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  1. [22:40:48] <resetnow_> hi all
  2. [22:41:09] <resetnow_> has anybody tried latest l4t release? 12 beta
  3. [22:41:31] <gordan> resetnow: I tried the Xorg driver from it.
  4. [22:41:40] <resetnow_> yes, i too
  5. [22:41:43] <resetnow_> it works
  6. [22:41:48] <marvin24_DT_> here too
  7. [22:41:51] alex_ac100 [~alex@] зашел на #ac100
  8. [22:41:55] <marvin24_DT_> but not the video decoding ...
  9. [22:41:59] <gordan> Suffers from the same bitmap font corruption bug that manifests on 12 alpha driver.
  10. [22:42:10] <resetnow_> but i'm trying to get hw acceleration of the video
  11. [22:42:15] <resetnow_> with gstreamer
  12. [22:42:32] <resetnow_> so, i copied libopenmax-gst
  13. [22:42:44] <marvin24_DT_> gordan: I checked your url in firefox and I saw no corruption
  14. [22:43:08] leonro [] вышел из IRC: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
  15. [22:43:15] <resetnow_> and when i try to play video file, i get error /dev/tegra_avp: no such file or directory
  16. [22:43:31] <marvin24_DT_> resetnow_: same here
  17. [22:43:40] <marvin24_DT_> maybe some codec files are missing
  18. [22:43:48] <resetnow_> i get the same error in flash
  19. [22:44:01] leonro [] зашел на #ac100
  20. [22:44:12] <resetnow_> does this mean that some flash video acceleration may be available?
  21. [22:44:15] <gordan> It's possible that F13/FF3.6 specifically triggers it.
  22. [22:44:15] <marvin24_DT_> the doc mentions something about restrictedmodules.tbz2
  23. [22:44:19] <marvin24_DT_> which is not included
  24. [22:44:33] <gordan> And I suspect you're not running F13/FF3.6. :)
  25. [22:44:44] <marvin24_DT_> gordan: yes
  26. [22:44:46] <marvin24_DT_> right
  27. [22:44:57] <marvin24_DT_> that makes it hard to reproduce
  28. [22:45:02] <gordan> Not at all.
  29. [22:45:10] <marvin24_DT_> did fedora reached F16 now?
  30. [22:45:26] <gordan> I have 3 different F13 rootfs-es and 3 different AC100s and I can trigger the bug on all of them every time.
  31. [22:45:49] <gordan> It may be hard to reproduce using a different distro/rootfs/driver/FF, sure.
  32. [22:46:17] <gordan> But that doesn't invalidate the bug report validity.
  33. [22:47:02] <gordan> Where does cpufreq_policy get defined?
  34. [22:47:05] <resetnow_> so, may be some request for restrictedmodules.tbz2 to nvidia developers will help?
  35. [22:47:18] <marvin24_DT_> resetnow_: you can ask in the forum
  36. [22:47:23] <gordan> cpu-tegra.c uses it to check which table it should use.
  37. [22:47:44] <gordan> But I can't see where cpufreq_policy is getting defined/populated.
  38. [22:48:52] <marvin24_DT_> juliank: no corruptions for the last three times and the same kernel ...
  39. [22:49:46] vanger [] вышел из IRC: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
  40. [22:51:49] <juliank> resetnow_: Video acceleration worked in the alpha release, but not in the beta.
  41. [22:52:24] <resetnow_> oh, so buggy
  42. [22:52:47] <juliank> The problem with the beta release could be that it is targeted at the nv-tegra 2.6.36 tree and thus does not work with our chromeos trees due to differences
  43. [22:53:02] <resetnow_> restrictedmodules.tbz2 will not help?
  44. [22:53:49] <resetnow_> thank you for answer
  45. [22:54:49] <juliank> NVIDIA is currently not even complying with the gst-openmax license as far as I can tell, because they only provide a binary build and no object files or any reference to the source code.
  46. [22:55:42] <juliank> resetnow_: It does not work with the codec files from the Alpha release, I can't tell you whether the new ones are different.
  47. [22:56:54] <resetnow_> "codec files" means nvmm_h264dec.axf, nvmm_mp4dec.axf, etc.?
  48. [22:57:20] <marvin24_DT_> yes
  49. [22:57:34] <marvin24_DT_> but there are some smaller .bins instead ;-)
  50. [22:58:24] <resetnow_> hm, so estrictedmodules.tbz2 can contain some different codecs
  51. [22:58:30] <juliank> which might contain VP8, Ogg Vorbis, etc. support.
