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Aug 25th, 2019
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  3. Before: I am excited for my service. I enjoy teaching kids who are committed to learning and giving it their best shot. I expect to meet many passionate kids who put in their all. I am very excited to teach kids something they value, because one day, they may be better than me. Hopefully I leave an impression on the kids I help.
  5. During my service, I realized that people truly do need and appreciate my help and support. It was cool to have kids ask for my help on things they were unclear about. I met a few students who were willing to stay after class to learn about and do better. It is truly enjoyable and definately feels worthwhile and a good use of my time. I’m very happy I get to serve and help other kids who may want to teach one day.
  9. I understand I will be teaching kids how to defend themselves. I understand there are kids out there with a poor mindset who are given a hard time by those shined with fortune. Hopefully I will teach those less fortunate kids how to defend themself. If I can teach a student how to properly stick up for him or herself, I will be happy with my service. I am excited for that oppurtunity to help students feel accepted and safe in their everyday lives.
  11. My assigned reading influenced my service experience by giving me the right mindset. I read things that I could somewhat associate to my own life. Some are poor and even when they give it their all, they aren’t blessed upon, but if they have the right patience, eventually it will all go right. Some of these kids that I meet may not have it all, but with the right patience and effort, they will be blessed upon. I believe everybody with the right effort and the will for patience will make it in the world. Some people are born with fortune and don’t need to put in as much effort as others.
  12. 4. Get back to it
  14. There was one very specific part of the text that really made me think. Page 34 of my book read that the same cry repeated in most psalms saying, “How long?”. I’m not exactly sure why this was as signficant as it was to me, but it just made me realize how people who put in their all still have to wait for blessings. This made me think of how everybody out there is fighting for opportunities the hardest they can, but in the end there are only a handful that are truly blessed, because they put in not only the patience, but the effort too. I believe if anybody works hard enough and puts in all of their resources, they will be blessed with sucess.
  16. I believe service is an important part of an individual’s spiritual devolopment because it lets people help others be blessed upon, especially the poor and hungry. I think service also helps because we get to meet the people that are truly less fortunate. It’s hard to put in your all for a cause helping people you never met, but once you meet the people you are helping, and find out what your service means to them, it is special. I think everyone should put in community service so they can truly find out what it means to be important for others.
  18. The text attempted to influence the reader’s spiritual development by giving somewhat figurative examples of what life is for the poor. This book seemed to specifically revolve around work and rewards. I think this is truly going to make me put in 100% with every task I’m assigned and every oppurtunity I receive.
  20. If I could start my own charity my mission would be to help children living in foster homes. Foster children hardly own anything for themselves. These children aren’t as fortunate as others to the point where they don’t have parents to support them. I think it’s important that foster homes are more funded because to most foster children those that live around them are their only family. I believe people could donate food, toys, clothes, money, and even hard labor into creating a better foster homes environment.
  22. I believe it’s more important do donate time than money to charities. Although money is important in charities and funding, time can be just as, if not more important. Charities would get no work done if they only had money, they always need people willing to give service. I think those who donate money to charities are kind and graceful. However I think those who donate time and effort and determination are the true helpers and hard workers. No matter what though, whether you are donating money or service to a charity, you are helping.
  24. The U.S. dictionary defines charity as “an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need”. However charity is not only raising money for an organization. Charity to me means putting in service even when it is inconvenient for you. I believe everybody has service to give whether it be helping with animal shelters or helping with foster homes (etc.). Charity isn’t only what you give, but it’s how you give it, it could be in the form of money/ funding or it could be hard labor and service.
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