May 21st, 2018
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  1. --Cultures (Choose 2)--
  2. 1) Druids - Gain additional +1 Faith for every 2 forest tiles in your territory. Can build anything on "Forest" tiles.
  3. 2) Imperial - Gain +200 progress each turn for each tile in your territory with a building on it
  4. 3) Savages - Gain additional 30% more loot from raids and additional 20 growth from "Plains" tiles you own
  5. 4) Theocratic - Can make one prayer as a free action. Additional +1 Faith for every 2 temples. Can't cast dark spells.
  6. 5) Heretics - Gain instant 3000 progress for each faith point spent on dark spells
  7. 6) Pacifists - Gain 30% more progress at the end of your turn if you haven't attacked other nations this turn
  8. 7) Warmongers - 20% more progress from offensive battles. No limit to the amount of times they can attack in a turn
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