Winona strat for Torrent manip

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  1. Premise: Most Swamperts really want to be in Torrent for the Magma and Aqua hideouts. This is so important that we try to stall for Torrent against Winona, which is very inconsistent. This strategy aims to add consistency to Torrent manipulation.
  3. Requirements (Lv. 36):
  4. - 1 X Special, or 29+ IV Sp. Atk and Mystic Water
  5. - 1 X Speed, or 28+ IV Speed
  6. - 3 X Attacks
  7. - Good HP/Sp. Def combo
  9. Requirements (Lv. 38):
  10. - Mystic Water
  11. - 1 X Speed, or 20+ IV Speed
  12. - 4 X Attacks (3 if YOLO strats)
  13. - Not terrible HP/Sp. Def combo
  15. There are several ways to handle Swablu, Tropius and Pelipper. The goal is to be at +3 Attack, faster than Altaria and in Torrent before killing Pelipper. Here is an outline of the standard fight at Lv. 36:
  17.                 SWAMPERT                ENEMY
  18. Turn 1          Rock Tomb               --
  19. Turn 2          X Attack                Charges Solarbeam
  20. Turn 3          Heal to full            Solarbeam (always hits into Torrent)
  21. Turn 4          Strength                Charges Solarbeam
  22. Turn 5          Strength                Strength
  23. Turn 6          X Attack                Protect (Pelipper is guaranteed to use it unless Water Gun can kill)
  24. Turn 7          X Attack                Protect (^)
  25. Turn 8          X Special               Protect (^)
  26. Turn 9          X Speed                 Protect (^)
  27. Turn 10         Mud Shot                Protect (^)
  28. Turn 11         Strength                Protect fail/Water Gun/Supersonic
  29. Turn 12         Surf                    --
  30. Turn 13         Rock Tomb               --
  32. The above outcome isn't guaranteed, as the fight can go wrong in several ways:
  33. - Rock Tomb missing Swablu + Perish Song (4%)
  34. - Solarbeam criticaling (6.25%)
  35. - Solarbeam high rolling, forcing a YOLO or additional healing (% varies)
  36. - Pelipper wasting turns with Protect (~25%)
  37. - Rock Tomb missing Altaria (20%)
  39. The standard Winona fight with current strats also takes about 13 turns on average, but it manipulates Torrent with much less consistency. The best-case scenario (Altaria hitting Swampert into Torrent on its second turn) is extremely rare. A more likely outcome is to stall for 1-2 turns with Mud Shot, then correctly guess that it will use EQ/Aerial Ace on its final turn. Even more likely, however, is that the fight will go wrong in one of many ways:
  40. - Swablu using Perish Song, forcing a switch
  41. - Pelipper wasting turns and PP with Protect
  42. - Pelipper hitting Supersonic, wasting a confusion healing item
  43. - Swablu/Pelipper hitting you into Torrent for Skarmory, forcing a Rock Tomb/heal/X Special so you don't knock it into heal range
  44. - Swablu/Pelipper/Skarmory hitting you deep into Torrent for Altaria, forcing a heal
  45. - Skarmory using Sand-Attack, potentially wasting turns/PP or forcing a heal/ending the run
  46. - Rock Tomb missing Altaria
  47. - Rock Tomb criticaling Altaria, so you don't get Torrent
  48. - Altaria using Dragon Dance when you predicted EQ/Aerial Ace, so you don't get Torrent
  50. Money for X items shouldn't be a problem, as there is an HP Up outside of Rusturf Tunnel that takes 8 seconds to get and sells for $4900.
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