Burning Rush (oneshot, but might end up a story)

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  1. Burning Rush
  3. >Being in this land of colourful ponies is great, for the most part.
  4. >Everyone's nice, you're rarely struggling for money, and you always have a roof over your head.
  5. >There's only one thing you miss...
  6. "So that's why I need those spells stored into a staff, Twi."
  7. >"I don't know, Anon, those things sound kind of dangerous..."
  8. "That's what the spells are for! If something starts to go wrong, the spells I will need are stored and ready, so I can protect myself."
  9. >With a sigh, the purple unicorn nods, "Alright Anon, but just because this is the most interested I've seen you show for anything so far."
  10. >After a victorious fist pump, you give Twilight a quick, completely non-sexual hug before running out the door to your old place of residence.
  11. >Cloud Nine, also known as Rainbow Dash's house.
  12. >Scrambling up the rope, you constantly feel the dozens of anti-fall, anti-slip and such enchantments.
  13. >Still, tiny touches of vertigo hit you as you reach the top.
  14. >Dash, Ponyville's local stuntmare gladly took you in as a roommate for a while in return for your knowledge of extreme stunts.
  15. >Yes, you're a bit of an adrenaline junky, but thankfully Dash was the same, and she helped you do a few cool stunts here in horseland, but nothing really matched up.
  16. "Dash? You home?" you call out, Setting yourself into a linebackers stance just in front of her door.
  17. >"Yeah, just a moment," she calls back, and you hear the faint hoof on cloud sounds as she heads for the door.
  18. >Tensing up, you wait for the moment the door first starts to open before springing, plowing past the wooden barricade and tackling the prismatic pegasus with a mighty roar.
  19. >Her small horse body tenses up under you, as you roll into her house.
  20. >Letting her go, you can see her pulse in her wingtips, the feathers twiching slightly as she scrambles to her hooves.
  21. >"Buck, Anon, don't scare me like that!"
  22. "You know you like it though. The rush."
  23. >A smile cracks her features, and she nods.
  24. >"So, anyways, what are you doing here?"
  25. "Twilight gave me a green light!"
  26. >"Buck yeah! I can't wait to see what you have planned."
  27. "First thing's first, I need Rarity to make me a special suit quickly, but with that, and Twi's magic, I'm good to go."
  28. >Dash starts pushing you towards the door, saying "Well come on then, go get her to make that suit!"
  29. >Three days later, and you have your suit, your staff of spells, and you're ready to do stunts no man has done before.
  30. >Rising bright and early to the sound of no other than Dash rapping on your window.
  31. >"Dude, hurry up, we have a whole weekend to do crazy stuff, and I don't want to miss a second."
  32. "Yeah, sure. I'll meet you at your house in five."
  33. >"Can't I stay here?
  34. "And ruin the surprise?" you reply questioningly as you head for the washroom, "I thought you wanted some real fun."
  35. >"Ugh, fine," she says, taking off, and you quickly run through your morning routine.
  36. >Instead of your normal clothes though, you put on the suit you had Rarity make you.
  37. >Bright blue and yellow, it reminds you of a Wonderbolts flight suit, though in this land of ponies, they were the only real daredevils.
  38. >Grabbing your staff and an apple, you rush out the door and head for Cloud Nine.
  39. >Dash is nowhere to be seen, so you scramble up the rope as you have done many times.
  40. >Reaching the top, the moment your head passes the cloud ground, Dash's face jumps into your vision.
  41. >The rope slips from your grip, sending you plummeting towards the ground.
  42. >A blue blur shoots off the cloud, diving for you, and as you get close to the earth, you grab the rings on your sides, and pull them out.
  43. >Fabric unfurles, and like the "wings" on a flying squirrel, fabric membranes span from wrist to ankle.
  44. >Pulling out of the freefall, you gain a little altitude before gliding along the street, fifteen feet above the ground.
  45. >Gliding beside you, Dash is sporting a mixture of confusion and a grin, and you manage a thumbs up for her.
  46. >You manage to make it to the park before you "land", basically dropping speed then tucking and rolling, keeping the staff safe.
  47. >"Okay, I'll admit that was pretty cool," Dash says, helping you up and dusting off your wingsuit, "What's next?"
