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  1. Cryptic system pathing. (Orignal Therum donut steel)
  2. By xxXSuiseisekiXxx Age 28. Aussi aussi aussi Oi Oi Oi!
  3. Might have failed Year 10. But did a trades apprenticeship so fast it's actually illegal to certify.
  4. I'd take a Forbidden qualification over a PHD any-day.
  6. Double Chai חַי‎=Double Life
  7. We know space looks like it's stretching in every direction, at a rate of allegedly 2cm/s per ly (relative to who's calendar?)
  9. A Universe Origins that encompasses all.
  10. fully comprehensive. Self evidentiary in both logic and measure.
  11. Having causation and irrationality.
  12. All accounted for, and explained in a rational way.
  14. Without invoking infinite as a tangible value.
  15. Because haveing greater whole numbers than current is irrational and illogical.
  16. But money leaning is a social construct that makes psychical action and object appear.
  17. (don't question at what cost)
  22. This was written is non ++ notepad. So spelling errors are your own problem
  23. As I'll soon enough tell you.
  27. -entomology
  29. I'm un aware of any attempts to this theroy that I proppose.
  30. Or any concepts bearing any significant simularitys to this theroy in any terms.
  31. The ones vaugly fitting are nothing more than less in terms of generalizeations, well...
  32. Frankly any other relative versions/concepts are monstrosicitys to logic.
  33. A monstrocity of logic that can only outputs flaws of any interpritation or quantification to it.
  34. Such like the beast named Quantum Entanglarr.
  36. It is analiogus to other things.
  37. But only in aspects. Not whole functions. As far as I'm aware.
  40. -Study of doubt. Proofing logic.
  42. I have presented a concise summary of my therom to an open fourm.
  43. Its logical essance only.
  45. No problem was found inherent.
  46. Even when I 'maliciously' disproved notions of their own.
  47. No doubt to this theroy was ever raised.  
  49. I engauged the same fourm with agrresive agitation incite a opinion.
  50. Its only concieveable critisim recived, was but a Quaint notion.
  51. That -t planck can't be measured.
  52. CSP is unaffected by time, as time does not exist in it. But time is explained by it.
  54. It certinly can't be said as 'peer reviewd'. The forum is of opt-in identidty.
  55. But I made every effort to incite aggerrions to anything relative to my activity there.
  56. Not even attempts to attack a 'pet' theroy with fallacy evented as a retailation of makeing a user seen a fool.
  58. So notion un questioned is a motion passed in my book.
  63. -Methodoligy denoteing logic. A walk through Gentic knowlege, expressed by non DNA methods.
  66. Square peg, round hole.
  67. Concepts are just holes looking to get pegged.
  68. Objects will try to fit into any concept if you're not looking.
  69. So focus on the object must be a priority.
  71. There is case where you'd allow a peg to permiscue.
  72. When it's more likely to have been miss measured, than the acrobatics that may explain it.
  74. If it talks like a fag and it's shit's all retarded. Something's wrong.
  77. There are scores of lose quoteations and refrences to other works, people, and anaticdotes.
  78. So I go into depth here, to give a slew of my knowegebase. as if it can give for un made citations.
  80. I don't beleve that I have solely chanced upon this 'theroy' by any clear distinction to orignality.
  81. But I feel that I am the first to try and relate the premise in a way that is attainable for the laymest of Man to get the gist.
  83. Observations and philosiphal quierys. The storys and mesurements are alluding to this.
  84. The nature of being, of man, and of existance is a all permiating question.
  85. They say that the theroy of Atoms were 'know' pre romean  era. That the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar,
  86. suspoisidly is calculagted from the precession of the milkyway.
  87. Sounds incredable. That Observers without optic lenses could measure these macro and micro poles.
  88. Atomic theroy I think was from pure deduction.
  90. Obvious mechanisms that must exist eo expalin substances. How does water flow, and that the soft compresses into itself?
  91. The presession of a galaxacy is harder to attain, as how can a single generation witness the
  92. deviation of galactic bodys and structures in a singlie lifetime, letalone without a stable platform with a telescopic sights to survey such a thing?
