST
  272. nonnakip
  273. The nastyfans strength is the openness and communication.
  274. 1:27:43 PM MST
  275. tsm13
  276. absolutely i agree nonnakip
  277. 1:28:32 PM MST
  278. ManeBjorn
  279. true and it sounds like Og would not use his votes to just trump any vote as well.
  280. 1:28:32 PM MST
  281. with everything being so open it should not be a problem
  282. 1:28:45 PM MST
  283. ognasty
  284. tsm13: The polls are mostly about gauging an overall opinion of the club. The % of seats being owned by operators is going to fluctuate in the future. We cannot start discriminating on people for wanting to help us by operating our equipment.
  285. 1:29:01 PM MST
  286. ManeBjorn
  287. That makes sense Og
  288. 1:29:29 PM MST
  289. tsm13
  290. discrimination isn't the right word
  291. 1:29:30 PM MST
  292. because u could also say this is positive dicrimation to non operators
  293. 1:29:49 PM MST
  294. ognasty
  295. No, because they have an equal say.
  296. 1:30:16 PM MST
  297. tsm13
  298. i just want to make sure that while we give you our trust, whats to say an operation in future goes rogue
  299. 1:30:22 PM MST
  300. *operator
  301. 1:30:27 PM MST
  302. ognasty
  303. whether or not someone is an operator for Nasty Mining has no effect on NastyFans.
  304. 1:30:37 PM MST
  305. User16 joined chat
  306. 1:30:53 PM MST
  307. tsm13
  308. ok so do you clasiffy yourself as nasty mining operator or nastyfans member
  309. 1:31:13 PM MST
  310. ognasty
  311. I will try to limit the risk of our operators. If that is a concern it can definitely be addressed.
  312. 1:31:23 PM MST
  313. tsm13
  314. i think its hard to be both, and not have conlict of interest
  315. 1:31:39 PM MST
  316. ognasty
  317. tsm13, I am both, just like ManeBjorn, silverfuture, & Squirrel Dearing.
  318. 1:31:57 PM MST
  319. User16 changed name to Mitch
  320. 1:32:32 PM MST
  321. ManeBjorn
  322. I like being part of Nasty Mining in a bigger way. I want to be able to help us all right from the fans to the miners.
  323. 1:32:47 PM MST
  324. I was blown away when I got to interview Og and also by the transparent nature of how he and nonnakip operate
  325. 1:33:40 PM MST
  326. I do not think there is much to worry about
  327. 1:33:58 PM MST
  328. tsm13
  329. i dunno, i dont think this has been thought out properly i still dont feel the level of comfortability
  330. 1:34:11 PM MST
  331. ognasty
  332. It boils down to trusting me. I am always open and available to address any concerns, publicly or privately.
  333. 1:34:34 PM MST
  334. tsm13
  335. i know change is usually good, but i feel small shareholders we will drowned out by this
  336. 1:34:41 PM MST
  337. User17 joined chat
  338. 1:34:43 PM MST
  339. ognasty
  340. tsm13 I will not drown out small seat owners.
  341. 1:35:07 PM MST
  342. ManeBjorn
  343. I hope not I know I am a small shareholder as well. If all goes well we will all be able to share in the growth
  344. 1:35:25 PM MST
  345. nonnakip
  346. tsm13: I do not think the issue is OgNasty as NASTY MINING operator. The issue is a fan with a very large membership. But this can happen anytime in the future. If a new fan joins and buys up the auction we have the same problem but with someone we do not know.
  347. 1:35:35 PM MST
  348. ognasty
  349. In fact, this very open forum is to give you more of a voice and the distribution change is to give you more impact.
  350. 1:35:39 PM MST
  351. tsm13
  352. I trust you, I wouldn't be invested in here if that wasn'y the case
  353. 1:36:07 PM MST
  354. User18 joined chat
  355. 1:36:18 PM MST
  356. ognasty
  357. nonnakip: That is an excellent point, and something to be considered in the future.
