The Mysterious Case of Mare Do Well.

Jan 19th, 2015
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  1. It had been a normal day.
  3. And then a storm came.
  5. You were walking down the street, a bag of groceries in your hand. You'd been asked to go buy some bread, eggs, and ham for yourself and your mother the hour before hand. You didn't mind because you needed the exercise anyhow.
  7. You'd been making excellent time, having managed to jog the way up there (a feat of wonder into itself given your health status.)
  9. The whole day had been cloudy, the chance of thunder storm in the high eighty percent,
  11. Crack-a Boom!
  13. Okay, One Hundred percent.
  15. "Damn it." You cursed to the sky"Okay...Let's keep moving" exhaling as you start to speed up the pace of your walking.
  17. Walking just as fast as you could without running, the rain starting in a slow drizzle slowly building into a steady down pour as you find your clothes completely drenched with rain soon. In retrospect, you question your lack of foresight when you left the home earlier, definitely should have brought an umbrella.
  19. You continue walking, looking down to keep rain from coating your glasses, when you suddenly noticed something peculiar.
  21. The road seemed to change from pavement, to a more bricked road., which was weird considering you were certainly not in the historic district part of town. You were also hearing an odd clop noise along on the ground as you walked, along with the feeling that you were somehow wearing less clothing but also had a lot more hair than you would have had on a regular day.
  23. "I don't think he notices?"
  25. "He?"
  27. You Pause for thought at that, moving to look up.
  29. Standing before you appears to be a... a small green unicorn? Next to it is something you could only describe as having been rigged together in a government lab or something; a goat’s leg, a lion's paw for one arm, eagle's talon for the other. and too many other parts to really identify for now." See, I told you I could bring someone from another dimension to this one"
  31. "But they look like a pony, not a human!"
  33. "Details, details, it's just the way the schism between worlds work my dear.” The guy pats the pony on the head. “Beside’s you said only to bring a human to meet you, you never said they needed to look like one now did you?”
  35. “But he’s a mare!” The green pony extends a hoof in a ‘But just look at it!’ sort of expression.
  37. “Now, Lyra, we both know you’re not looking for stallions these days.”
  39. The unicorn throws her hoof onto her face “Discord! You’re such…urgh, hay for brains!”
  41. And you're just staring, looking at them both "What are you on about?" You're almost certain that you're hallucinating by this point
  43. The drago- thing looks at you. A rather large smile upon it's long face “Come now don’t pretend you didn’t recognize us.” You blank stare causes his lips to suddenly drop to a frown “oh don’t tell me, of all the people I could have brought…I grabbed someone who….well drat!” he then shrugs “well, if you want to know, I “he punctuates by holding his hand on his chest area “am Discord, spirit of chaos and disorder. And you” he points a t skinny bird claw of a finger at you “are very, very far from home.
  45. He then suddenly pulls up a mirror; looking back at you with brownish orange eyes is a cream colored pony with a pink-ish mane styled in a funky type of flopped over Mohawk look. “w-what?” suddenly you notice just how differently pitched your voice is now.
  46. “Of course, I can never exactly account for just what the lock on the dress code has in mind for anyone that crosses over” he hums suddenly flipping over you in a spiral fashion, landing on the one lion paw “I’m certain you’re wondering how you’re here as well, and of course possibly curious about what happened to your old boring self on the other side.”
  48. Your jaw couldn’t fall any lower without unhinging itself and falling right off your face.
  50. “Your body is still back home, I just made a copy of your consciousness to keep it occupied” he hums as he tossed the mirror into a suddenly manifested copy machine. Moments later a glass of chocolate milk comes out through the dispenser as he throws it glass and all into his mouth, squishy munching noises being made as he somehow eats it.
  52. You watch in complete horror. “what…what the fuck?!”
  54. “Oh! That must be that human swearing I read so much about” the minty green pony hops up and down beside you with excitement “hi I’m Lyra by the way”
  56. you look at her a bit in confusion. “Uh...hi”
  58. “Now Lyra,” Discord suddenly had shrunken down wrapping himself about her shoulders like a necklace” until our new friend gets everything straightened out, She” he put emphasis on that word….it almost stung a little to hear it confirmed “Will be your new roommate, I doubt Bon-bon will mind” he hummed a bit “Now, I’ll be checking up on you two every now and again” he then laughs a little bit…a laugh that sends shivers down from the top of your spine to the base of your…tail, can’t even dictate the sound you made internally at that thought. Discord carries on “I’ve made some, changes, changes that will guarantee that you’ll have no shortage of things to do…now take care you two!”
  60. And with that, he was gone.
  62. Lyra looked you up and down in an examinatory kind of way “well, you didn't look how I was hoping you would but you do look nice” she smiles, you can feel absolute sincerity in the way she talks to you “C'mon I'll show you home then” she says motioning with her head and neck “I am not looking forward to explaining this to Bon Bon” She says leading the way, getting several feet ahead of you before you shake yourself loose from confusion.
  64. As you both walked you had the weirdest mix of emptions;freaked out, nervous, and insanely interested in everything around. This whole world was one mix of complimentary colors and wild scents of restaraunts and bakeries, you had a vibe of small and big town that just sort of kept you enthralled with everything, your eyes kept wandering as you looked every which way and that.