  94. The same reason we honor the dead, both our fathers and mothers.
  95. We honor thoes that pointed to better ways.
  97. Given if you were technocally isolated. And wanted to check a thing. Something that'll take longer than you have to see it yourself.
  98. Would't you spend the 5 mins enscribeing witness marks on a stone. And telling your grandson to pop back in on it when he gets the chance. Mayby his sons too.
  99. Not like there's imidiatly pressing issues preventing a 'pilgramage to honor the will of dead'.
  103. This 'truith' of generational study and measurement came about when I was attempting to diseminate what multable dimensions are in relation to us, as my attempt to be as concise and incomplicated lead to a mention of 'I'd become Prometheus if this got out'.
  104. As it was a Analogy of learning of Telsaverse existance if you were bound to Edision U laws of Voltages and Amp measurement.
  105. That it was a 'trick' of stealing energy from the higher verse by stealing half it's value. As that half isn't banned from existing.
  108. That with this, I see our forbears dropped their knowlege in recursive ways.
  109. That we might start to 'pick up what they're dropping', when the books are more filled with language and twig and brance explination.
  110. That their 'skizto' thoughts be cyphered into a relatable way. rationalized to the times it exists in.
  111. That in a world pre coveted to standerd education for all children, that their knowlege will pass on as tales.
  112. Epics and words of morality with metaphorical conundrums.
  113. Where language does not exist to corrilate the phantasm tangable to their concept.
  114. These are incredable resources for makeing current science theroy more tanagble.
  115. I firmly see insight with these fables, the ramblings of many wise men. Of things without a word.
  116. But of things that do certinly exist. Just not with a logical rout to define them with a word.
  117. Untill recently. English. The most fuck all contrived notions of acceptable word inclusion and interpritation conformidity.
  118. If it needs definition, English can put, cannabalize, or phonetism suggestion; new formulation of lettering to suggest clear definition when used to the concept it was birth from.  
  119. Theoretical lexicography awaiting Syntagma
  121. For every good plan there's a neigh sayer decrying fallacys. For every bad plan, nobody questiond it, untill it fails.
  123. This knowege was perverted when the renaissionce came.
  124. A destructive mentality amoung the educated came to flroush.
  125. That thoes that existed before then, were less knowlegeable then the wealth before us now.
  126. The sentance isn't incorrect. But the common interpritation has crippled many.
  127. Books are knowlege. But it's the ablity to do with that, that's intelegence;
  128. Not in knowing of things, the way they are known to be.
  129. But Legacy alumni candidate Tommy Abercrombe doesn't ever hear that, much like his father before him.
  132. This gives into a historical account of the Sophist, Hippias.
  133. Hippias, a /know it all/ is credited with originating the idea of natural law.
  134. So much was Hippas well versed, that Plato saw him as vain and arrogant.
  136. For Plato to have fallen into the trap set by a Sophist built of pure Rhetoric, and Virtue.
  137. That the great preacher of thoes mechanisms and knowlege paths.
  138. Became fork tounged when seeing proper practition of his own ideals.
  139. That it's correct adaptation, kicked all of Platos dogs and called them fuck off.
  140. The birth of dismissing the person to reject the knowlege they present.
  142. I will not accept dissmissal.
  143. Dismissal is the Mind-Killer.
  144. Dismissal the little-death that brings total ignorance.
  145. I will face dismissal.
  146. I will permit it to accost me and to attempt adhearance.
  147. When it falls off my breast, I'll turn wrath to its origins.
  148. Where dissmissal has failed, there will be knowlege if I remain.
  151. Hippas being a Jack of of trade, master of none. Only espoused one thing that trancends technoligiocal advance.
  152. According to Hippias, natural law was never to be superseded as it was universal.
  153. He saw natural law as an entity that humans take part in without pre-meditation.
  154. He regarded the elite in states as indistinguishable from one another
  155. Thus they should perceive each other as so.
  158. To take part without pre-meditation. This is somewhat a definative statement. That there is no free will...
  159. What could draw such a conclusion?
  160. A tale of the Titans.
  161. Prometheus, Trick at Mecone.
  163. The Gods asked for negioation of the division of sacrifice.
  164. It's thought that Prometheus sucessfully tricked Zeus.
  165. That Zeus had chose the lesser valuable division. This is in my eyes false.
  166. This is often considered a "Man from clay" myth.
  167. I see that this is a metophorical instance aludeing to Mans lack of forsight, despite forethought.
  168. That Man was given a choice. To divide scarifice. The Gods divadends of the relm they have controll of.  
  170. Prometheus was disposed to preconception and limited scope. Prometheus only saw the literal interpritation of what was to take place.
