slop3 Chat Rules

slop3 Mar 26th, 2019 539 Never
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  1. **** NO SPOILS **** Spoiling = BAN! ****  
  2. **My word is law!  
  3. Behave!    
  4. No political discussions!  
  5. No Spamming!  
  6. Swedish or English only in the chat.  
  7. Respect other viewers.  
  8. Do not question bans and respect the moderators.**  
  10. *Chat commands:*  
  11. **!song** - What song is playing?  
  12. **!crosshair** - Crosshair settings in CS:GO  
  13. **!mic** - Information and link to the microphone  
  14. **!playlist** - Gives you link to my main when streaming.    
  15. **!trade** - If you wanna trade or donate items.  
  16. **!rank** - Current CS:GO Rank  
  17. **!uptime** - How long have I been live?  
  18. **!discord** - Information about how to access discord!  
  19. **!ip** - Find the current server that slop3 is playing on!  
  20. **!ligga** - What are your chances to sleep with Kickiania?    
  21. **!caster** - Who is co-casting?  
  22. **!score** - The current "Best of" map score.  
  23. **!maps** - The maps being played currently + map score.  
  24. **!upcoming** - Upcoming casts on
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