  52. [22:58:48] <resetnow_> i'll ask in the foeum
  53. [22:59:40] <juliank> We might need to merge nvavp from the nv-tegra tree to get things working  --;a=tree;f=drivers/media/video/tegra/nvavp;h=bba13489d4ee0753d3105a4559a8354d6cdc2f8a;hb=refs/heads/android-tegra-2.6.36
  54. [23:01:19] <marvin24_DT_> juliank: mmh
  55. [23:01:31] <marvin24_DT_> we do not even have this directory
  56. [23:01:37] Vraister [] зашел на #ac100
  57. [23:01:53] <juliank> marvin24_DT_: Yes, it's a new driver.
  58. [23:02:01] <juliank> It exposes /dev/tegra_avpchannel
  59. [23:05:30] <marvin24_DT_> mmh,  sprintf(fw_ucode_file, "nvavp_vid_ucode.bin");
  60. [23:05:34] socketa4techx7 [5dbece2d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] зашел на #ac100
  61. [23:05:37] <marvin24_DT_> we don't have this file
  62. [23:07:18] <juliank> marvin24_DT_: Then it's likely unrelated to the problem.
  63. [23:07:43] <alex_ac100> not only this link, but also some code in fuse, as it seems that last nvidia modules queries hardware revision via that interface
  64. [23:08:13] <marvin24_DT_> alex_ac100: but the message says it is normal for tegra2 to fail
  65. [23:09:24] <marvin24_DT_> I guess we need this file (and the driver), but it is in the secret blob
  66. [23:09:44] <marvin24_DT_> also nvavp_os.bin
  67. [23:11:10] <marvin24_DT_> mmh, maybe it is called nvrm_avp ...
  68. [23:11:20] <marvin24_DT_> crap!
  69. [23:11:43] <resetnow_> rename will help, lol?)
  70. [23:12:21] <marvin24_DT_>;a=commitdiff;h=5c5bab1dbedcf72f95257f14f6f549357c82962c
  71. [23:13:56] <juliank> marvin24_DT_: What do you want to tell us with this?
  72. [23:14:12] <juliank> That's a Tegra3 change.
  73. [23:14:13] <marvin24_DT_> this driver loads our binary blob
  74. [23:14:27] <marvin24_DT_> I mean drivers/media/video/tegra/avp
  75. [23:15:27] <juliank> marvin24_DT_: Yes, I know. And our kernel loads nvrm_avp.bin as well
  76. [23:15:40] <marvin24_DT_> does it?
  77. [23:15:52] <marvin24_DT_> I mean in reality ...
  78. [23:16:37] epicmonkey [~epicmonke@] зашел на #ac100
  79. [23:17:06] <juliank> marvin24_DT_: If it didn't, it wouldn't work with the alpha1 userspace either
  80. [23:17:12] <resetnow_> nvrm_avp.bin? l4t package has, isn't it?
  81. [23:17:21] <resetnow_> * only
  82. [23:17:28] <juliank> And WebM video acceleration works happily there.
  83. [23:17:45] <juliank> (in chromium)
  84. [23:17:50] <marvin24_DT_> with beta1?
  85. [23:18:11] <juliank> marvin24_DT_: No with alpha1 it works happily, with beta1 everything's broken.
  86. [23:18:19] <marvin24_DT_> ok
  87. [23:19:01] <marvin24_DT_> I guess the chromeos kernel is already too far away from the nv-tegra one
  88. [23:20:51] <juliank> marvin24_DT_: Alpha1 was cool because it was targeted at the chromeos kernel. Beta isn't. And the final release won't support harmony anymore.
  89. [23:21:32] <juliank> The "Additionally, developers should note that support for Harmony devices will be deprecated following this release.  Support for Harmony will transition to community-supported Linux kernels, and Ventana will be the Tegra 2 reference platform." part of the announcement
  90. [23:21:48] <marvin24_DT_> yeah, I read that also
  91. [23:21:59] <marvin24_DT_> but ok, harmony or ventana
  92. [23:22:09] <marvin24_DT_> not so much difference I think
  93. [23:22:51] <marvin24_DT_> ventana is also tegra2
  94. [23:23:20] mase76 [] вышел из IRC: Read error: No route to host
  95. [23:23:29] <juliank> And the xv support is there now, but it's not working correctly from what I can tell. It crashes the system if the video is too large and makes the colors look bad.
