Ava (Dragon Girl MonG)

Jun 25th, 2016
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  1. Name: Ava Brandt
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Age: 17
  4. Height: 5' 10”
  5. Weight: Average for build
  6. Appearance: Thin, and while possessing some curvature, she doesn't actually have very much in the way of a chest. Otherwise, Ava has a wiry muscular build. “Normally”, she has straight chin-length silvery hair, shining silver eyes, and lightly-tanned skin. Her features are what one might call aggressive, with an...unfortunately massive case of Resting Bitch Face. When she smiles, it's difficult to make it seem anything but threatening or malicious.
  8. In her natural Dragon Girl form, Ava looks quite different. The scales covering large areas of her body are, for one shiny and reflective, almost like mirrors. Her legs are digitigrade, with the scales going up to roughly two-thirds of the way up her thigh, and her arms are likewise dragon-like, though her claws and the scales on her hands are small, fine, and ineffective in a true fight. The scales go along the back of her hands and arms and up her shoulders, and from there they cover a bit of the collarbone and clavicle. As well, thick scales run down her spine from the base of the skull to her shoulder blades, which have a magnificent pair of wings extending from them, and to the tailbone, from which a slender dragon tail sprouts. Her face has some scales on it, with thicker ones on the forehead and jaw, and finer ones on the cheekbones and chin. Her teeth are sharp and pronounced, though not radically so, and her eyes turn into slits. From her hair sprout two horns, each on the side of her head above and in front of her temples in a perpendicular angle to the ground. They curve forward aggressively before sweeping back a bit, with the points curving and angling to point roughly in a forward direction; the horns also have a rather terrific spiral pattern on them.
  10. Her Outfit is a near-military-style bodysuit with some mirror-like reflective armor plating over it. The armor is fairly well segmented, which gives her a good amount of flexibility and agility without compromising protection; there aren't even gaps for her wings or tail, as small armor pieces cover the bases of each for just a little more protection there. She wears a helmet of sorts, though it's more like a visor, which covers her eyes and ears and back of the skull; the angular piece over the eyes can be rendered transparent for people to see through it.
  16. Age: 17
  17. Body: Underdeveloped
  18. Specs: Artillery and Mirrors
  19. Weapon: Ranged (Marksman)
  20. Outfit: Uniform (Reinforced)
  21. Power: Invulnerability
  22. Perks: Monstrous Metamorphosis, Gifted, Big Backpack, Environmental Sealing, Sturdy, Mirror Move
  23. MonG Perks: Bestial, Bile, Sanctum, Immortality, Infestation, Stitches, Drifter
  24. Monstrous Motivations: Sentinel (Dana), Hoarder (Shiny objects that can be polished into a mirror sheen, or are already)
  27. STR: 4
  28. AGI: 13
  29. VIT: 10
  30. MAG: 16
  31. LCK: 4
  34. Soak: 7
  35. HP: 20
  36. MP: 16
  37. FP: 4
  39. Ranged Attack: 7d10
  40. Magic Attack: 8d10
  41. Bile (MAG): 8d10
  42. Shield: 8d10
  43. Dodge: 7d10
  44. Disengage: 7d10
  47. Monstrous Metamorphosis: When undergoing the metamorphosis, she gains +2 STR, AGI, and VIT, but loses rational thought beyond the desire to eliminate or escape what caused the transformation. Each turn she must roll 10d10. If she rolls less than 40% success, the GM takes control of her action for that turn. This can lead to attacks on allies, or retreating from the combat.
  49. Sturdy: Can never fall below 2 Wound thresholds in a turn.
  51. Drifter (Wings): +1 die on Dodge and Disengage rolls.
  53. Sanctum: Mirrors, reflections, and other such reflective objects.
  55. Immortality: After receiving a blow that would reduce HP to below 0, instead remain at 0 HP. Can continue to stand and fight until -50% HP (two Wound thresholds), but dice penalties will be incurred for each negative threshold. Can be used multiple times per encounter if healing is available.
  57. Infestation: Lose 1 point of Natural Soak, but when depleting an enemy's soak, she can may add it to her own (Up to a limit of 2x her Natural Soak. Larger gains are applied normally until this limit is met. Any excess is lost.)
  59. Stitches: May convert up to 4 of her HP to Soak, or vice versa, as a free action on her turn.
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