Capitulation 3

Jul 18th, 2014
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  1. You’re bored.
  3. You’re really, really bored.
  5. You’ve got no idea how many hours she has been out, but it feels like an eternity without your mistress to keep you company. You got bored with the TV pretty quickly. You managed to change the channel well enough with the edge of your hoof, but there was nothing interesting on. At least not to you. All the regular channels you watched didn’t grab your attention, and the only movie you could find on a channel was Predator 2, which you know you definitely would have enjoyed before, but you found yourself absolutely terrified and sickened to your stomach at the violence for whatever reason and had to change the channel. You guess now that you were part of a ‘prey’ species you’d be more easily affected by that stuff, but it was kinda embarrassing.
  7. So you ended up just lying on the couch all afternoon with your head draped over the edge and all your limbs sticking up in the air, just thinking. Considering there was not that much to think about, you ended up just thinking about your mistress for most of the time. Her raven black hair and her lean, muscular body drives you crazy. Even just thinking about her makes your whole body tingle. There’s no doubt that if you met her before being a pony you’d be all over her. It seems in your current position; she’s all over you instead.
  9. You’re still looking forward to the uhh… bedroom activities, but you can’t help but feel like it’s going to be just as weird as everything else has been in your time here. Well, sex is sex right? There’s no real way that she could fuck it up for you. No pun intended.
  11. You’re brought out of your thoughts by the sound of the front door clicking open. You immediately flip over onto your belly and hop off the couch as carefully as you can (It’s really high up with your new body). You trot excitedly through the apartment toward the front door, failing to ignore the ‘clip clop’ of your hooves as you pass through the tiled kitchen. Even the sound of your walking reminds you of your inhuman nature.
  13. Finally she’s back! If it was possible to die from boredom, you think you would have done so at least 3 times over by now. You round the corner to find her smiling down at you, having already pulled off her shoes. Your heart starts beating faster and you immediately rush forward to meet her, finding yourself nuzzling against her open palm. Jeez, you knew you’d happy to have her home, sure, but you didn’t expect this kind of feeling at all. It feels like you’re reuniting with your long lost family after years of being separated.
  15. “Hey Bubble. I guess you missed me then?” she asks with a smirk, snapping you out of your happy daze and making you realise exactly what you are currently doing. You step back a bit, fighting back the blush that has spread all over your face. Why the hell do you blush so easily now? It’s probably not noticeable besides the insides of your ears, but still!
  17. “Aww look at you. I don’t think I’ve told you enough how adorable you are! Let’s go get something to eat, I’m starving.” She says, ruffling your man- your hair as she walks past you into the kitchen. The compliment makes you blush harder, and kick your front hoof nervously while looking at the ground. You shouldn’t look ‘adorable’, you should look manly and cool headed and stuff... The more time passes the more you lose faith in your convictions.
  19. You shake your head, deciding to just follow her and get some food, since you’re honestly pretty hungry too. You find her slicing something up on the kitchen counter, you can’t see what it is from down here, but it sounds like carrots or celery or something. Your mouth starts watering at the prospect. The oats from your last two meals are nice enough, but they hold nothing to the taste of fresh vegetables.
  21. Mistress makes herself a stir fry, and sets your bowl down next to her chair. You eat in comfortable silence, her hand occasionally making its way down to scratch behind your ear, which feels heavenly. Pretty soon you find yourself lying down on the couch with your mistress sitting next to you, doing something or other on her laptop. You’d turn on the TV but you’re honestly not that interested in anything that might be on. Football maybe? But that’s more fun with someone who’ll talk about it with you. You’re not sure even that would help, it just doesn’t seem that enticing to you anymore...
  23. You were bored before, and here you are doing the exact same thing you were doing, but now you’re not bored.
  25. And it’s all thanks to your mistress. You probably should be concerned about how strongly you feel for her, considering you’ve only been here like a day and a half, but you dismiss those thoughts, opting to shuffle sideways and lean into her leg. She looks down for a second, then smiles, sending pleasant shivers down your spine.
  27. Mistress continues her browsing, and you just sit there and watch. She’s browsing some pretty standard sites. Facebook, Twitter ect ect. But you’re pleasantly surprised to see her browsing 4chan, the /mlp/ board too! You sit there with her, occasionally making a comment about some image or thread that she reacts positively to.
  29. During your old life you frequented these boards, having not much else to do with yourself, and some of the people on there were really cool. Key word being some. You never talked about it with any of your friends, as few as they were. You didn’t want to seem any less masculine than you should be. Of course MLP has become pretty crazy popular over the last few years. It started with some community of internet cave dwellers quite a few years ago and just kept growing from there, so it’s not uncommon for guys to be into it too, but it’s still got that stigma attached to it. You wouldn’t catch guys talking about the show around a bar table or anything.
  31. You suddenly yawn widely, feeling much more tired than you thought you were. Mistress grins down at you, seeming transfixed by how cute you are. Grr…
  33. “Ready for bed then Bubble?” Mistress asks, closing her laptop.
