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  1. [lwIP, LibTCPClose] pcb->state = LAST_ACK
  2. ROSMEM: free 0xb0671d40
  3. ROSMEM: free 0xb0671430
  4. ROSMEM: free 0xb0671ff0
  5. tcp_pcb_remove: Removing pcb = 0xb068b5c0
  6. ROSMEM: free 0xb068b5c0
  7. ROSMEM: free 0xb0697008
  8. ROSMEM: free 0xb08a3f28
  9. [lwIP, LibTCPCloseCallback] Aborting a connection
  10. tcp_abandon: called on pcb = 0xb068b5c0
  11. tcp_abandon: pcb->state = CLOSED
  12. tcp_pcb_remove: Removing pcb = 0xb068b5c0
  13. ROSMEM: free 0xb068b5c0
  14. tcp_abandon: sending RST
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