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  1. Graeira, mandolin of celestial light
  3. Graeira, mandolin of celestial light, lies here, radiating its glorious light.
  5. Glowing gently with an aura of celestial light, this mandolin has been expertly crafted with a divine-quality silver. Along the sides of the shimmering mandolin are two golden merian bards which have been carved into the silver, both facing inwards towards the strings. They both blaze with golden light, gleaming with almost life-like quality. The surface above the merians is decorated with an array of musical notes, gracefully dancing along as if the merians were actively playing. Rune-like in apperance, each of the five supernals carved in a line along the flat surface on the back of the mandolin, all of which come to life with a shimmering colour that represents them. A deliberate carving of an Even-Blade warrior can be seen on the neck, wielding a vicious looking holy sword which blazes with etched holy fire. The tailpiece and bridge hold together taut golden strings, each of which shine gloriously with the rapturous light of celestia, symbolic of the nature of the songs this mandolin was designed for.
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