  48. >A smile that would make the Joker envious forms on your face, and you pat her back.
  49. "Trust me Dash, I'm just getting warmed up."
  51. ~~~
  53. >Rainbow Dash may be an athletic pony, but once your adrenaline kicked in, it wasn't long before she started lagging behind you and your stunts.
  54. >The last item on your mental list is one no human could ever do, and no other human will get to do.
  55. >All alone, you travel through the hills and forests towards the mountains.
  56. >Without Twilight's hasting spell, this would have taken days, instead, you fly across the terrain in hours.
  57. >The sun begins it's decent as you come to rest maybe an hours travel from your destination, and you set up camp.
  58. >Riding down your adrenaline high lets you sleep like a baby, and dawn comes with a tender, warm embrace like that of a gorgeous woman.
  59. >The muscles in your arms and legs burn as you stand, before chilling, thanks to a spell from Twilight.
  60. >Most people would have wound up immobile for days thanks to all the stress you put yourself through, but with just a touch of magic, you felt like a million bucks.
  61. >Staring up at your last challenge, you quickly scarf down what you brought for breakfast and begin climbing.
  62. >Rough, sharp stone abbrades against the tough palms of your gloves, but don't break through the enchanted material.
  63. >Resting on a small ledge, you look down the steep slope below you.
  64. >Hundreds of feet of near vertical cliff lay below you, and above, a ledge about two hundred feet away, your destination.
  65. >With no safety gear besides the magic in the staff, you resume your climb, slowly approaching the ledge.
  66. >Cresting the ledge, you see your target, or rather, what's in front of it.
  67. >Laying in front of a huge pile of gold and gems is a dragon, easily twenty five feet long, sleek, wingless and vivid red.
  68. >Thankfully, it's asleep as well, but what you came for is a gem.
  69. >Stealing from a dragon, something no human before has ever done, or likely will be able to do.
  70. >Crouching low and creeping across the stone, you move in a wide radius around the dragon.
  71. >"And what are you supposed to be, Beast?" a smooth, female voice asks.
  72. >Slowly turning your head to see a vivid gold eye staring at you.
  73. >"Answer me, if you wish to live longer."
  74. "I'm a Human, though I doubt you've heard of me," you say, slowly reaching for the staff with one hand.
  75. >"Hmnn... that is true," she says, rising and stretching, "Now, what should I do with you?"
  76. "My advice would be, FREEZE!" you exclaim holding the staff in front of you, and it releases a stun spell at her.
  77. >Her motions stop, leaving her standing there like a statue.
  78. >Setting the staff upright in a crack, it's spell retains a hold on her while leaving you able to move.
  79. >Gold, silver, gems and artifacts, countless items make up the dragoness's horde, and it gleams in the early morning sun.
  80. >The coins are all bits or other common coins, and most of the gems are ones you could find with half an hour and a little luck.
  81. >None of the artifacts really call out to you, until you find a small statuette.
  82. >Only 6 inches tall and made of silver, it depicts a unicorn who's horn is "moving" a pearl engraved with the sun.
  83. >Walking with your prize back to the ledge, you look back at the dragon, seeing it from behind this time.
  84. >Frozen mid stretch, all the muscles in her legs an back are defined, her tail stretching up and out.
  85. >You can't help but pause, looking at her magnificent, powerful form, adrenaline starting to leak into your system.
  86. >Walking up her length, you look all over the powerful body that could shred you in a split second.
  87. >In another moment's bravery, you walk right up to her head.
  88. "Sorry about this, but it's something my kind has wished to do for millenia," you say, giving her a quick kiss on the snout.
  89. >"Quite arrogant, aren't you," she replies with a snap, and you scramble back to your staff.
  90. >"Entering my home without permission, missaranging my treasure, and even stealing from me."
  91. >"Still, I'm feeling lenient, so return MY treasure, and I'll let you go."
  92. "Sorry to dissapoint you, but..." whipping the staff around, you release all the stored stun spells.
  93. >She Freezes up rather painfully looking, and with a small sorry, you spin and run towards the cliff edge.
  94. >Spinning on your heels, you blow her a kiss before jumping off.
  95. >Pulling out the wing flaps, you start a long glide, not noticing the burst of flames from the cave.
