Breed your princess (TwixAnon, GFD, lewd, fluff, kid talk)

Jul 29th, 2017
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  1. 'Prompt' by Anon
  2. >Twilight is riding your cock
  3. >You're about to cum
  4. >"Here, hold this for a second"
  5. >Weird, but okay
  6. >She holds the hourglass too and flips it over
  7. >Has you set it down, and you're still about to cum
  8. >You do
  9. >Reset
  10. >Twilight goes a little slower this time, drawing it out
  11. >Cum
  12. >Reset
  13. >Even slower
  14. >Cum
  15. >Reset
  16. >Just grinding now
  17. >Your lust has already tripled, but you can't fuck her any faster as her magic holds you down
  18. >After a painfully slow grinding session, she just squeezes and you cum inside of her again
  19. >Reset
  20. >Need to cum inside her
  21. >But she's pulled off of you, leaving your throbbing cock desperate for attention...
  22. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  24. "Please, let me come, please,"
  25. >You whine, trying to thrust at thin air, your cock only slapping against your stomach and throbbing, desperate for attention
  26. >"Mmmh~, I don't know..."
  27. >Her wing extends once more and she traces the underside of your cock using the tip of her feathers
  28. >And you groan, feeling your precum spurt in anticipation for some form of release, any kind
  29. >But it doesn't come, her wing retracting and finding its place back against her side not a second later
  30. "Please! I love you, princess, my princess, please, I'll do anything!"
  31. >She loves that part almost as much as you
  32. >Maybe even more, you can see it in her eyes, and in how her wings buzz for a fraction of a second against her barrel
  33. >This only drives your want even further, and you voice it with a groan
  34. >"Anything, mmh?"
  35. >Her voice is like an angel's
  36. >If angels were capable of pinning you down and edging you until you couldn't think straight, that is
  37. >You eagerly nod, your voice coming out the second her demand reaches your ears
  38. "Yes! Yes, I'll do anything, please, Twilight--"
  39. >"Then you'll have to come to the gala with me this summer!"
  40. >Ugh, you knew this was coming
  41. "Can't we go to Joe's instead?"
  42. >You whine, beg
  43. >You just can't stand these events, you barely see each other while there!
  44. >You couldn't even dance with her once throughout the whole fucking night the last time you went!
  45. >Between that and all those hoofshaking and questions about you being a biped and how 'exotic' it is for a princess to have a non-pony consort
  46. >It's just too much
  47. >"Is that a no?"
  48. >She looks down on you, something close to a pout replacing her satisfied expression
  49. >You groan again when you feel something running its way up your cock, only for it to disappear when your eyes try to catch it
  50. >And your eyes find a semblance of a smirk upturning the corner of her lips, betraying the pouty, disappointed act she's giving you
  51. >That's not fair, she's got magic!
  52. "Yes! I'll go!"
  54. >She lets out a content hum of approval, her hoof lifting from the mattress to come and rest on top of your stomach, oh so close to your burning need
  55. >And she bites her lip when she sees you squirm around some more, your fists gripping at the covers and your head arching back when her touch does not come
  56. >"And,"
  57. >She adds, and you finally feel it, the plump frog of her hoof pinning your tip and squeezing it down between its softness and your stomach
  58. >And you whine again, even knowing that it would've been way too easy
  59. >"You'll have to wear a suit Rarity will make for you,"
  60. "Yes!"
  61. >She doesn't stop, her voice unwavering as she starts smearing your liquid need around your tip
  62. >"And you'll have to sit by me the entire evening, shake hooves and keep yourself from saying anything close to inappropriate!"
  63. >Blurry images from some of those events flashes through your mind, one of them reminding you of that drunken brawl you started with that dumbfuck whatshisname and another of blushing mares, princesses and outraged stallions as you started telling raunchy jokes
  64. >But you did these things to forget about all the bullshit you have to deal with beforehand!
  65. >A flash of her horn later and you feel her warmth around your balls, slightly pulling them apart and exerting some pressure to them
  66. >You throw your head back once more and you give her frog another helping of precum to play with
  67. "O-okay, yes, I'll do it, just, please--"
  68. >"And finally,"
  69. >You whine once more, your eyes shooting open to find hers
  70. >But something's off about her expression, and she gulps
  71. >"A-and finally, you're going to have to b-breed your princess and give her a foal."
  72. >Time stops for a good ten seconds
  73. >She does her best to keep her eyes on yours, to look strong and determined, just the way a princess should be
  74. >But the blush creeping its way up her cheeks and then a fidget of her eyes signals her confidence shattering
  75. >"I-I mean,"
  76. "Lavender."
  77. >Her eyes go wide when the safeword crosses your lips
  79. >She takes a second to make sure she heard it correctly, and her eyes drop
  80. >And the magic binds fizzles into thin air
  81. >You keep your eyes on her, your mind working a mile a minute
  82. >And you nearly forget about your throbbing need when you see the fear on her face
  83. >She thinks she fucked up, and that's your fault
  84. >But you can't...
  85. >She retracts her hoof and mutters a sorry
  86. >You feel your heart stopping for a moment
  87. "No! No, no, no, no, Twilight, no, look at me,"
  88. >You sit up and your hands shoot towards her, one finding one of her hoof and the other cupping her cheek to lift her face back up and turn it to yours
  89. "I didn't, I mean, I didn't stop because--"
  90. >"Sorry, I shouldn't have brought the subject like that, that was really stupid, I'm--"
  91. "No, I mean, it did surprise me but... yeah, I didn't expect that, at all."
  92. >She starts chewing on the inside of her cheek, her eyes leaving yours once more
  93. "Was it..."