  358. 1:36:25 PM MST
  359. tsm13
  360. i see so much crap in the securities side, but i think compared to year ago people are a little more cautious
  361. 1:36:36 PM MST
  362. Mitch left this chat
  363. 1:37:41 PM MST
  364. ManeBjorn
  365. tsm I understand and there have been so many scams and scumbags lately in the Bitcoin and crypto in general it makes everyone very cautious
  366. 1:38:10 PM MST
  367. User18 left this chat
  368. 1:38:16 PM MST
  369. Bees Brothers
  370. From previous polls, how often has the outcome of the member’s vote differed from the outcome weighted by share ownership?
  371. 1:38:33 PM MST
  372. tsm13
  373. you know the only security i lost money on was this shouldn't have bought at .6/seat
  374. 1:38:39 PM MST
  375. ognasty
  376. It has happened twice I believe @ Bees
  377. 1:38:49 PM MST
  378. User17 changed name to silverfuture
  379. 1:38:51 PM MST
  380. tsm13
  381. but you know i like this one the best
  382. 1:38:51 PM MST
  383. transparency etc
  384. 1:39:01 PM MST
  385. but what will the future hold, are we scaling our policies
  386. 1:39:15 PM MST
  387. thats what im trying to think about
  388. 1:39:24 PM MST
  389. ognasty
  390. The decision to purchase the CoinTerra rig, and the decision to ask for a refund on the miner scam, whatever company it was.
  391. 1:39:27 PM MST
  392. ManeBjorn
  393. Have you thought of going with and Antmier S2 instead? It is cheaper and they run great. They are shipping now.
  394. 1:40:07 PM MST
  395. User19 joined chat
  396. 1:40:21 PM MST
  397. tsm13
  398. they wont be profitable in two months time
  399. 1:40:22 PM MST
  400. ognasty
  401. Asking for a refund when we did, allowed us to take advantage of a huge leap in BTC prices that we would not have had otherwise with those funds. Purchasing the CoinTerra rig is debatable as to whether or not that panned out well, but we would be sitting with next to nothing mining right now had we not gotten it.
  402. 1:40:23 PM MST
  403. ManeBjorn
  404. I like cointerra and met them in NYC but they are dropping the ball lately
  405. 1:40:26 PM MST
  406. ognasty
  407. Our BFL rigs are gold. Their performance is going to keep us happy for a while...
  408. 1:40:47 PM MST
  409. tsm13
  410. yep, glad u stuck with them man
  411. 1:41:02 PM MST
  412. ManeBjorn
  413. I just hope BFL rigs do not under perform
  414. 1:42:34 PM MST
  415. they have had serious heat issues
  416. 1:42:43 PM MST
  417. silverfuture
  418. That's my question, what is our strategy going forward? How is this operation going to scale to keep up with the industrialization of mining?
  419. 1:42:45 PM MST
  420. ognasty
  421. I am glad that we are openly communicating about the conflict of interest. If these become regular monthly Q&A sessions, I would like to continue to discuss those concerns. I will think on ways it can be addressed without discrimination and I urge everyone else to do the same.
  422. 1:43:04 PM MST
  423. Strategy going forward is something I love to discuss. :)
  424. 1:43:20 PM MST
  425. tsm13
  426. same, i do this for a living
  427. 1:43:37 PM MST
  428. ;-)
  429. 1:43:39 PM MST
  430. nonnakip
  431. ManeBjorn: In beginning you asked about some NastyPool plans. The feature I am working on now is a PPS system. This is complex because I want to minimize pool risks and maximize miner profit. I hope to have it ready in a couple months. I think it will be fun to offer PPS system with P2Pool under the hood.
  432. 1:43:41 PM MST
  433. ognasty
  434. P2PoolPPS! Boom! :)
  435. 1:44:13 PM MST
  436. ManeBjorn
  437. Wow that would be huge!
  438. 1:45:06 PM MST
  439. ognasty
  440. I find that extremely exciting. I think that will be the time to start advertising the pool.
  441. 1:45:17 PM MST
  442. ManeBjorn
  443. Big time advertising that is for sure
  444. 1:45:47 PM MST
  445. Carnth
  446. Wow, I don't even know how that can be accomplished. That is exciting.
  447. 1:45:51 PM MST
  448. nonnakip
  449. To be honest my main concern is the P2Pool software scalability if NastyPool goes big.
  450. 1:45:52 PM MST
  451. ManeBjorn
  452. this is a killer concept
  453. 1:45:53 PM MST
  454. ognasty
  455. Nasty Pool is definitely a big part of the foundation going forward.
  456. 1:46:11 PM MST
  457. ManeBjorn
  458. what kind of challenges would it have in scaling?