  35. A glance at the wall tells you it’s just past 10 o’clock. Jeez. Is it really that late? You could have sworn you weren’t lying with her for that long. Maybe you fell asleep? Whatever. You nod your head and smile, starting to get up from your position. You give a small gasp as you feel a pair of hands wrap around your midsection and lift you up. Before you know it Mistress is carrying you toward the bedroom as if you were the lightest thing in the world. It’s a bit disconcerting to know that you’re so small that she doesn’t seem to have any trouble at all carrying you.
  37. Even Stormcloud yesterday was the size of a pretty large dog, and carrying him would require a fair bit of upper body strength. Not you though. Mistress leads you into the room and places you down on the bed lying on your back, her muscular form looming over you. With a start you realize what kind of position you’re in right now. You’re going to fuck. Holy shit. Her eyes are filled with lust and you feel yourself getting hard against your will.
  39. A small glance at your now equinized manhood shows you that it’s nowhere near the size you expected it to be. That can’t be the biggest it can get! It’s about as proportionate to your body as your old cock was, but that’s definitely not the size they’re supposed to be! You’ve seen them online, they’re supposed to be like, big enough for the stallion to lick if he wanted to. The shame starts to set in and you’re quickly becoming a hot blushing mess as your mistress crawls up the bed, stopping to bring her face close to yours. Your breath catches in your throat as she moves in for a kiss.
  41. Your lips lock together and you’re soon being kissed passionately. Being kissed. You’re not the aggressor, she is. You moan slightly as you feel her tongue slip past your lips and start exploring your elongated muzzle. This is definitely new. During bedroom encounters in the past you were always the one in control, always the one making the girl squirm, but now it’s completely different, just like everything else in your time here has been.
  43. She breaks it off, smiling as you pant hard, completely flushed and shivering on the bed under her. Almost immediately she starts to shift her position on the bed. She ends up with her huge thighs on either side of your head, her wet pussy hovering a small ways above your muzzle. She’s in sort of a sixty nine position minus her head near your cock. You lick your lips as you see her moist lips above you. What you wouldn’t do to get a taste of those… and it looks like you’re going to.
  45. “Alright Bubble, you’re gonna’ get me off. If you do a good job I might return the favour. Let’s see if you’ve got any idea how to please your partner as well as -being- pleased.” She says, grinning down at you.
  47. “M-mistress I-“ Any protest you were going to give is silenced as she abruptly drops her pussy onto your face, causing you to give off a muffled exclamation. You’re finding it pretty hard to breathe as her Amazonian thighs encompass your entire vision. This is too much, you’re being used and enjoying it! Your heart is beating in your ears and your cock is harder than ever. Your nose is filled with the strong scent of adult lust and it tastes just the same.
  49. “Get licking Bubble. Don’t want the pony I spent so much money to be a dud in bed.” She says, grinding her hips a big for emphasis.
  51. She was so kind and gentle this morning! If a little cocky as always. But this domineering woman is something you haven’t seen before, minus when she was laying down the rules. You timidly extend your tongue and start to pleasure her as best you can.
  53. She rewards you with some small strokes on your diminutive member causing you to moan into her crotch. You’re much more sensitive now, it seems. You continue for a who knows how long, eating her out while she moans and sighs her approval above you. You kinda’ lose track of time and your focus is entirely on the powerful woman above you. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t find this fucking hot.
  55. “Aah, almost there Bud, keep going!” She says, encouraging you with another few strokes.
  57. You grind your tongue on her clit to try and bring her over the edge. You’d expected her clit to be larger than usual, but it’s pretty average. She moans with pleasure as she explodes all over your muzzle, her thighs squeezing your head even tighter making your vision swim. Your mouth is filled with her slightly salty, slightly sweet juices and you’re forced to swallow as much as you can in an attempt for air. You happened to be exhaling just before she came.
  59. As her orgasm winds down, she loosens her grip on your head and slowly moves off you, breathing heavily, but not quite as heavily as you.
  61. “Good boy bubble…” she says in a sultry tone, settling down beside you with her larger size very apparent, “If I didn’t know better I’d say you’ve actually given someone oral before! Now… as for your reward…”
  63. You gasp as you feel her strong fingers wrap around your rigid cock and start jerking. You’re still on your back, and you end up writhing slightly as she lays there and watches. You feel like you’re on full display for her pleasure only, and it feels great. They obviously did something to your stuff to make it more sensitive, because you can’t stop the gasps and moans from escaping your mouth as she jerks you off.
  65. It’s not too long before you’re crying out and squirting your cum all over your furry stomach. Even to your own ears it sounds feminine. Still male but not masculine. Mistress teases you a bit for not being able to hold on longer, and comes in for another kiss which you greedily accept. It’s not your fault! You’ve been teased for a solid 20 minutes as you tried to get her to cum!
  67. Your breathing is heavy as she turns off the lamp pulls the covers over you both, both of your juices sticking to your coat and in the sheets. The constant smell reminds you exactly what happened there, but you’re too tired to worry. You should feel humiliated, but instead you just feel all glowy and tingly. Despite yourself you’re happy with how things went, and you wouldn’t admit it to anyone but you’d do it again in an instant.
  69. The last thought you have before you fall asleep with your mistress wrapped around you is that you're really gonna need a shower…
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