  96. >From your starting point, you're able to glide a good third of the way back to town, landing on the road to Canterlot.
  97. >It takes another three hours to walk home, but after that high, you don't care.
  98. >The prize in your hand helps too.
  100. ~~~
  102. >It's been three days since you got back, and after some drinking and bragging with Dash, you decided to spend a few days inside, which is where you are.
  103. >Sitting on the mantle above your fireplace is the statue, which you had to nearly club Twilight to keep.
  104. >Something about historical significance, but to you, it's a trophy of a unique achievement in mankinds history.
  105. >Therefore, you refuse to give it to anyone, but you let Twilight examine it a bit.
  106. >With her eyes of course, no touching it or magic, it means too much to let her do that.
  107. >And at this time, you're enjoying a beer with your lunch, relaxing on your favourite chair.
  108. >The only sounds are the quiet bustle of the town outside, and the occasional shift of your own seat.
  109. >Soothing, that's the word you'd use to describe this moment.
  110. >Giving a sigh, you stare at the ceiling.
  111. "Why doesn't anything ever happen around here..."
  112. >It's going to take a while before Twilight can reload your staff with spells, so base jumping off of Dash's house is one of the only thrills you can get.
  113. >Your second sigh is cut off as there are sudden screams from outside, along with a loud roar.
  114. >Shooting to your feet, you rush to the window, not letting go of your beer.
  115. >Wind buffets plants, and a massive shadow rolls overhead with another roar.
  116. >Your door is blown in as Rainbow Dash dives into your house, shouting your name.
  117. >"ANON! Buck, where are you Anon!"
  118. "I'm here Dash, what's going on out there?"
  119. >"Dragon. Attacking. It wants the monkey thing," she pants out, gasping for breath.
  120. >Setting Dash on your couch, you almost set your beer on the table, before pausing.
  121. >Downing what's left in it, you head for the door.
  122. "Dash, stay here till you catch your breath, then try and get everyone away. I'll handle the dragon."
  123. >Pushing out into the sunlight, the shadow passes overhead again, and you look up to see the same dragon you stole from.
  124. "Hey! Scaly Ass, I'm here!" you yell out, walking into the middle of the road.
  125. >Looping back, the dragoness dives down, coming in down the road.
  126. >"You're just as arrogant as before, monkey thing, now return MY treasure to me and submit yourself to me, or I'll lay waste to this pathetic town."
  127. >Standing tall, you face her down, despite her towering over you.
  128. "How about this, If I can beat you, with no magic, You'll do whatever I say, and if you win, I'll return your statue and do whatever you want, no questions asked. Just leave Ponyville alone."
  129. >"Why should I listen to you, but... your offer is intruiging. I accept your challenge."
  130. >In an instant, she lunges forward, her entire body working like a giant spring to propel her at you.
  131. >Her claws part the air in front of you as you stumble back, losing your footing from the tremor of her touchdown.
  132. >Rolling aside as she claws at you, deep gashes are left in the ground where you just were.
  133. >Dirt and grass pepper you as you stand back up, the dragoness letting out a low growl.
  134. >Shooting forward like a jab, her jaws snap at you, but you move to the side and grab around her neck, just behind her head.
  135. >She tries to retract, but you hold firm, and you can hear her letting out an angry hiss.
  136. >"Release me, Ape!" she says, trying to pull you over.
  137. >Pulling back, you feel her starting to stretch in the wrong way.
  138. >A light whine comes from her, and she pushes forward, her body closing in with you as her neck rears up.
  139. >With no choice but to let go, you release her neck, landing unsteadily, and her claws shoot at you, straight towards your chest.
  141. >Lashing out at this impertinant ape thing again, you feel a tickle at the back of your brain that causes your strike to fall short.
  142. >Something has been stopping you, and it promised not to use magic, so what is it?
  143. >Gusts of wind batter him as you flap your wings, blowing him off balance.
  144. >His arms flail out to try and balance him, and seeing an opening, you snap forward, aiming to bite down on his exposed limb.
  145. >Sure, having your future servant being one arm short will suck a little, but it's a simple way to end this.
  147. >Flailing around to avoid falling from the dragoness's gusts, you see her lash out at your arm, and you close your eyes, bracing for the pain.
