MG roulette (Griffon)

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  1. “Today went by so fast,”  Nelson said as he stretched in front of his computer. Checking the clock and seeing closing time was soon. He had just finished an article for the weekly magazine he worked for.
  3. “Probably because of how much work we got done today, the boss is gonna be happy when we show him this stuff tomorrow” Is co-worker Tim said.
  5. “Still, with these articles for the magazine done now, that gives us some time for ourselves to relax. are you going into overtime to finish this?”  Nelson asked
  7. “Can't today, got plans,” Tim said typing away at his own computer.
  9. “Plans? Parents coming over to visit or something?” Nelson questioned.
  11. “Nah, nothing like that, Wendy's cooking me dinner tonight,” Tim said with a smile growing on his face. “I just taught her to use the oven last night, so she wanted to make something for her...Husband”
  13. “Oh right, I forgot you did the roulette thing as well.” Nelson chuckled. “Is the petrifaction thing a problem, being with a Medusa and all?”
  15. “Nah, not really, while granted turning to stone is not the best experience, the stone's enchanted or something so as a statue I can't break if something happens. Also those golden needles she has do wonders for the joints, remember that stiffness in my back I was complaining about before I met her? Well, it was gone after I was turned back. It's part of the reason she wants to cook me a meal, it's part of her apology.
  17. “That does sound nice,” Nelson said.
  19. “What about you? You did the roulette before I did. I can't believe you got what you did.” Tim said while Nelson laughed. “She still having problems settling in?”
  21. “Kind of... She's great, but sometimes she just needs to ca-” Nelson was cut off by the sound of his phone going off. “Sorry, excuse me.” he picked he took his phone out and answered it. “Hello?”
  22.  loud shouting could be heard on the other side “I'm at work, what's wrong?” The shouting continued, Nelson's eye's widened before he face-palmed. “um... yeah...” more shouting. “look I was meaning to tell you about-” He was cut off by more shouting. “Okay fine, I'll head there are sorting it out.” He hung up and took a deep breath.
  24. “Who the hell was that?” Tim asked.
  26. “That would be my mother,” Nelson said with a groan. “I'm going to have to call it a tad earlier today, do you mind closing up?” he asked as he put his various things away.
  28. “Sure, but what's going on?” his co-worker was confused.
  30. “Turns out I've neglected to mention I'm in a relationship, my mum's gone down to drop some stuff I needed as she has a key to my house but... she's just met my new wife,” Nelson said as put his jacket on.
  32. “Oh wow, that's going to be fun,” Tim said as he started to laugh. “Well, it can't get any worse.”
  34. “I swear by all that is holy if some crap comes my way I'm punching you for saying that,” Nelson growled as he headed out the door.
  36. ~x~ (Nelson's house. Sometime Earlier.)
  38. Mrs. Mackintosh sighed to herself as she got out of the car, the day was going to be a dull one as delivering the packages her son accidentally had sent to her home was all she had to do for the day.
  40. She was about to open the front gate before she heard a female shout. “Halt!” Startled, the woman looked around for whoever called out. Not finding seeing anyone she opened the gate. “I said halt!” the voice called again.
  42. This time Mrs. Mackintosh followed the voice. Perched on the roof of the two-story house was a woman. Her hair seemed to be a weird combination of white and black. She had red markings under her eyes and she was wearing some form of cloak made out of feathers from what she could see, the feathers of the top half were white and the rest were black.
  44. “Who are you and why are you up there?” Mrs. Mackintosh asked. Trying to figure out the strange woman.
  46. “I am Emilia, and you are trespassing.” The cloaked woman declared.
  48. “Trespassing? This is my son's home!” The mother said insulted. “I'm here to leave some packages for my son!”
  50. “Nelson did not say anything about a mother, I have no way of telling the truth,” Emilia said. “Until then, I will not let you pass.”
  52. “I don't have to listen to this.” Mrs. mackintosh said as she passed the gate and walked to the door. Before she could get to it, Emilia slammed down in front of her, landing on her... feet?
  54. Annoyance gave way to curious fear as Emila stood at her full height and the mother got a better look at the woman getting in her way. She was at least a head taller than her and had the body of an athlete, Dressed in a black vest and brown Jean shorts. The cloak was actually wings that were now fanned out and her hands were taloned bird claws with feathered wrists. Her lower body was more based on a big cat like a lion or something, with large paws with a tail swaying in the air. before she could react the monster had picked her up, flown her back to outside the gate.
  56. “What the hell are you?” the woman screamed at the houses `guardian`.
  58. “I am a griffon, and I suggest you leave. I am the guardian of this house. It and the contents within are something my beloved cares for and as such, it is my duty to protect it.” The monstrous woman said with a dangerous gleam in her eyes. “Try any further and be removed. Be thankful that nelson has forbidden me from dealing greater punishment.”
  60. Mrs. Mackintosh was shaking in fear from her threat until she realized something. “Beloved?”
  62. “Indeed. Nelson is my husband. And I will defend what is his and as such, you will not enter.” Emilia said sternly.
  64. Mrs. mackintosh's face filled red with rage. It had to have been that email thing that was going around. It didn't matter, right now this freakish woman was claiming to be her son's wife and that she knew nothing about her now mother in law. It left her insulted on several levels.
  66. “Why that little-” she went into the pocket for her phone, the action must have seemed like pulling out a weapon, as the monster woman growled and looked like she was about to pounce on a threat. Mrs. Mackintosh's heart almost stopped in dread as she took a few trembling steps back, but that didn't seem to calm Emilia down. It wasn't until she saw it was a phone that she relax.