  96. [23:24:49] <marvin24_DT> I wonder if nv is willing to support such "strange" hw/software configs
  97. [23:25:54] <marvin24_DT> I also wonder if google has dropped tegra development on chromeos
  98. [23:26:06] <marvin24_DT> seems they concentrate on atoms now
  99. [23:26:19] <gordan> Atoms?! WTF?
  100. [23:26:42] <juliank> marvin24_DT: Given that the last ARM commit was yesterday, that seems unlikely
  101. [23:27:04] <marvin24_DT> maybe
  102. [23:27:24] <marvin24_DT> maybe they just "drive on two roads"
  103. [23:27:44] <juliank> marvin24_DT: The chromebooks currently all have atom CPUs.
  104. [23:27:50] <marvin24_DT> given that the arm chromebook never materialized
  105. [23:28:08] <juliank> The chrome tablets are planned to have ARM cpu
  106. [23:28:11] <marvin24_DT> on the other hand, the atom ones flopped
  107. [23:28:41] <gordan> There is a certain amount of irony in the fact that Toshiba pretty much washed their hands of the AC100 when it is not only an extremely popular ARM/Linux platform but also the only ChromeOS ARM platform.
  108. [23:29:02] alex_ac100 [~alex@] вышел из IRC: Remote host closed the connection
  109. [23:29:17] marvin24_DT never saw chromoos running on an ac100
  110. [23:29:44] <gordan> Me either, but I remember several people discussing it here a while back, and we are using the ChromeOS ARM kernel.
  111. [23:30:13] <juliank> The most important problem for everyone is Flash support anyway.
  112. [23:30:20] <gordan> LOL!
  113. [23:30:56] <gordan> I really wich Flash would just do the decent thing and die, personally.
  114. [23:31:04] <gordan> s/wich/wish/
  115. [23:31:18] <juliank> No seriously, why produce an ARM device without flash if you can have an x86 one with Flash
  116. [23:31:36] vanger [] зашел на #ac100
  117. [23:32:24] <gordan> Except there is flash for ARM/Linux.
  118. [23:32:34] <gordan> At least two were mentioned here with links.
  119. [23:32:44] <gordan> phh, IIRC has the Tegra one somewhere.
  120. [23:32:51] <juliank> gordan: Yes, but it just does not work as well as the x86 one
  121. [23:33:26] <gordan> Somebody else posted a link to a different one that doesn't have nvidia dependencies, so should work on more generic platforms including on the basic frame buffer X.
  122. [23:33:42] <gordan> I find it works fine on the AC100.
  123. [23:33:59] <gordan> Youtube worked passably well.
  124. [23:34:14] <socketa4techx7> gordan, was it gnash?
  125. [23:34:32] <gordan> socketa4techx7: No, a proper
  126. [23:34:53] <marvin24_DT> adobe announces the dead of flash on ARM a few weeks ago
  127. [23:34:54] <gordan> With nv extensions in there (so it requires the nvidia binary driver).
  128. [23:35:10] <marvin24_DT> so, no flash in the future anymore
  129. [23:35:22] <gordan> GOOD!
  130. [23:35:40] <gordan> The faster it dies the better.
  131. [23:35:41] <juliank> gordan: It works. But only 360p IIRC, whereas I can watch 720p videos using youtube's HTML5 variant.
  132. [23:35:54] <gordan> Indeed, so no point in flash. :)
  133. [23:35:58] <gordan> Why would you want it?
  134. [23:36:18] <resetnow_> juliank: 720p on ac100?
  135. [23:36:26] <juliank> gordan: Not all youtube videos work without flash yet, and there are some more specialised websites requiring flash
  136. [23:36:33] <juliank> resetnow_: Yes.
  137. [23:36:47] <juliank> 720p WebM video on the AC100.
  138. [23:37:06] <gordan> juliank: Well, they are due a kick in the backside to switch to using non-proprietary technologies. :)
  139. [23:37:14] <gordan> IMO 99% of use of flash is for youtube.
  140. [23:37:22] <resetnow_> all the videoos with ads (80%) are still in flash
  141. [23:38:16] <juliank> gordan: Most of my flash use does not come from youtube, I mostly have the HTML5 player there.
  142. [23:38:49] <gordan> Yeah, me too re: html5 on youtube.
  143. [23:39:01] <gordan> There's a reason I use noflash. :)
  144. [23:39:22] <juliank> BTW, gnome-shell now starts on the AC100. The rendering is completely broken, but it runs (for some time)
  145. [23:42:51] alex_ac100 [~alex@] зашел на #ac1
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