  148. >It doesn't come, instead, you feel a wet thing rub under your hand.
  149. >Peeking out, you see her licking your hand, of all things.
  150. "Uh... what?" you say, the dragoness mimicing your statement, but with a different tone.
  151. >"What!"
  152. >Pulling back, she glares at you, before saying, "What are you? What have you done to me, Ape?"
  153. "I didn't do anything, I don't think. I'm just a normal human."
  154. >Her jaws open, and she leans forward, ready to rip open your shoulder, but instead she runs her tongue up the side of your face like a dog.
  155. >"Give me my valued treasure! I need it back!" she screeches, windows vibrating with the force and pitch.
  156. >She sniffs at the air, nostrils flaring, before looking at you.
  157. >She stomps towards you and pins you down with a claw, siffing at you.
  158. >"It's on you, give it back!"
  159. >Claws shred at your clothing, and she sifts through everything, before resting on you.
  160. >Big scaly nose on your chest, she takes deep breaths, before her face scrunces up.
  161. >"Why me... why are you my treasure?"
  162. "Your what?"
  163. >"My treasure. Dragons grow their wings when they find their treasure they want to protect with their life."
  164. >"And you... why are you my treasure? you're just some monkey thing, you're not special or valuable..."
  165. >Around you, her claws dig into the dirt, but you feel no pressure.
  166. "It might be because I'm unique. I'm not from this world, so there's only one of my kind here."
  167. >This makes her pause, and she sits up, releasing you.
  168. >Taking the moment to fashion a sort of loincloth out of the scraps of your clothes, you stare at her.
  169. >"It seems I cannot harm you, so I lose. As much as I dislike the thought of it, I have to do what you want."
  170. >"I would, however, like to make a request."
  171. "I guess so."
  172. >"Let me stay with you and guard you. I can't leave my treasure, as much as I may want to."
  173. "If you don't act against the ponies or anything, I guess it's fine."
  174. >You could swear a small smile tugs at those reptilian lips, but if there was, it's quickly quelled.
  175. >"So, Ape, is there something you want me to do, or should I gather my hoard now?"
  176. >Letting out an annoyed snort when she calls you an ape again, you cross your arms and stare her down.
  177. "First, I'm not an ape, I'm a human, and my name is Anon."
  178. "Second, yes, there is something I want you to do."
  179. >Time to teach her a little humility.
  180. "Lie down on your back," you order, and with some degree of confusion, she complies.
  181. >Climbing onto her chest, she curves her head to look at you, and you smile.
  182. >Pulling off the impromptu loincloth, you motion to your crotch.
  183. "I want you to suck me off."
  184. >"What! Why should I do that?"
  185. "Because you have to do what I say, remember."
  186. >She growls, before moving her head to your crotch.
  187. >Hot breath washes over your junk, and with a wince, she sticks her tongue out and takes a few tentative licks at your semi-rigid staff.
  188. >Her tongue isn't as warm as you'd expect from a fire breathing beast, and her lack of effort means any air blowing is cold on your now wet dick.
  189. "I though you were a dragon, not a chicken," you say, grabbing behind her head and pulling her closer, "now come on, put some effort in."
  190. >With a snort, tiny flames shoot from her notsrils, and her tongue wraps around your length, and her jaws close slightly, the heat on your dick starting to rise.
  191. >The long, thin, but flexible tongue flexes and shifts, sending wonderful sensations up your spine.
  192. >It's unlike any other sensation you've had on your cock, and you want it to last.
  193. >While she, on the other hand, is working you over like she wants you to blow fast.
  194. >As a minute ticks by, you feel her squirming under you, and a foreclaw runs down her side.
  195. >Looking back, you see her hips squirming, and a faint sheen forming in between her back legs, around some oddly shaped scales.
  196. "Someone looks like they want some," you say, and her eyes glare daggers back at you.
  197. "How about this, you do a good job, and I'll get you off like you've never felt, deal?" you ask, waggling a hand and fingers.
  198. >She contemplates this a moment, before giving a small nod, and resuming her work.
  199. >Her skills don't improve, per se, but she takes a little more time, paying more attention to every detail of your shaft as she licks and sucks it.