  459. 1:46:14 PM MST
  460. Carnth
  461. nonnakip I agree, P2Pool doesn't seem to scale well.
  462. 1:46:16 PM MST
  463. Maybe a "front-end" would be able to handle the miners and talk directly with P2Pool.
  464. 1:47:01 PM MST
  465. nonnakip
  466. P2Pool is very vulnerable to DOS attacks. And although the code does many checks to make sure every node is behaving... it is very inefficient.
  467. 1:47:05 PM MST
  468. ManeBjorn
  469. it cannot be protected from them like standard pools do then? I was not aware of that
  470. 1:47:41 PM MST
  471. are there any potential ways to secure it against that better without hurting performance?
  472. 1:48:01 PM MST
  473. nonnakip
  474. I worry I start spending all my time working on P2Pool instead of nastyfans. ;-)
  475. 1:48:04 PM MST
  476. Carnth
  477. Mane, P2Pool is very ineffecint on the back -end of things. P2Pool in general could use a huge overhual.
  478. 1:48:33 PM MST
  479. ognasty
  480. Carnth, stop tempting nonnakip.
  481. 1:48:52 PM MST
  482. Carnth
  483. nonnakip I would be interested the idea you have about it.
  484. 1:49:10 PM MST
  485. nonnakip
  486. I have looking into rewriting P2Pool in C. :-)
  487. 1:49:12 PM MST
  488. ManeBjorn
  489. I have seen that some people were complaining that it was not being kept up to date
  490. 1:49:14 PM MST
  491. Carnth
  492. :D @ Og
  493. 1:49:16 PM MST
  494. ManeBjorn
  495. that would be a huge job though would it not?
  496. 1:49:38 PM MST
  497. Carnth
  498. nonnakip: That would be so cool. Would you submit it to forrestv?
  499. 1:49:47 PM MST
  500. Mane, It would be a big job.
  501. 1:50:08 PM MST
  502. ManeBjorn
  503. I bet.
  504. 1:50:23 PM MST
  505. nonnakip
  506. Carnth: Certainly. But it is not realistic. I have a job and a family. Both need me.
  507. 1:50:24 PM MST
  508. Carnth
  509. nonnakip, I understand. Me too.
  510. 1:50:41 PM MST
  511. But I can't fathom how you would implement PPS into P2Pool. Fascinating.
  512. 1:51:09 PM MST
  513. nonnakip
  514. I have not worked out all technical details yet but basically it is PPS on top of PPLNS.
  515. 1:51:57 PM MST
  516. ManeBjorn
  517. How would that affect the the Pools income though?
  518. 1:52:36 PM MST
  519. nonnakip
  520. The pool income is the merged mining. Bitcoin mining is paid out to miners 100%.
  521. 1:53:02 PM MST
  522. User20 joined chat
  523. 1:53:10 PM MST
  524. ognasty
  525. So you asked about our future plans... We have a few opportunities moving forward. The Pool is definitely one of them and the prospects for growth there are impressive.
  526. 1:53:33 PM MST
  527. ManeBjorn
  528. PPS can be a killer to the pool though in runs of bad varience
  529. 1:53:37 PM MST
  530. variance
  531. 1:53:51 PM MST
  532. ognasty
  533. With BFL shipping us some amazing equipment, and other operators coming on board, I think Mining growth will be impressive as well.