  171. That the Gods asking Man what would be fair between their realms was just mear materalism. Not a offer of asention.
  173. Prometheus saw that if he carved a beast into two piles, that he can give Man a desirable cut.
  174. The flesh he tore from the carcass, savioring all offle.
  175. He took the entails to cover the meat pile to appear as if foul. The bones were polished with fat, so they glint like gems in comparasen.
  177. Zeus was not fooled in the least by this. In fact Zeus was angered. That a Titan act in place of Man, and as if in Mans best intrest.
  178. To lie in Mans stead, to act as if he was knowlegeable of outcome before full knowlege of the implications. of the task were even made evident of the things that were to be decided.
  180. Zeus had to take the 'trick' pile in order to punish Prometheus for his self-importance pretense to aspiration. That Man was without ablity if the Titans wern't to act for them.
  182. Zues too the bones. As they were the bargaining token to controll of the structure. The fat polished upon the bones gave ability to make the stucture sliperary, to be without grasp.
  183. With this division between the Gods and Man. Zues was able to make it so that Prometheus was punished most befittingly.
  184. For his shortsight. The structure's power was twisted so that Prometheus was to forever bound to a rock, where each day an eagle, the emblem of Zeus, was sent to feed on his liver, which would then grow back overnight to be eaten again the next day.
  186. From skeleton frameworks, and all that entrails.
  187. He was doomed to his own error. That his miss interpritation of the meetings matter to be decided. That his introvention to something not of his concern and that false thought, of what it was about entirely.
  188. Became his fate. Interjection where nothing was known beyond a division of Ox between Man and Gods was known.
  189. Going off half cocked, he made thoes he saught to see him as acting in their intrest.
  190. Lose a acention to from their own reality.
  191. Purely from assumption of what a oxen being divided Man and Gods only meant of worldy possesion.
  192. That never could it had been if it were quially divised, that Man can rise to Zues postion.
  194. That's what I've conferred from that story.
  195. But it's only made of relavance in the face of greater understanding of what it is I presume to /exist/.
  196. To be in and of a system, that to act upon that system as but just a man is to assume the lower potental can exert a force on the more massive mechanisms intertwined.
  197. That is in essance "Manifest destiny".
  198. It waould seem that effort rewards with desired result.
  199. But thoes efforts are also measureable mechanisms to where a result were acheved.
  200. None of that without causeality.
  206. -Reasons why CSP is needed.
  208. The Big Bang is critically flawed.
  210. It imposes that matter exists without any causeation to its existance before the event.
  211. Furthermore is has rolled a critical miss upon redshift becomeing evident.
  212. Instead of scrapping it and starting again.
  213. It was patched with a analogy of a balloon when interpriting the data set.
  215. Over 30 years, a logical fallacy being seen as true. Two massive systems treated as one.
  216. With a force made up, that spawns from nothing. Used as a 'rational' way to explain it.
  217. This not a theroy, it's operationalization.
  218. Voids and clusters may be defined by each other.
  219. But I can't conceive why anyone would make the lesser potental, act uppon the higher.
  220. That's pure insanity.
  221. Even without considering that generally all other meaurements are connotatively the opposite function.
  222. Let alone inventing a force you can't measure to explain it.
  225. When you believe in things
  226. That you don't understand,
  227. Then you suffer,
  228. Superstition aint the way
  232. -Rationaliseation behind Cryptic System Pathing
  234. In this method I perscribe, existance is exhibiting a lenseing via collapse.
  235. That collaspse is inherrent. Because a factor exists without resolve point.
  236. Giving the illusion of time, space, and motion.
  237. It would be like the effect one has vusually when they come to a stop, after a long time in motion.
  238. Extreme version would be a dolly zoom effect they do for movies.
  240. This lenseing is what I conceve was used to infer that Inflation is real.
  241. With this method, lenseing happens in all directions and values. Thus would explain redshift.
  242. It also as a direct case caused from the method to derrive CSP existance.
  243. In no way does it rely on assumeing that a thing is to exist before it does.
  244. Or become from noting without a relative, rational cause.
  245. It may appear from no point. But is accecptable by logic, and rational in why it needs to apply.
  246. To any senability.  
  248. It will comply with core values to the universe as we know it to be, without error.
  251.  "Rutherford, this is system of equation!"