  66. “Like Canterlot so far?”
  68. “it’s…” alive, vibrant, damn near perfect looking? “Different” is all you care to admit. You dare say it makes you wish you’d watch the show before being thrown into it.
  70. You both soon reach the end of a street standing in front of a medium sized cottage, a two floored one at that. Lyra's face contorts into a vision of panic. You get the impression this is her home, and a further one that it might not have always had two floors. “Celestia no!” Lyra gasps loudly as she runs in past a gate and through a door, half dragging you with her into the house.
  72. A voice that makes your ear drums twitch at the sudden change in pitch grabs your attention almost instantly“Why is there a second floor in our apartment Lyra?!” you both turn to a doorway to face a pony with a cream(?) colored coat and a blue and pink mixed set of curlylocks looking absolutely flabbergasted at the both of you The had an apron hanging down off her shoulders as she stomped closer to the both of you “and who in Luna’s name is that?!” she yells pointing a hoof at you.
  74. “My name is Be-“
  76. Lyra suddenly grabs you around the neck and shoulders with a hoof “Bell Chimes” She pulls you closely against her a loud ‘hurk!’ being yanked out of your mouth. “ Uhm, This is Bell Chimes, she’s going to be living with us”
  78. You suddenly had a weird chilly tingling sensation along your spine, traveling up your tail bone to the base of your neck, You turn around looking to the cause of the sensation, noting…well, you had bells on your ass…not literally bells but the images of bells well, one image and a mirrored look alike on the other side but still, the image of a set bronze bell ringing against each other emblazoned on your hind quarters is fairly odd to ignore.
  80. “and you didn’t tell me about this first?” Bon-Bon asks to Lyra, her lips pulled into a rather tight frown she throws a hoof to the air “So…There’s a second floor and now a new housemate…why?”
  82. “I…didn’t think you’d mind?”
  84. “...So you’re saying you ARE responsible for there being a second floor in our house now?” she moved toward lyra now, taking a step or two.
  86. Lyra stammers “I-I…well”
  88. “Well?”
  90. “I figured we could use company…you do complain about a lack of space…” she looks to the floor, a light blush crossing her face
  92. “and “Bon Bon leans toward her expectingly
  95. 'well...I had Discord set us up with her” she points her hood at you
  98. “WHAT?” the force of the yell nearly knocks you backward on your ass, Suddenly she's prodding you all over with hooves, moving around you in a panicky motion like a parent would over a sick child. “You know Discord can't be trusted! If he set us up with a new room mate then they can't be good news at all!”
  100. “he's reformed” Lyra retorts. Clearly there is a story here.
  102. “He made me think I was a cat when he took over ponyville!” Bon Bon retorts angrily “I take no chances” she looksyou dead in the eye after turning to look at Lyra “okay....she seems....” she peers at you again as you lean backwards nervously “not discordinant...” one of her eyes closes
  104. “uh...” you debate whether or not it could be wise to run away.
  106. “She's harmless” Lyra says getting a huff from you a moment
  108. “I wasn't exactly so fond of these arrangements myself” you finally find the words to speak up to her, a slight hint of frustration in your voice from how you'd been treated this far.
  110. “we'll talk rent later” you hear bon bon say, turning around with a sigh, then leaning her head down, allowing the apron to slide off onto the floor. “I need to go buy groceries, Lyra...I guess you should make our new house mates acquainted with everything here. “ she says walking past Lyra and you then out the door.
  112. The word that squeaks out of you “re-e-ent?” you feel the color drain out of your face as you realise your no longer in your best element as far as living arrangements go. You only got by on rent because of government assistance and because you lived with family....So now your in a new world, and unemployed. Fuck!
  114. Lyra nudges you “hey....I'll talk her down on rent a bit” she says, clearly seeing how that word effected you.
  115. You exhale quickly, your breathing becoming difficult to keep control of, “oh god” you stumble a bit. “this is fucking happening for real...I'm not...and this is happening” your breathing speed ups even more becoming shallow. You feel the world spin around you, head feeling as if it was over flowing with fluff as your ears twitch rapidly, what feels like wind roaring in them.
  117. The ground rushes to meet your field of vision before you black out.
  121. You're playing video games on your bed as hum quietly. You had just caught a Rattata in the most recent pokemon game, was Rattata a good pokemon, no, not really, but you did like them and that was what mattered you inhale the deep smell of the cheep apple cinnamon scent coming from the air freshener that your mom insists to keep in your room.
  123. You don't have a job, you don't attend college or any type of skill, you have very little expectations from those around you asides from doing chores and helping around the house. Life is good.
  125. You shake your hand a bit, noting how your fingers seem to suddenly feel numb. You gag on air for a second, breath seeming to be caught in your throat. Your heart beat begins to race, are you choking?
  127. You drop your DS as your fingers lock up, your skin color suddenly washing over with a creamy sort of orange as the numb feeling shifts to a spiky kind of rough, pin prick sensation. Your fingers nail quickly pop out with the strangest of clicking sounds while your fingers behave like melting wax, fusing and shrinking together into single round....hoof.
