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  1. Which is the best Myst game and why is it Myst V?
  2. Are the D'ni the original hipsters because they're underground?
  3. Help you need to make another game my printer keeps saying it's out of Cyan and it refuses to work without you
  4. How long were people at Hunrath before potatoes appeared? What was Hunrath life like pre-potato? Did everyone get sick of the beans or whatever else they had until some variety arrived?
  5. What's the worst possible question you think we could ask you? We totally promise not to just straight away ask you said question next up.
  6. If Yeesha had magic powers to create and alter worlds, and she had the weight of the Bahro on her shoulders, does this means she had the weight of the worlds on her shoulders? Did she gain these powers by politely asking the elephants holding up the world if they needed a break, and then they left her with them?
  7. Making proper insulated electrical cables is a tricky business. Did the D'ni/Atrus have an age dedicated to wire & cable manufacture? I mean they had them all over the place
  8. How come there was no leftover evidence of other seed swaps at the entry point in Hunrath? Was this the first swap since the seed was placed in that specific location, or was it just the largest swap since it was placed in that location?
  9. Did any inhabitants ever camp out by the swap seed, hoping to be there when the swap happens so they could escape back to an unknown time/location in Earth (and potential unexpected death)?
  10. Was freezing the books etc in Maray really necessary? Couldn't they just leave them to sit in a corner until they're done with the whole stasis thing?
  11. If you jumped off the cliff in Kaptar, would you end up in a Portal-like never-ending look of infinite falling? If so, why didn't the Hunrath inhabitants harvest this infinite energy/perpetual motion machine to power their stuff, instead of relying on diesel train generators?
  12. Where did CW get such a beefy looking door? Was one of the swapped people on a submarine or a nuclear bunker something?
  13. One would assume that if CW had seen the destroyed version of Earth, he might have had some reservations about going "home". Did he know it was like that in the Soria sphere? Or was it more "divine intervention" coincidences that the Earth was destroyed at the same time that the WMDs were due to go off?
  14. How fast were the Mofang computers? I'm curious because I'm trying to work out how much the gauntlet's swapping would actually slow them down
  15. In Hunrath did anyone ever manage to build a device to throw a ball one direction, go through the walls, and then catch it from the other direction?
  16. How many pine-scented air fresheners did the mayor find in the gas station for use in his toilet? I hope it was more than one.
  17. In Obduction, going by what it does to the terrain, it seems that swapping a sphere slices things effortlessly in two. Was this ever used to speed up dicing the potatoes for dinner?
  18. Who would you rather face in a fight: 100 Arai Beetle sized Villein, or 1 Villein sized Arai Beetle?
  19. Roughly how many wizards were D'ni and how much of a delivery delay was there due to the owls from Ilvermorny (or even Hogwarts) having to fly all the way down the ventilation tunnels?
  20. "What's Aitrus's favourite type of music? Rock.
  22. Yes I answered my own question deal with it NO ANSWERING FOR YOU"
  23. You guys I'm not kidding my printer keeps crying for you with a worrying repetitive beeping noise while its screen tells me it needs more Cyan, plz finish making another game asap cause I need to print some recipes out :(
  24. If Rivenese water had such a high surface tension due to the special bacterial content in it, could you poke it really gently and not get wet (like poking a fresh skin on some custard)?
  25. Resistive heating elements take a LOT of energy to maintain a glowing-red level of heat.  There are a LOT of red rings underwater in Riven. For comparison, a toaster has around 2-3 feet and that's nearing the maximum power output of many standard wall outlet circuits. This is easily the largest power source in the whole islands, probably larger than the linking book power devices. How did Gehn manage to power these, where was the hidden generator/energy source? A small steam leak would come nowhere close to cutting it for this kind of load.
  26. If the average D'ni lived for 300+ years, how many mid-ish-life-crisises did they go through? Did they have a "reckless 250th birthday" where they bought a flashy red speedboat to cruise around the lake trying to pick up hundred year old women only half their age?
  27. What kind of employment options would an insurance salesman find in the d'ni cavern during its prime? Asking for a friend with a time machine who's interested in doing some exchange work.
  28. There's all sorts of very subtle religious subtext that's been inserted into the Myst games that's not obvious at first but is there if you really look hard. Given this, are you setting up Releeshahn to become a retelling of the Tower of Babylon with its tower?