  252.  "For Christ's sake, Soddy, don't call it equation. They'll have our heads off as Kinematics."
  255. -Metaphysics of Cryptic System Path
  257. Crypitic system path is a post tenths record dictating the summary of all records method.
  258. All data is existant. In it's most efficent form to be contrived.
  259. (time is used here as a placehoder for cascade events)
  261. In no way can I conceve, that existance would be inefficient in any way.
  262. So thusly the method to explain it, and sustain it. Must be absolutley versitile.
  263. And exhibit expontally more data then it, itself can contain.
  268. -How to build such a structure
  270. It must be built upon allignment of a variable with a mathematical constant.
  271. The constant must posses a infinate potental quality without that being whole numbers.
  272. And be subject to irrationality, and rationality in both the whole and parts of its value.
  274. I postulate that we can create a equasion based off such a constant.
  275. And I'm convinced that existance of a constant there of does.
  276. With this we could give and create what amounts to a vector that has 'perfect' spin.
  278. A spin so right. That it proves it's right, by extention of the data inferred from it.
  279. Alligning all paths with intercetions, so that known quanitys inherrently acheives cohesion and coherentness.
  280. All the Whilst still maintaining irrationaly.  
  282. This would be achevied by no one path being greater or lesser than the other by vitue of propagation.
  283. As all paths and all intersections are by default the same representations therein, equil and opposing.
  284. Originating from the cataclismic event birthing it at a single point.
  287. The nexus of this proposition to derriveing state, from position is a ture Bohmian quantum state.
  288. But not as they're known in any mention I've seen.
  289. They're contrived to exist as just as becauseism. Thus is flawed.
  291. I beleve if CSP is a successfull formulaulation.
  292. It inherrently will fix Bohmian explination as a result.
  294. I beleve cataclysmic waveform collapse can be and always will be derrived from 0 potential.
  295. An axiom must be considered true if the logic is without instance or potental of affecting out come.
  297. 0 velocity, 0 matter, 0 time, 0 space, 0 accelaration.
  299. Logicaly this axiom cannot possibly have any outcome as a result of itself to any aspect it's involved with.
  301. However, inversly it does upon derrivng anything from it as a sole frame of refrence.
  302. It's a single refrence frame.
  303. The only measurement you can derrive is distance from it via acceleration.
  304. This comes at cost of all other motions.
  305. As logic dictates what's gained in measurement incurres unknown potental of any and all other forces the object has, as we know it to be now.
  307. It may be a single refrence point. So how does that birth any more measure than distance.
  309. From two refrence points, the only diviation from them in a 2d plain is gained.
  310. That is incorrect
  312. 0 & (> 0) is two points of refrence. Indisputable and calculable.
  313. How do you gain a new refrence point.
  315. If it is to apperate in a straight line. The cascade will always fail.
  316. Because liniuar systems cannot know it's own position in the value, only what's directly adjecnt.
  317. So liniur calulation only ever resolves in 2 points. As a midde value can only point/look one way at one time.
  319. So this is is where what I call Qantum stacks are birthed.
  320. A Quantum Stack is something I've inffered from Bohmian.
  321. Quantum stacking is where outcome from improbability comes from.
  322. We know of Quantum wave as a potental of position.
  323. But these stacks are for impossable and unlikely quantum events.
  324. So that Quantom wave may propergate without failure.
  326. With that.
  327. A 3rd refrence point is always made avalable due to QS between the first two points but slightly off canter.
  328. It's not and can never be in a linuar postion to the first two points.
  329. It is made in contact with 1 & 2, but off line of sight. So that 1 & 2 can see eachother But 3 is not required to be looking at either 1 & 2.
