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Aug 24th, 2011
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  1. After it being anticipated for a long time, Infused.Tt has finally picked up a League of Ledgends team. The new team comes in shortly after winning an EU West champions club on ESL as well as collecting 3rd in the Go4LoL Cup #50 against some of Europe’s best teams!
  3. The new League of Ledgends team is:
  4. Mikko “Vaali” Ristimäki
  5. Gaëlle "Mystress" Pavillion
  6. Jesper “Kungen” Rundberg
  7. Henrik “Froggen” Hansen
  8. Karl “Farfain” Wendt Höjer
  9. Anton “Sluskarn” Andersson
  11. The team comes to Infused.Tt just before they will be on show at the Intel Extreme Masters New York Qualifier. We will be following them along with all their fans where they will hopefully get the chance to participate in the IEM!
  13. Gaëlle "Mystress" Pavillion had this to say about her teams move to Infused:
  14. “We are very happy to be part of Infused, as we were looking for a stable and trustable organisation that could fulfil all our needs and that’s exactly what we found with Infused. We believe this will be a major add-on for both parties as we will be the first LOL team for Infused.
  15. With Infused by our side we have everything we need to reach our goal to become the leading LOL team in Europe. We are looking forward to play under the Infused tag, so keep your eyes open for us!”
  17. Reece “Tidus” Fowler has said this about Infused.Tt move to pick up a LoL team:
  18. "I'm really excited to work with our new League of Legends team. Infused has built a solid reputation within the Action-RTS scene under our successful HoN team and we are looking to carry on with this reputation with the addition of our new LoL team. The team have been improving solidly in the last few months with impressive results against Europe’s best and are constantly improving. We wish our new team the best of luck and welcome them to the Infused family"
  20. We wish the newly crowned Infused.Tt League of Legends team the best of luck at the IEM qualifiers this weekend and hope that they will fit in well with our organisation!
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