A Rarity of A Night

Feb 21st, 2014
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  1. Sweetie Belle had just left with Applebloom and Scootaloo, which meant that Rarity was all alone. She had done her duties for the week and completed all her orders. She even went above and beyond the call of duty to repair somepony's torn dress at no extra charge. She had completed everything and now had the whole evening to herself.
  3. Sweetie Belle was done spending the day with her big sister Rarity, and was going back to Applebloom's for a sleepover till Sunday. Rarity wasn't expecting any guests on this fine Saturday evening. Twilight had made it clear she was going to be hard at work writing some pages for a new book for the Canterlot Historical Society. Applejack would be watching the fillies, Pinkie Pie was probably partying, Rainbow Dash was probably . . . napping, and Fluttershy never randomly paid visits. It was a quiet night.
  5. Rarity sipped the last of her wine from the glass, and placed it on the table. Just a simple drink for the night, nothing too much, nothing too little. Just enough to reward her for a hard weeks work. Rarity yawned and looked at the clock.
  7. “Seven o' clock.” She said to herself as she lightly stroked Opal's head. “I'm going to turn in early tonight dear.” She said to her pet cat as she got up, placed her wine glass in the sink, and trotted towards the stairs. She opened her bedroom door, then stopped and looked behind her. No pony was there. It was just an empty, dark, house. A smirk appeared on her face as she closed the door.
  9. “Click.” Rarity said as she locked the door. She had a jump to her step as she hummed over to an armoire. With a swift twist of her head, the magic from her horn opened the doors. She rummaged through some clothing, and pulled out a small box from behind her belongings. She shut the double doors and placed the small maroon colored box onto her bed. She jumped on her bed herself as it creaked. She continued to hum as she nuzzled her pillows and surrounded herself in soft fluffy blankets.
  11. Reaching into one of her pillows she pulled out a small key and opened the small box. Inside was a precious item to Rarity. Her eyes sparkled and glistened as she picked it up and twisted it slowly around. It was a bushy down feather, perfect for tickling, and soft to the touch. Rarity stopped humming as she brought the feather close to her muzzle. She cringed before it even touched her and shook violently. She squealed and giggled to herself. She loved this part.
  13. She didn't understand why she liked doing this. It was such a barbaric thing to do. There was no class in these actions she enjoyed, she just enjoyed it. It was a guilty pleasure that she kept to herself.
  15. The tip of the feather lightly brushed up against the tip of her nostrils and they immediately flared to twice their size. She breathed in a few times before pushing her hoof to her nose and sneezing.
  17. “Heeerrsshhhh!” She opened her eyes and looked at her hoof that was covered in spray, oh, wait . . . she closed her eyes again as a second sneeze worked it's way out. “Rehhheeessshhhoo!” She didn't cover this sneeze as it misted her chest. She got up and wiped her chest off. She giggled and twisted the feather close to her nose again.
  19. Rarity knew she had a very sensitive nose, and it did not take much to make her sneeze. Sometimes just looking at the light wrong would make Rarity sneeze. She tried to never sneeze in public if possible, but that changed if a big strong stallion was around. She always wanted to sneeze next to stallions to get a reaction from them. Rarity knew her own thoughts were weird, so she didn't question them.
  21. “Rreeesshoo! Hhhheeee...Ressshooooooh!” She sneezed a double, then paused as her head was tilted up. A sneeze was there, but not coming. She lifted the feather, but before it even touched her nose, she sneezed. “EEEssshoooooo!” The last sneeze sent spray flying around her as she moved her head back and forth just for fun. Her fur was damp, her chest was damp, and her eyes were watering. She grabbed a tissue from her night stand and blew delicately a few times into the tissue. She tossed this one aside and grabbed another. On this one she blew as hard as she could, as gobs of mucous shot out into the tissue. Rarity stopped as her eyes gazed towards a light, and her mouth propped open.
  23. She started to hitch her breath as another sneeze was approaching. “Hhheeessshhht!” She sneezed hard into the tissue she just blew into. She moved her snout out of the tissue quickly realizing she just stuck her snout into gobs of mucous she just blew out. It stringed as she tried to wipe it away with another tissue. She smiled. This was going to be a fun night. A rarity if you will.
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