  534. 1:54:06 PM MST
  535. nonnakip
  536. ManeBjorn: Yes I am very aware of this. I have no intention of killing the pool.
  537. 1:54:11 PM MST
  538. ManeBjorn
  539. I know you do not. :-)
  540. 1:54:21 PM MST
  541. ognasty
  542. The next thing we have is our coins.
  543. 1:54:30 PM MST
  544. Carnth
  545. I still need to get a coin.
  546. 1:54:53 PM MST
  547. ManeBjorn
  548. more coins? :-)
  549. 1:54:54 PM MST
  550. Carnth
  551. :(
  552. 1:54:56 PM MST
  553. ManeBjorn
  554. I love the two I purchased. I carry one around with me all the time
  555. 1:55:14 PM MST
  556. ognasty
  557. They have continued to sell and recently have made up nearly 50% of our distributions. This is pretty impressive. We still have ~375 or so coins to sell, so I expect that to continue.
  558. 1:55:23 PM MST
  559. I have been working on a new coin.
  560. 1:55:43 PM MST
  561. One of the biggest things I hear from people is that they want more seats on a coin.
  562. 1:56:06 PM MST
  563. So I have had a 5oz coin designed. My intent is to ask nonnakip to run the same program for a 5oz coin that holds 5 seats.
  564. 1:56:48 PM MST
  565. ManeBjorn
  566. More seats per coin could be very cool
  567. 1:56:59 PM MST
  568. I love that idea.
  569. 1:57:11 PM MST
  570. silverfuture
  571. Good news on the coins. I gave one to a friend as a gift and he said it was the best gift he has ever received. More seats per coin! yes
  572. 1:57:31 PM MST
  573. ognasty
  574. I am not sure when the proper time would be to release such a coin, but I am considering releasing them annually, which would mean I would look to begin taking orders toward the end of the year.
  575. 1:57:57 PM MST
  576. nonnakip
  577. 5oz coin would be nice. My second favorite silver piece is a 5oz coin. I love that size and weight.
  578. 1:58:08 PM MST
  579. ManeBjorn
  580. 5 oz would be cool. I have never had one.
  581. 1:58:26 PM MST
  582. I will be saving for one starting now. :-)
  583. 1:58:38 PM MST
  584. Carnth
  585. Mane, 5oz is pretty beefy, you'll love it.
  586. 1:58:48 PM MST
  587. ManeBjorn
  588. That being said how many would you want to mint?
  589. 1:58:53 PM MST
  590. ognasty
  591. The front coin design is nearly identical to the 1oz. The back is a little different. It is planned to use the same holograms, but will contain a design around the hologram to the edge of the coin.
  592. 1:59:00 PM MST
  593. ManeBjorn
  594. cool deal Carnth
  595. 1:59:02 PM MST
  596. ognasty
  597. There will only be 100 - 5oz coins minted.
  598. 1:59:14 PM MST
  599. ManeBjorn
  600. cool so 500 seats total
  601. 1:59:30 PM MST
  602. ognasty
  603. Yes, same as with the 1oz coins.
  604. 1:59:42 PM MST
  605. ManeBjorn
  606. what is the projected cost to fans per coin?
  607. 1:59:46 PM MST
  608. ognasty
  609. 500 total seats.
  610. 1:59:46 PM MST
  611. I won't even speculate at the cost per coin, but it will be cheaper than 5x the 1oz coin. ;)
  612. 2:00:18 PM MST
  613. Carnth
  614. Would you specualte at "just minting cost?" :)
  615. 2:00:38 PM MST
  616. ManeBjorn
  617. that works
  618. 2:01:05 PM MST
  619. they will be really worth the cost.
  620. 2:01:17 PM MST
  621. ognasty
  622. Carnth, I have so many ideas floating in my head about pricing these coins, I won't speculate at all. I'm not sure if I should include whatever silver is held at the time in 1oz coins and rebalance the average price, or price this as a separate offering completely.
  623. 2:01:48 PM MST
  624. Luckily, I will have a long time to think about it.
  625. 2:02:14 PM MST
  626. So I think that the coins also represent an area of growth for us.
  627. 2:02:31 PM MST
  628. ManeBjorn
  629. Not too long now I want one. LOL
  630. 2:02:46 PM MST
  631. ognasty
  632. Mining | Pool | Coins - not a bad combo
  633. 2:02:48 PM MST
  634. I think we may be able to do more though.
  635. 2:03:01 PM MST
  636. ManeBjorn
  637. I think they represent and great growth opportunity
  638. 2:03:03 PM MST
  639. with those three streams it is well balanced
  640. 2:03:19 PM MST
  641. what other ideas to you have ?
