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  1. # What is your characters backstory?
  2. #### Cooter Davis is a hillbilly who grew up with his father Cooper Davis. Cooter and his brother Brett Davis worked on the farm all day to help provide for the family. Cooter's mom, Billina, died at age 42 of early cancer. She taught Cooter how process the animals the 3 men hunted out in the woods. Cooter likes to eat so his mom taught him the essentials of prepping the meat and farm animals once they were ready to harvest. Grandpa Earl was a huge meth head who was always stoned. The grandpa gave Cooter and Brett some meth to try one night and it's never been the same for the two brothers. They wanted to know how to make it themselves. Grandpa showed them so they would stop bugging him. Ever since Cooter started on meth, he started obtaining more of a social life and became more friendly with others. Everyone loved and hated Cooter because he would always introduce himself with overwhelmingly excitement, "Heyyyyy!!!!! I'm Cooter!!". Cooter found out his grandpa and father died from drug abuse and must carry on the tradition with his brother Brett. Cooter also runs a pest control company called Cooters Pest Control to mask his meth operation.
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