Rebecca at Chargen (Nech)

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  1. Name: Rebecca
  2. Age: 17
  3. Premonition: Despair
  4. Junk/Jacobite/Jacobite
  5. Starting Location: Limbo
  7. As per GM request,
  8. Favorite Color: Pink
  9. Favorite Food: Pasta
  11. Total Body Integrity: 18/18
  12. AP: 10/10
  14. ARM: 0 / MUT: 5 / ENH: 0
  16. HEAD: 3/3
  17. -Brain: [Auto/N/S] Maximum Action Points +2.
  18. -Eyes: [Auto/N/S] Maximum Action Points +1.
  19. -Jaw: [Action/2/0] Unarmed Attack 1.
  21. ARMS: 3/3
  22. --Forearm: [Check/1/0] Support 1.
  23. -Fists: [Action/2/0] Unarmed Attack 1.
  24. -Shoulder: [Action/4/S] Move 1.
  26. TORSO: 9/9
  27. --Porcelain Flesh (Scales; MUT 2): [Damage/1/S] Defend 2.
  28. -Spine: [Action/1/S] One maneuver you use on the next Count during this Turn has its Cost reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0.) Stacks if used repeatedly. Discount may be divided totally arbitrarily.
  29. -Entrails: [Auto/N/S] No Effect.
  30. -Entrails: [Auto/N/S] No Effect.
  31. -Aberration (Slippery; MUT 1): [Check/1/0] You may only use this Maneuver when an Attack Check is made against you. Hinder 1. You may use this Maneuver any number of times per Round, but only once per Attack.
  32. -"THERE IS A VOID" (Meat Snake; MUT 3): [Action/3/0] Unarmed Attack 2 + Chain Attack 2. During the Attack Checks (from the declaration of the attack to the end of the action) you may reroll a single die.
  33. -Holehearted (Heart; MUT 4): [Auto/N/S] Maximum Action Points +1.
  34. -Looming Presence (Cold Light; MUT 5): [Action/1/S] Until the end of the Turn or until this Part is damaged, all Horrors and Legions on the Stage of Battle receive a -1 to Attack Checks made against targets other than you. This effect does not stack.
  35. -Cute Cardigan: [Auto/N/S] Treasure Part.
  37. LEGS: 3/3
  38. --Foot: [Check/1/0] Hinder 1.
  39. -Bone: [Action/3/S] Move 1.
  40. -Bone: [Action/3/S] Move 1.
  42. SKILLS:
  43. --Haunt: [Damage/2/*] You may only use this Maneuver when taking damage from an Attack Maneuver. You are transported to the same zone as the attacker.  Additionally, they break 1 Part of their choice.
  44. -Lame Beast: [Auto/N/S] For each Hit Location of yours in which all Parts are broken, you gain +1 to Attack Checks you make.
  45. -Lost to the Void: [Auto/1/S] You may use this Maneuver every time one of your Hit Locations is destroyed. Choose a destroyed Hit Location. Until you are Annihilated or a different Hit Location is chosen, Attack Checks targeting you that have a result equivalent to the chosen Hit Location are considered failures.
  46. -Blur: [Check/1/*] Support 1 or Hinder 1. You may only use this effect on the Attack Check of an Attack Maneuver targeting you. You may use this Maneuver any number of times per Round but only once per Count.
  48. ===
  49. Initial Build:
  50. Junk: Lame Beast
  51. Pure Jacobite: Lost to the Void, Haunt, Blur, 0/4/0 Reinforcements
  52. Free point: MUT 5 Reinforcement
  54. ===
  55. Favor (Current/Lifetime): 0/0 (probable future buys listed, as per request)
  56. 10 - (N/A?)
  57. 20 - (Probably Ultimate Predator, I guess?)
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