  642. 2:03:43 PM MST
  643. nonnakip
  644. I really like the idea of distributing NASTY MINING to the fans. This might allow NASTY MINING to grow significantly without huge hosting costs.
  645. 2:04:16 PM MST
  646. ManeBjorn
  647. It is a good idea and good for all involved.
  648. 2:04:50 PM MST
  649. ognasty
  650. I agree nonnakip, and I will attempt to continue doing so in a manner that limits risk to NastyFans seat owners.
  651. 2:05:01 PM MST
  652. ManeBjorn
  653. I do not mind hosting the miner or even more in the future
  654. 2:05:03 PM MST
  655. ognasty
  656. I think it also exposes a problem in the mining trend.
  657. 2:05:15 PM MST
  658. Miners are becoming harder and hard to host because they use more and more power and give off tons of heat/noise.
  659. 2:05:32 PM MST
  660. I see hosting centers charging as much as $500 per month to host a CoinTerra rig.
  661. 2:05:49 PM MST
  662. ManeBjorn
  663. so true that 1 th/s unit i reviewed howls like a jet engine. LOL
  664. 2:06:00 PM MST
  665. nonnakip
  666. I also considering hosting miner(s) for NASTY MINING... as long as they are quiet enough that my spouse does not hear. ;-)
  667. 2:06:03 PM MST
  668. ognasty
  669. I have spoken with a potential partner about setting up some space to play with the idea of opening a datacenter.
  670. 2:06:33 PM MST
  671. User21 joined chat
  672. 2:06:45 PM MST
  673. ManeBjorn
  674. Get your spouse shopping with Bitcoin on overstock, my wife's view of Bitcoin did a 180 LOL
  675. 2:07:00 PM MST
  676. Carnth
  677. I know of a potential place in Ohio.
  678. 2:07:06 PM MST
  679. User21
  680. victoria secret takes BTC :) or at least gift cards through gyft
  681. 2:07:23 PM MST
  682. ManeBjorn
  683. sweet
  684. 2:07:31 PM MST
  685. ognasty
  686. Carnth, the space is already owned.
  687. 2:07:43 PM MST
  688. ManeBjorn
  689. I just interviewed the CEO of eGifter
  690. 2:07:48 PM MST
  691. the take BTC, LTC and Doge
  692. 2:07:57 PM MST
  693. Carnth
  694. Og, do you mean that you want to open your own DC to host Nasty and potentialy other people's rigs?
  695. 2:08:06 PM MST
  696. ManeBjorn
  697. would you have to buy the space?
  698. 2:08:08 PM MST
  699. ognasty
  700. No costs related to the purchasing of the space would be incurred.
  701. 2:08:25 PM MST
  702. ManeBjorn
  703. are you still pursuing alternative energy sources like solar?
  704. 2:09:10 PM MST
  705. ognasty
  706. What I would like, is to find someone willing to participate in a pilot program to have their rig hosted to allow us to test out if it is something we can achieve.
  707. 2:09:28 PM MST
  708. User21 left this chat
  709. 2:09:38 PM MST
  710. silverfuture
  711. Distributed hosting is a good medium term plan but nice to see some investigation into data center hosting. It does seem that the costs involved in data centers may even the playing field for home miners a bit, especially in colder climates.
  712. 2:09:41 PM MST
  713. ognasty
  714. ManeBjorn, if this scenario were to take place, I would abandon my alternative energy plans.
  715. 2:09:45 PM MST
  716. silverfuture, it would be in a cold climate. AC units wouldn't be required most of the year.
