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  1. Defeating yet another opponent at the Colosseum, a man comes home... Weary... He takes a glance at the sky... Black... A pillar of smoke coming from the center of Decivatius... No doubt the Council of Magic is doing something again, planning another way to win the war.
  2. He comes home to a beautiful woman... Beautiful wings... Strong build. His lover of the last couple months.
  3. She appears to be crying... The man comes over to her, only to find a spear in his neck. She mouths something... Silence comes out.
  4. The man opens his mouth and wheezes. The last thing the man sees is the woman turn to stone.
  7. Dreams of a past life flash before my eyes... Visions of glory, visions of battle. Visions of love... I see a woman. She opens her mouth, but I can't hear the words. She goes for my neck and my vision fades.
  9. The dreams crumble away, one by one as I open my eyes... Where am I? Who am I?
  10. "I name thee Bellatrix, may you serve us well." I hear a voice... From who? Who is Bellatrix? My name is...
  11. Bellatrix. It always was, wasn't it?
  13. I look around and see nothing but stone... I'm on an altar? In... A temple...
  14. Light floods the room as a massive stone door is pushed open. I see three women, my commanders... How do I know that?
  16. "Bellatrix, dream another day, for you are awake now." One of the women states. "Come, it's time for training. You're already late."
  17. In a few seconds, they are already at the altar I'm resting on. One of them reach out to me... Visions of scarlet lips and grey eyes...
  18. "Fuck off!" I hear a girl shout as I smack the hand away... It's my own.
  20. "Infantry, lowborn." The woman nods at her compatriots.
  22. I feel my cheeks flush with fury. Lowborn? What does my birth have to prove with anything? As I rise to my feet, I hear a command. "Sit." I'm filled with dread... And despite my will, I find myself sitting upon the altar.
  23. "Know your place, Bellatrix. There is a fine line between bravado and stupidity." The woman says calmly.
  25. "You're late. Follow me." She begins to walk away... I follow her. She has power, true power. Power, I will one day obtain-- Power I will one day surpass, for the glory of my Queen.
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