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Aug 15th, 2011
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  1. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Yo.
  2. Quarintined Josef is now Online.
  3. Quarintined Josef: Sup.
  4. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Not much.
  5. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Would you be interested in joining SOTF? It's not much different from MachoGaming except for a few things like not spreading rumors about people who quit/less assholeish staff/more appreciated staff/less sexrp (thank god)/more scavenging/not all military and police are assholes/less people :/.
  6. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Not to say you were an asshole on MG lol.
  7. Quarintined Josef: Hell no I won't. MG is where I belong, and I've contributed so much now theres no way in hell I'm leaving.
  8. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: But just some people were.
  9. Quarintined Josef: MG is so far the onyl good Severance community I've seen, and I don't plan on letting it die.
  10. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: It's not the ONLY good one. Others have potential.
  11. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: And the only reason you
  12. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: you're saying that is because it actually has people on it.
  13. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: If SOTF had people on it, I can guarentee you would give it a try. But I do see where you're coming from...
  14. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Just don
  15. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: FUCKING ENTER KEY
  16. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Lol.
  17. Quarintined Josef: Macho Gaming just about died, but I stayed true and kept it going, and I brought it back to life again.
  18. Quarintined Josef: When everyone else moved on from Sevearnce, I kept getting on and getting people to play, and Severance has a community again.
  19. Quarintined Josef: So, seriously.
  20. Quarintined Josef: Fuck you.
  21. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: You have a problem?
  22. Quarintined Josef: I do.
  23. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I just asked a simple questiom./
  24. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: question*
  25. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Is that so much to ask that I deserve to get flamed?
  26. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I never once said you don't have the right to an opinion.
  27. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: But thinking that every other server is bad because it doesn't have "MachoGaming" in the hostname is pretty bad logic.
  28. Quarintined Josef: No.
  29. Quarintined Josef: Thats not my logic.
  30. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Then what is?
  31. Quarintined Josef: Every other server has a horrible community, and the people are assholes.
  32. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Regardless.
  33. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: LOL
  34. Quarintined Josef: MachoGaming is the only good community, so, kindly shut the fuck up.
  35. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Yes, I agree with that to a point.
  36. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: No lol.
  37. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: You don't understand.
  38. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: See, when someone tells me to fuck off because of an opinion.
  39. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: That just proves my point.
  40. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: It's happened more than once.
  41. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: On MG alone.
  42. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I said something about the wiki.
  43. Quarintined Josef: Your trying to get me to betray my community, so, really?
  44. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: No.
  45. Quarintined Josef: Fuck you, dude.
  46. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I never said that.
  47. Quarintined Josef: Yeah.
  48. Quarintined Josef: Your trying to make me leave.
  49. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I said, "Would you be interested".
  50. Quarintined Josef: You'll bribe me with admin.
  51. Quarintined Josef: When I join.
  52. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Not "HEY JOIN AND LEAVE KAY?
  53. Quarintined Josef: Or a faction.
  54. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: No lol.
  55. Quarintined Josef: Yeah.
  56. Quarintined Josef: You will.
  57. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Lol.
  58. Quarintined Josef: So, we're done here.
  59. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Okay Mr. I know everything sho stfu.
  60. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: so*
  61. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: It was a simple question, believe it or not.
  62. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: And telling me off like you did just proves my point.
  63. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: If you would have said "Nah, I don't think I will" I would have been just peachy with that.
  64. Quarintined Josef: No it doesn't, it proves that I'm loyal, and I'm staying on MachoGaming because it has a fun as hell community, and I'm a Super Admin and the idea bitch, AND I have several factions.
  65. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Okay then. That's all you would have had to say...
  66. Quarintined Josef: And I said: Hell no i won't.
  67. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Not "Fuck you."
  68. Quarintined Josef: Then you kept going on.
  69. Quarintined Josef: Bribing me to join.
  70. Quarintined Josef: So fuck you.
  71. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I was just trying to convince you.
  72. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Not bribe you.
  73. Quarintined Josef: Well, reputations suck, don't they?
  74. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Lol. Things can change over time believe it or not.
  75. Quarintined Josef: So?
  76. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: And I don't see when I've done that... :/
  77. Quarintined Josef: Reputations are reputations.
  78. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Maybe once or twice.
  79. Quarintined Josef: Macho showed me logs.
  80. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: But not a lot.
  81. Quarintined Josef: I know.
  82. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Well, sorry if I made you pissed because that's not how it was meant to be.
  83. Quarintined Josef: Whatever, we're done here.
  84. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Really? No apology to me?
  85. Quarintined Josef: Not at all.
  86. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Why...?
  87. Quarintined Josef: Your an ass, so I don't need to.
  88. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Love it how you call me an ass when you're the first person in the conversation to start something...
  89. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: If you're going to tell me off and then call me an ass, you must have some major problems.
  90. Quarintined Josef: I love it how you don't know your an asshole.
  91. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I love it how you don't.
  92. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: You act like you
  93. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: you're completely innocent.
  94. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: When God and I both know you aren't.
  95. Quarintined Josef: You act like YOUR completely innocent, and like your all sophisticated and how much better your server is then mine, and you keep pushing it.
  96. Quarintined Josef: No is no.
  97. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I already said I was sorry.
  98. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: And I did point out some flaws in our server.
  99. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Less people.
  100. Quarintined Josef: Again, that I don't care about.
  101. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Okay.
  102. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Sorry for assuming you did.
  103. Quarintined Josef: Its the fact that I know both owner, You and Hydro, are assholes, and I don't want any affiliation with either of you.
  104. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Hydro is sometimes, but he can be cool.
  105. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: You still haven't told me exactly why I'm an asshole.
  106. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Except for the fact that I was trying to convince you to join a server.
  107. Quarintined Josef: You try to get other people to leave their community with bribes, you were an ass on MG, you still sound like an ass, and your name is Barack OBama.
  108. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Which isn't a reason at all.
  109. Quarintined Josef: Had you said: Hey, want to join this server?
  110. Quarintined Josef: I'd have been cool.
  111. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I said join... Sorry.
  112. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: SOTF.
  113. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Oh lol.
  114. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I get what you mean now.
  115. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: :/
  116. Quarintined Josef: You want me to join a community of which I KNOW has a bad reputation, I think of you as an ass because I know how you and Hydro work.
  117. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: No, but I never did bribe you.
  118. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: And how do exactly we work?
  119. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Seriously man, you can't speak on someones behalf when you don't know shit about them.
  120. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I asked a simple questionm.
  121. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: question*
  122. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: And I reinforced it with facts.
  123. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: And you get mad at me for doing so.
  124. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: I never once bribed you during this chat.
  125. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: And exactly does SOTF have a bad reputation?
  126. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Or is that just because you say it does?
  127. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Exactly. You can't give me a reason why you were to get so mad.
  128. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Except "you're an asshole".
  129. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: Which you can't back that up.
  130. [SOTF-CO] Barack Obama: So, if you have anything to say to somehow counteract my last seven messages or so, let me know. Until then, you're just whining and getting mad for no reason at all.
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