  717. 2:10:14 PM MST
  718. ManeBjorn
  719. That makes sense near term. Long term it could be good to bring it up again
  720. 2:10:23 PM MST
  721. User22 joined chat
  722. 2:10:24 PM MST
  723. User22 changed name to Mitch03
  724. 2:10:33 PM MST
  725. ognasty
  726. If anyone knows anyone willing to participate in such a pilot program, let me know.
  727. 2:11:00 PM MST
  728. I would love it if we were able to get stable USD donations for operating a datacenter.
  729. 2:11:38 PM MST
  730. Mitch03
  731. northwest has the cheapest energy cost something like 2 cents per kilowatt hour if I remember right. places near dams like chelan and such
  732. 2:12:00 PM MST
  733. ManeBjorn
  734. That would promote some huge growth and value for seat holders and fans
  735. 2:12:11 PM MST
  736. ognasty
  737. I agree.
  738. 2:12:28 PM MST
  739. ManeBjorn
  740. My energy cost is .06 pkh
  741. 2:12:30 PM MST
  742. ognasty
  743. Mining | Pool | Coins | Hosting | ?
  744. 2:12:47 PM MST
  745. ManeBjorn
  746. .02 would be great. when they hook us up to the methane generation plant from the farm it will be free.
  747. 2:13:03 PM MST
  748. Mitch03
  749. wow maybe I forgot a decimal :) but anything that lowers the energy cost helps a lot
  750. 2:13:16 PM MST
  751. ManeBjorn
  752. Mining | Pool | Coins | Hosting | Selling Mining Equpiment
  753. 2:13:44 PM MST
  754. ognasty
  755. Not selling mining equipment exactly, but close guess.
  756. 2:13:59 PM MST
  757. As some of you have noticed, I have become somewhat of a popular escrow agent on the forums.
  758. 2:14:18 PM MST
  759. I see trusted escrow services as being a popular way to do business online in the future.
  760. 2:14:50 PM MST
  761. ManeBjorn
  762. with connections that some of us have and as Nasty Mining Grows especially if you are hosting you could sell the gear you host and help offset the purchasing the new updated miners as well as giving the customers a value added purchases
  763. 2:14:59 PM MST
  764. there needs to be a trusted escrow service and if it could be built into the site it could be a nice revenue stream
  765. 2:15:34 PM MST
  766. you are one of the most trusted people in the entire crypto community
  767. 2:15:56 PM MST
  768. ognasty
  769. I intend to continue to grow my escrow services and build relationship with more resellers like pcfli & Bit-Tech to see if I can make this a more popular service.
  770. 2:15:59 PM MST
  771. Perhaps at some point in time, nonnakip will be able to implement an automated escrow service. I would be willing to turn all my escrow business over to it, with all of the proceeds being donated to NastyFans.
  772. 2:17:07 PM MST
  773. ManeBjorn
  774. That would be cool
  775. 2:18:11 PM MST
  776. ognasty
  777. Mining | Pool | Coins | Hosting | Escrow
This is the path I see us eventually taking towards having a diversified growth plan.
  778. 2:18:36 PM MST
  779. ManeBjorn
  780. I know Bit-Tech turned out to be a good seller and your escrow helps him a ton
  781. 2:18:38 PM MST
  782. nonnakip
  783. I like that idea. I do not know when I will get to it. We will see how quickly I get NastyPool finished.
  784. 2:18:48 PM MST
  785. silverfuture
  786. Wow, that's great.
  787. 2:18:57 PM MST
  788. ManeBjorn
  789. we should sell miner for hosting or shipping that will help hosting grow faster
  790. 2:19:04 PM MST
  791. I have vendors
  792. 2:19:30 PM MST
  793. ognasty
  794. No rush nonnakip. Anything you do for us is always appreciated by all.
  795. 2:19:47 PM MST
  796. ManeBjorn
  797. that we could get great pricing from and manufacturers themselves
  798. 2:19:51 PM MST
  799. I appreciate all you guys do
  800. 2:20:07 PM MST
  801. it is a ton of work
  802. 2:20:12 PM MST
  803. ognasty
  804. ManeBjorn, I think getting them to use us for escrow is a less risky plan. :)
  805. 2:20:28 PM MST
  806. I think that pretty much wraps up everything I had to say.
  807. 2:20:49 PM MST
  808. Perhaps this can become a regular monthly thing...
  809. 2:21:03 PM MST
  810. Anyone have any other questions?
  811. 2:21:11 PM MST
  812. ManeBjorn
  813. I agree to a point but if we have miners that can be purchased from Nasty Mining for hosting or shipping many people will buy them and have them hosted.