  94. >You take a deep breath, steeling yourself for your next words
  95. "Were you just playing or was it... genuine?"
  96. >Her eyes find yours and she blinks in surprise, before they turn away once again
  97. >"Which would you prefer?"
  98. >Her voice is barely above a whisper
  99. >It's not the voice you love, this one sounds unsure and anxious, scared even
  100. >And your heart drops when you see the tears threatening to leave her eyes, and only now do you realize
  101. >You've been together for a while now, living together, saving the world together (even though, to be honest, you're more of a meat shield,) fucking, cuddling, some ponies certainly think you're married by now
  102. >It's normal for her to be wanting a child...
  103. "You want me to make you a mom?"
  104. >It barely sounded like a question, maybe you weren't really asking her
  105. >She nods
  107. "And... you're sure it can... you know, work?"
  108. >Her eyes finally come back up to find yours, still unsure but a glint of hope shining inside of them
  109. >"I-yes, yes, I mean, I'd need to run some more tests, a-and we'd need to keep running check ups throughout the pregnancy but..."
  110. >She pauses for a second, maybe to catch her breath or to clear her mind, or both
  111. >And she leans into your palm when you catch the tear threatening to roll free using your thumb
  112. >"Yes, I think we could... I think you could impregnate me."
  113. >Your own breath hitches in your throat at this revelation
  114. >Your own kid
  115. >Hers, and yours
  116. >"If-if you want to, that is, we could wait some more, we're in no hurry, a-a foal is a lot of responsibilities and I'd understand it if--"
  117. "Okay,"
  118. >"-you--"
  119. >You see her chest heaving from the deep inhale she takes, and as her eyes go wide and her mouth stays open in surprise
  120. >She tries to form a response, but has to give it another try after gulping
  121. >"Really?"
  122. >Those are the eyes you fell in love with
  123. >Filled with love and hope
  124. >How could you ever say no to her
  125. >To your Princess
  126. >So you nod
  127. "Yeah, let's do this, I'll give you a chil--foal, whatever, I'll make you a mom."
  128. >And tears roll down her cheeks and past the huge smile forming on her face
  129. >"Oh Anon~!"
  130. >You barely have the time to react that her lips are crashing on yours, hooves securely wrapped around your head as you fall back down against the bed, bringing her with you
  131. >You stay like this for a while, her lips on yours and tears dropping on your face as her hooves keep you from going anywhere
  132. >As if you wanted to
  133. >She lays on top of your chest, and you completely ignore the feeling of her tail against your wilting shaft
  134. >This is so much better
  136. >You always loved that
  137. >To have her on top of you
  138. >Her weight, the softness of her coat, the feeling of her heart beating next to yours
  139. >You really feel like you belong, you've never ever felt this way before, not until you met her
  140. >Not until she made you hers
  141. "I love you."
  142. >The words leave your lips the second they part from hers
  143. >"I love you too."
  144. >Her wings shuffle around a bit as your hand traces its way up her barrel to rest on her back
  145. >And you keep your eyes on hers as you wipe her tears away using your thumb
  146. "So... how does it... work?"
  147. >She frowns a bit, her eyes analyzing your expression to see if you were joking
  148. >"How? Well, you'll have to push your penis inside of my vagina and--"
  149. "Arhh, arhh arhh!"
  150. >She gives a victorious smirk as she leans in and boops your nose with the tip of her snout
  151. >"A simple heat inducing spell coupled with an anthrovere-morphic stabilizing rune and--"
  152. >She cuts herself when she sees that she lost you at anthro, and she rolls her eyes
  153. >Before her horn starts glowing and her magic slowly engulfs her lower half
  154. >You simply watch her do her thing
  155. >And it stops, a satisfied sigh escaping her lips when the light dies down
  156. >You stay silent for a couple seconds
  157. "So... you're in heat, right now?"
  158. >As if on cue, you feel a warm drop hitting your lower stomach, and a whiff of her fragrance answers your question
  159. >"Mmhm-mh,"
  160. >But she still nods, her eyes growing hungry by the second
  161. >And your pulse quickens knowingly
  162. >Heat means no sun for a couple days, at least
  163. >Not like you had anything to do tomorrow but still...
  165. >A flash of her horn throws your arms away from her, and you end up spread eagle, not unlike the position you held not ten minutes prior
  166. "W-wait, can't we talk about it first? Maybe take a shower? See, I'm still sore from--mmph?!"
  167. >Her lips shut you up
  168. >She keeps them against yours for a moment, and you hear a drawer opening and the sound of her telekinetic field growing closer
  169. >And your eyes grow wide again when you see the ball gag entering your field of view
  170. "Twilight, wait! LAVEND--EHMPFH"
  171. >You feel the straps tightening around your face and she gives it a tug to make sure it's not going to come off
  172. >You can feel it won't
  173. >"Now we just need to get to the 'penis in vagina' part~,"
  174. >Her tail gives your soft member a pull
  175. >This and her smell filling your nostrils is all it needs to start waking up
  176. >"But..."
  177. "Hghout?"
  178. >"Maybe we can play some more before we do that, mh? To make sure this-"
  179. >She climbs back up on her hooves and her face turns to face your pride, before her magic starts enveloping it and pleasure shoots up your spine, your back arching and hips thrusting at thin air, once more
  180. >"-isn't going to disappoint your Princess, we wouldn't want that to happen, would we?"
  181. >You love her so much
  182. >So you shake your head, and her smirk reappears
  183. >"Correct answer~,"
  184. >You groan around the gag when you feel her frog against the tip of your shaft
  185. >Fuck
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