  29. Most rocks tend to have at least a small radioactive content. The D'ni used all sorts of different types of rocks in their construction. At least one of them is bound to emit a hazardous amount of radiation (heck you shouldn't store fruit bowls in top of a granite kitchen bench because of the radiation hazard). Given they seemed to be unharmed by this, how radiation-resistant were the D'ni?
  30. Pro tip - replace Saaveedro's skull-beating hammer with a kid's squeaky toy. The murderous villain suddenly become adorable!
  31. Given writing ages could literally describe donut-shaped ages, did anyone ever write a flat age, just to appease the Flat-Earthers? What about those Monty Python fans who want a world that's banana-shaped?
  32. Hey Warzecha: if you were given a dollar for every time you had to listen to Disney's Tiki Tiki Tiki Room, how long would you have it on loop?
  33. Can I borrow Gehn's outfit so I can shoot random strangers with darts, get imprisoned, and then when people come to see me in jail I can start my response to them with "I apologise for the cage..."? I promise I won't damage it
  34. How many times did Gehn write an age with critters, kill them, extract their essences, then smoke them, before he finally found a combination that made him high? I feel like it's unlikely he would've gotten it right on the first try.
  35. Everyone always makes comments about Atrus's bad parenting, being a reflection of the way he didn't have a good father figure growing up. But how come no one ever mentions Katran must've been an equally bad mother too? What's her reason for ignoring her sons until they became murderous lustful gluttons? Did she have family problems growing up on Riven?
  36. "It may have ventilation tunnels & fans, but even still the D'ni cavern is a semi-closed ecosystem. Was there ever a case where some budding young scientist accidentally mixed up some Thioacetone and poisoned half the cavern, causing nausea and vomiting amongst thousands and people fleeing for months or even years until the smell had dissipated? Would this explain the Pento Plague?
  38. (yes this is a nice way of asking ""what if someone farts real bad in the cave, how long will it stink for?"" :p )"
  39. Did the D'ni follow good oral hygiene? Did they have only one set of adult teeth or did they have later ones that they grew into later, like we do with child/adult teeth or like sharks do? I feel like if humans lived to be 400, almost all would have none of their original teeth left.
  40. The D'ni liked to place fancy puzzle locks on their stuff so a dedicated person could still solve them. In almost all cases known however, the solution happens to be the most difficult/far away/most time-consuming state to puts things in compared to their original state. Using this knowledge, you can narrow down puzzles answers much quicker. So given this, did anyone ever install a super complicated puzzle, that had only a single piece move to make the "solution", and anyone trying to hack/solve the puzzle would get distracted trying to take the pieces to their complete opposite solution before they realised what they really had to do?
  41. Real talk: the Bahro are totally the best at Hide and Seek in the whole universe.
  42. Did the D'ni have an age filled with gold? Not to make jewellery out of, but to coat all the connections on their crazy electronics, because it doesn't tarnish anywhere near as other metals and I'm pretty sure they built their electronics to last. I mean us humans coat pins/connectors in gold all the time, even though it's so expensive, just because it's so tarnish-resistant too
  43. Was the slavery areas in Teledahn designed for Oompa Loompas? Did the D'ni have access to this super handy, super willing labour market to run their things?
  44. Regarding the paintings in the library on Myst Island - when did Atrus get access to a wizarding painter to create enchanted portraits like what appears in Hogwarts? Is Atrus a wizard?
  45. Was there a secret group of anarchists in D'ni who went around oiling all the mechanical devices they could find, ruining the squeaks and squeals they all make? If not, why not?
  46. Try adjusting the slider? Try adjusting YOUR FACE ATRUS
  47. This isn't a question, but I just want you to imagine The Fonz having a conversation with Atrus. Or as he would pronounce that name, Aaayyyyyytrus *finger guns*
  48. How long did Yeesha spend backpacking around "Europe" being a "free spirit" that needs to "find herself", hooking up with some guy she's too embarrassed to tell you much about, before she got it all out of her system and returned home to get a job working in Atrus's family business of switch & lever manufacture?
  49. How many times has Atrus gotten his finger jammed in some mechanism or his skin pinched when a compartment closes a little too quickly on him?
  50. Ok that's it for me you cats! I wish I kept count of how many I just submitted. Have fun with them. :P
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