  814. 2:21:23 PM MST
  815. We do not have to keep them on hand
  816. 2:21:33 PM MST
  817. Mitch03
  818. are transcripts of the chat going to be available? I have been trying to catch up but each time a new comment is made it brings it up.
  819. 2:21:54 PM MST
  820. ManeBjorn
  821. we can have them drop shipped to the hosting facility or the customer depending on their choise
  822. 2:22:00 PM MST
  823. choice
  824. 2:22:04 PM MST
  825. Mitch03
  826. I like the notion of monthly chats
  827. 2:22:07 PM MST
  828. ManeBjorn
  829. me too monthly is good
  830. 2:22:14 PM MST
  831. ognasty
  832. I have a transcript.
  833. 2:22:47 PM MST
  834. Anyone who wants a transcript of this can email and I will send it to you.
  835. 2:23:04 PM MST
  836. Mitch03
  837. sweet, thx.
  838. 2:23:23 PM MST
  839. ManeBjorn
  840. Thanks for doing this. The transparency and willingness to speak with everyone and work on their concerns and things for the future is refreshing
  841. 2:23:47 PM MST
  842. nonnakip
  843. I could add it to the nastyfans web site somewhere.
  844. 2:23:48 PM MST
  845. ManeBjorn
  846. ah yes an archive of them
  847. 2:24:03 PM MST
  848. that would be cool
  849. 2:24:07 PM MST
  850. I have a question before we end
  851. 2:24:16 PM MST
  852. ognasty
  853. I will send to you nonnakip.
  854. 2:24:19 PM MST
  855. ManeBjorn
  856. are there things you would like us to do????
  857. 2:24:29 PM MST
  858. HOw can we help more?
  859. 2:24:47 PM MST
  860. Mitch03
  861. I am more then willing to step up anyway I can to help if needed.
  862. 2:24:51 PM MST
  863. ognasty
  864. Mine on our pool. Use our escrow service. Buy our seats. Spread the word!
  865. 2:25:07 PM MST
  866. Mitch03
  867. You guys do a tremendous job and I have nothing but respect and admiration for what has been done thus far.
  868. 2:25:18 PM MST
  869. ManeBjorn
  870. I will thanks.
  871. 2:25:23 PM MST
  872. Thanks for the hard work guys I agree with Mitch. +1
  873. 2:25:38 PM MST
  874. Mitch03
  875. I do :) but how can we spread the word more, get a higher profile in the crypto community?
  876. 2:25:52 PM MST
  877. nonnakip
  878. I get very little feedback about If there are quirks that you do not like I would appreciate hearing them. PM is always welcome.
  879. 2:25:54 PM MST
  880. ognasty
  881. Mitch03, tell friends and family, contact us to offer to host a unit for us, get people mining on p2pool with us.
  882. 2:26:35 PM MST
  883. Carnth
  884. nonnakip: the website need more flash and animations, and blinking text, and pop-ups.
  885. 2:26:49 PM MST
  886. ognasty
  887. :)
  888. 2:26:56 PM MST
  889. nonnakip
  890. :-P
  891. 2:26:57 PM MST
  892. Mitch03
  893. hahah
  894. 2:27:02 PM MST
  895. Carnth
  896. :D
  897. 2:27:03 PM MST
  898. ManeBjorn
  899. LOL
  900. 2:27:27 PM MST
  901. ognasty
  902. Thanks everyone for attending! Enjoy your May!
  903. 2:27:36 PM MST
  904. Mitch03
  905. Will do Og, I can host if need be. I am working on moving my miners into a new facility for the summer anyways
  906. 2:27:43 PM MST
  907. Thanks for hosting and listening :)
  908. 2:28:02 PM MST
  909. silverfuture
  910. Thanks for doing this, much appreciated.
  911. 2:28:12 PM MST
  912. ognasty
  913. Anytime. Nasty Out!
  914. 2:28:26 PM MST
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