Ichtaca's Resting place.

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  1. "Deep down it is." His last wish and her own. To put her best friend to rest, next to his mother's weathered gravestone.
  3. The endeless stream of mana extends further below the grounds. One layer after the next, digging out these piles of dirt that were perfectly sizeable for his resting place. Minutes passed by for what felt like an eternity as she dug, tiring herself out still with the continuous use of her mana ever since they left Huangzhuo.
  5. "I'm sorry, Ichtaca. You were a wonderful friend of mine. I'm deeply regretful that I didn't show more appreciation for you in this life for all you've done. I'll never forget you." Her eyes well up more with those tears that trickle down her cheek.
  7. His fallen body hovers over towards her, shifting upright for the Kitsune to grant him one final hug of him wrapped below her sapphire sheets and crying against the stained wrap. "I'm so sorry," she whispers,lingering in that hug briefly before letting go.
  9. "May you find your happiness and way in the next life, Ichtaca." Muffled sniffling could be heard from the little woman. "Spirits Protect, and will guide you on your journey through the stars- into rebirth." And knowing this man's willfulness, love, and how she thrived, his journey may be short for reincarnation.
  11. For he will grow again, rising back from the ashes to live life anew.
  13. Just like the Phoenix.
  15. And so, once her parting words are spoken, the Kitsune gently lowers Ichtaca's body into the grave next to his mother's, softly placed upon the earth which had taken him. But once the Kitsune's mana dispels around his atmosphere, the risen piles of dirt, controlled in bubbles of her power and natural world's softness, aim to settle atop and release to fill it.
  17. All in the meanwhile, Genmei will sing her sorrowful tune, for another has fallen; The lifestream's beautiful octaves are welcoming, reassuring, though sad all the while, and it wouldn't end until the last pile is placed on top, gently patted down with her own two hands, before being decorated with a single poppylus flower.
  18. (Miyo Yuumi)
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