  330. As contact confirms position.
  331. This concerves observation. Whilst giving greater perception of surroundings.  
  333. The stack gains potental whenever a state exists where less action happens to failure. Or when action can't happen.
  334. Then the quantum stack gains possability of action for inciteing an action that will cause more action.
  335. This will always be to cause greater potential than the state was before where it acted.
  337. As the Cryptic System Pathing is without time relevancy.
  338. A quantum stack may act upon a uncharted state of CSP that are a result of redundant space between paths.
  339. This creates instance of enourmous potental that fracture from CSP but are still quantafyable from CSP's vector.
  342. A Quantum stack must always force action. In the case of inacion.
  343. Saveing all state from critical error.
  344. It's not a random effect. It's based on quantum probility droop.
  345. That it's most likely to stack in a position that will propergate the most results.
  346. Effecient and subtle. But also just reciprication and repordution of CSP origins.
  348. Qunatum stack branches are directly intersectable with the orignal Point Zero Axoim CSP vector.
  349. Intersecting Stack Branches are derrived from the resolution of a vector being irresolaveable by nature.
  354. -To proof this theroy.
  356. We need to calculate a minimum vector that intersects itself the minimum times it requires to have Pi implode equially from intersections.
  358. Sounds impossible because Pi can't be resolved.
  359. But it's resolution is not in haveing the full denoteion vaule of it's decimal.
  361. The soultion is in stipulateing propertys of the Point Zero axiom vector correctly.  
  362. Intercetions should be made when vlaues of the vector segment have been exhibited only just enought.
  363. So that other intercetions of differing ralative vector segments upon it include the remaing data as result of it's path so on and so forth.
  365. The vector itself must be a complex vector by default.
  366. Segmenting the vector is not a new equasion. But the points between intercetions.
  367. The sucess of a segment is a unique state it exerts to and from thoes conections.
  369. To 'fuse' each segment. Quantum stacking is applyed from the intersection.
  370. And every intersection if multable exist in the same point.
  371. Remember this a bit by bit calculation.
  372. 3d shapes are just center points given walls.
  373. The result of fission must be logical.
  374. A quantum stack cant have infinate potental at 2 points.
  377. Because the paths of unique vector segments intersect.
  378. And be that time doesn't exist. Change of direction is impercepterable.
  379. So when sucessfully calculated, intersections are CSP's derrived from difrent potental than the Point Zero Axiom.
  380. The Zero Point Axiom must also reslove. By return of the vector to the point of origion.
  381. In effect collapsing any evidence where a state of zero potental existed.
  382. Continuity must be evident in each intercetion, logically related with Quantum Stackinng.
  383. As to prove that each point equates the same.  
  385. Resloving to Point Zero confirms implosion. So long as The CSP equates from all Axioms as the same value.
  386. Regaurdless of start value.
  387. And that Quantum stacking is logical
  390. In regaurds to Quantum stacking.
  391. They are inherrent qualitys that are derived from CSP.
  392. They're Proven by cSP resolving a in logical equasion.
  393. A Quantom stack branch and other occasions will be exhibeted at all other instances in the same way.
  394. It's fractioral in the macro. But not exceeding any boundary that was percribed by resolution of axiom CSP.
  396. That does not mean that they become of infianate value. As they are just repercussions mirrioring CSP.
  397. They are the same, and do no new thing, in it's explaination or existance.
  398. Other than existing to a set of values that's the same.
  399. If it's indertermante of diffrence to anywhere else.
  400. It has not exceeded any dimention that gives a new value.
  401. No determination of Quantum stack events exising is possible.
  402. Relative position to one or other in the CSP is impossible to determin.
  405. This cascade is a bit per bit calculation untill home is reached.
  406. It is expressable as a complex vector.
  407. I concieve that this will exceed graham's number in orders of magintude.
  409. And there so we have it. A theroy of acheveing exsistance from no potental.
  410. That forfills what I know of, as mandatory in order to attain existance.
  412. Existentialism may result. But you trusted a flag that was clearly leaft open.
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