  200. >Still, all good things must come to an end, and feeling your balls twitch, readying for release, you grab her and push in as far as you can go.
  201. >Your virile man seed paints her mouth and throat, her body swallowing involuntarily.
  202. "Now, it's you're turn," you say, sliding down her stomach and moving so you're facing her face, and her slick genitals.
  203. >Starting at her thighs, you knead the muscles under her scales, and get a few groans and moans in return.
  204. >Twiches and clenches show where her scales part, and grabbing the two edges, you slowly pull open her dragon vagina.
  205. >You're not sure how you'd describe it, but in it's own way, it's beautiful.
  206. >Switching to a one handed hold, you give your main hand a flex, before pressing your fingers slowly into her opening.
  207. >It takes a little work, but she's well lubricated, and soon you're halfway up your forearm in dragon pussy.
  208. >Looking up at her, you see her tongue flopping from her mouth, bliss written on her features.
  209. >With a smirk, you pull your fingers into a fist, making her whine as they rub across sensitive flesh.
  210. "Time to get started," you say, and she barely gets a glance at you, before you push your arm in all the way to the elbow.
  211. >The moan she lets out rattles windows, and makes your smile grow.
  212. >Slowly pistoning your arm inside her, her claws grab at the ground, her tail coiling and unfurling in pleasure.
  213. >Flicking your fingers out, she spasms, a gush of hot fluids soaking your arm further and rolling down her thighs, but you don't end there.
  214. >Twisting, flexing, clawing, you stimulate every part of her vagina, causing her body to buck and squirm constantly.
  215. >While playing with your new guardian, you hear a cough from beside you, and turn to see Rainbow Dash and the other Elements of Harmony standing there, along with Spike whos eyes are covered by Twilight, looking awkward as all hell.
  216. >"I uh... I guess have a er... "hand"le on the situation, huh?" Dash says.
  217. "Yeah, I suppose you could say that. I suppose I should introduce you to my new neighbor, and guardian, though she hasn't said her name yet."
  218. >"My name is..." she starts, before being cut off by a moan as she climaxes again from your ministrations.
  219. "You done, or should I keep going?" you ask, drawing spirals agains the muscle wall to her egg cavern.
  220. >Her cunt practically clamps down on your arm, giving you your answer.
  221. "Alright, I'll keep going for a little while longer. You do have a hoard to bring here though, remember?"
  222. >She doesn't respond, since you've resumed pistoning your arm inside her.
  223. >"We'll, uh... just come back later," Twilight says, dragging away a still blinded Spike.
  224. >"Yeah, later..." Dash say, and the others leave slowly, most of their eyes fixed on the squirming wyrm.
  225. >Refocusing on your new dragon, you give her a few more moments pleasure, before pulling your arm out and shaking it off.
  226. "You can keep your hoard in my basement for now, I'll find a way to get an access dug for you."
  227. >"I don't...*pant* I don't need your charity, human, but if I'm going to stay near you, I suppose your basement is as good a place as any."
  228. >Rolling onto her stomach, she stretches her wings to fly, when you climb onto her back.
  229. "Well, lets go then."
  230. >"You impertinant... fine, if you want to ride me, I won't stop you. Just don't fall off."
  231. "Ah, Wait, I'll grab my flight suit, so I can fall off safely."
  232. >Running inside your house, you pull on your onepiece flying suit, and to your surprise, she waits for you.
  233. >Climbing onto her back, you grab hold of her shoulders and she starts flapping to take off.
  234. >It takes only a quarter hour for her to fly home, and she starts gathering her hoard and with your help, you bring it all back to your house.
  235. >A few days later, and some help from the Apples, and you have a cellar type door leading to the basement, all ready for the dragoness.
  236. >Her hoard continues to grow, as you are stuck taking a job with Rarity to help her gem find, and Pyrina, the dragoness, helps.
  237. >You help her with this, she helps you get meat, all in all, a decent partnership.
  238. >Speaking of...
  239. >"Come on, Anon, please?" she asks, using your name for once.
  240. >She only uses it when she wants you to fist her, and judging by the fact she's on her back and spreading her lower lips at you, she wants it bad.
  241. "Alright, fine, but you know our deal," you say, flexing your hand.
  242. >Time to get "dirty".
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