  129. “no..n-no no no!” your voice finally comes out in the loudest of shrieks, more than a few octaves higher than is normal, with that you let out a loud gasp, not realising the sudden popping sensation in your hips, a sudden sort of growing sensation in your rear as you feel your body shifting to a less masquiline build.
  131. You panic and try to paw at your pants to no avail as they grow tight, soon the fabric warps and creaks as new, larger thighs and hips press outward against them. Your socks grow looser around the ankles as you feel your toes take the same route your fingers did.
  134. Your yelpmore panicked now that you can remember ever having beenin your life; moms at the store, dads at work. You're going to die. Your chest and abdomen tighten, a more barreled shape forming as the pain increases even more drast-
  136. “Hey?” you feel a light shaking sensation being applied to your body as everything goes black, your eyelids snap open as the unfamilar sight of a light blue painted room suddenly replaces the disturbing sights of what had previously occurred, “Are you okay?” The familiar voice of Lyra speaks to you.
  138. “I-” you hault a moment, hoof grabbing at your chest feeling a heart beat, not dead.”yeah, I'm fine”
  140. “You feinted.” She says as you push yourself up, realising your in a small bed “Though I don't think I blame you, you've had a lot of stress”
  142. “You can say that again” your other hoof moves up, resting on the side of your face as you inhale deeply “that was a fucking terrifying dream”
  144. “what was it?” she tilts her head as she steps back, giving you some space.
  146. “don't wanna talk about it.” you say slowly climbing up out of, down. Climbing down, your lower your left hoof, pressing gently on the floor. Soon you're firmly standing on all hooves looking around...”who's room is this?”
  148. “Well....we're on the new second floor, so I guess, yours.” The green pony looks around just as curious as you.
  150. The room looked nice; blue painted wall surrounded you, a single window with a recessed seating area. You peaked out the window looking at the rather nice town while your front hooves rest in the padded seat. “so....where do we live again?”
  152. “Canterlot, home of the princesses!” she smiled as she spoke “though I also keep a small cottage down in ponyville for summer and occasional weekend”
  154. “you...own two houses?”
  156. “yep!” her voice chirped happily in response
  158. “how?” you ask, trying to comprehend how someone can own two houses.
  160. “helps when you work with a privately owned orchestra” her smile persisted, almost feeling mildly infectious.
  162. “So what did you do when you were a human?” She asks looking to you as turn from the window.
  164. “Well...I didn't really do much” her smile faulters a tiny bit “I didn't really have a job or anything. I just sort of helped around the home with my family”
  167. “Were you a care taker?”
  169. “no...not really, I wouldn't say as much, I just helped out where I could, tried my best to contribute”
  171. “That sounds a little on the dull side...should I still call you Bell?” she suddenly raises the question as you realised you'd yet to tell her your actual name. This caustes you to think deeply on the answer. “well, it's not like my real names going to be useful from here on” you say taking back to the floor, your hooves clicking on wood flooring while turning to meet her eyes “So Bell Chimes!” you say trying to pull some level of enthusiasm out of where ever it is enthusiasm should be kept. “it's a Pleasure to meet you Lyra” you say with a bit of a bow of your head and neck. She giggles as you raise to her eye level once more, then turning to over look the rest of the room.
  173. On the opposite end of the room was a desk made of a dark stained wood, all the while above it a medium sized bulletin cork board was placed against the wall. Sitting on the desk was a large Cardboard box. “What's that?”
  175. “oh...I don't know, it was there when I dragged you in here” She says as you both move toward the desk.
  177. You lean up on the desk finding a note resting on the top of the box written in a rather unusual but very easily read message
  179. 'You don't know it yet, but you will need this very soon. '
  180. '-Discord.'
  182. You feel a tingling shiver travel upward from the base of your tail as you remember the dragon like creature that had brought you here “Damn it!”
  184. “What?” Lyra puzzles at the box
  186. “it's from him.” You hiss as you toss the note her way before slowly tugging the box toward you with a bit of difficulty, not sure how to move with such-clumsy hooves! The box drops on the floor beneath you, the flaps coming open as a trio of wide brimmed purple hats fall out laying dully on the floor. “shit” you grumble as you get down of the desk chair.
  188. Lyra leans in closely, her horn glowing a moment as the hats lift up a bit in the air the box soon following suit as she pulls out articles of clothing. “hello...” she looks at the hats and then pulls out the first, a purple colored body suit of sorts that has a wide collar.
  190. “ it's clothes”
  192. Suddenly Lyra gasps as magic pulls a small pony head shaped cowl out from with in the suit, the look of dawning realisation apparent on her face. “no way!”
  194. “what?” you say looking at the odd get up as a cape is pulled from the box, a deep dark blue one that matches the hat.
  196. “I know this outfit!” she says excitedly as the box is placed on the floor and the entire outfit is held out in the air before you; wide brimmed hat, a purplr body suit, what appeared to be a few rolls of matching tape of some sort.
  198. “what? what is it?!” You ask, feeling a tad irritated at being left in the dark about this rather unusual outfit.
  200. “This is the costume of Mare Do Well!”
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