  68. “You have one of those mobile phone things,” Emilia mentioned. “Why do you need that now?”
  70. “I would not have to use this if you just let me through and let me drop this thing off. Hell, I could give it to you.” She said as she called nelsons number and brought the phone to her ear.
  72. Emilia shook her head. “No, you are far too suspicious for me to trust you.”
  74. “You do realize your talking to your mother in law?” Mrs. Macintosh said. Even it felt somewhat wrong to consider this dangerous person her daughter in law.
  76. “That has yet to be proven.” The monster said simply.
  78. Nelson answering the phone was the only reason she restrained herself from screaming in frustration. Instead, she shouted her head off at the son. Ranting and raving so much that she couldn't even remember what she said, only that Nelson was coming home to resolve this mess.
  80. “Right, my son is on his way, now can you please let me inside, so we can wait for him?” she suggested.
  82. “No.” Emilia shook her head again. “Until he says so, you will not pass this door, this weather is not irritable to humans as far as I can tell, there is no reason that you can't what outside.”
  84. “How about the fact that I am his mother, and I have a key to the house?” Mrs. mackintosh said annoyed.
  86. “Keys only make thievery easier, and like I said before, your claim has yet to be proven.” The monster said sternly.
  88. “I was just on the phone with him!” Mrs. mackintosh shouted. “You saw me speak to him.”
  90. Emilia folded her arms. “But I didn't hear his voice, that could have been anyone. I know about those `recording` things” She said.
  92. Mrs. Mackintosh decided to wait in the car for her son before anger beat out fear and she tried to strangle the monster woman.
  94. ~X~
  96. It didn't take long for Nelson to park in front of the house, Emilia has stationed right in front the door and right in he could see his mother getting out her own car to talk to him. Before she could get to him. Emilia had flown over quickly.
  98. “Husband.” Emilia greeted him with her tone still serious, but happier. “I didn't know you had relatives, there is this woman claiming to be your-”
  100. “Mother, and she's telling the truth. A few of my packages got sent to her home so she came round to drop them off. I hadn't told her about you, nor you about her, seeing as I was going to pick them up myself. I guess she just wanted a surprise visit.” he said chuckling. “This is my fault. I should have shown you family pictures or something.
  102. “That you should of, and will have a long talk about you getting married. But first I want an apology from her.” his mother said.
  104. Emilia's tail twitched in agitation and her face heated up in embarrassment she began to rant.“I didn't know who you were! It is my duty to protect what is-”
  106. “Emilia we talked about this,” Nelson said with authority. “What did I say?”
  108. Her face got redder as she looked down. “The rules of this world are different. I am to call you if suspicious people want to come to this house.”
  110. “So why didn't you?” he asked.
  112. “Wouldn't you be worried if you guard a place and a person you've never met is able to get in?” She asked.
  114. Nelson looked at his mother. “She does have a point.”
  116. “Don't tell me you're taking her side!” Mrs. mackintosh shouted.
  118. “I'm not, I already said it's my fault this happened. And even then, you have pictures on your phone or wallet of me and the family, why didn't you show her that?” His mother looked away a little embarrassed.
  120. “Husband, you have to tell me who I can and can't let in, this is getting out of hand,” Emilia said a little depressed. “I can't do my duty right with so many unknowns. I don't want to attack or scare the wrong people.”
  122. “I know. But you've done a fine job so far haven't you?” Nelson said.
  124. “It doesn't feel that way.” The monster woman said.
  126. “Ah come on don't be like that. You're a griffon. Nothing bad has happened during your watch right?” he said getting closer to her.
  128. “I guess...” she said.
  130. “And there was that one time you scared away the charity people. I hate dealing with those guys.” He said trying to cheer her up.
  132. “I did do that... but they weren't thieves.” See pointed out.
  134. “Doesn't change the fact that they annoy me and wonderful wife solved the problem.” He said, her blush making him grin. He knew just how much she liked praise.
  136. “Of course! Those people were nothing to my power.” The griffon said with pride building.
  138. “So there's nothing to worry about. Is there? I can work easily, knowing my griffon wife is holding down the fort.” She looked like she didn't know whether to beam with pride or flush from the praise. Instead, she opted for lustfully kissing Nelson.
  140. “That you, my husband. You always know what to say” she said breaking the kiss. She was about to continue before they heard Nelson's mother cleared her throat.
  142. “Can we please go inside now? You need to explain... her.” Mrs. mackintosh was still trying to get round to the fact that the griffon could be a terrifying monster at one point and some form of a blushing schoolgirl the next.
  144. Emilia narrowed her eyes but nodded. “Fine, I did say you could enter with my husband's approval. But I'm watching you,” she said.
  146. “You still think I'm suspicious?” Nelson's mother said angrily before turning to her son “Your home alarm system is a bit too paranoid.”
  148. The griffon became enraged. “Do not compare me to that useless hunk of metal! I have told my husband time and time again that I am a more valuable protection than any stupid screaming contraption! Why if I had my way...” Emila ranted as she flew into the house grumbling to herself
  150. “Wonderful, you set her off,” he said. Seeing her mother's confused expression he continued. “Griffon's pride themselves on being protectors, so she sees most home security systems as an insult. Might as well come inside, it'll take some time before she cools off.”
  152. His mother didn't say anything as she followed them inside. It would take almost an hour for her to calm down, and even longer to get some form of apology out of her. Having to listen once more to Emilia rant about the alarm system and his mother ranting about `Stubborn chicken monsters` he made a note to defiantly punch Tim the next day.
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