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  4. Players are US special forces, tasked with secretly infiltrating the region of Ruha and aiding a newly born guerrilla force in overthrowing the local government forces. They will do this via training, joint exercises/missions and equipment delivery amongst other things. The better each mission goes and across the length of the campaign, the better guerrilla forces will grow in strength and numbers to be able to better take on the enemy military head on. Ask at briefing and an example of a current guerrilla squad can be placed for visual reference.
  5. -Based on player numbers, half or more of squads will play as local guerrillas. They will be restricted based on how well the campaign is going. Starting as civilians with guns and upgrading slowly. Note: Blue Squares on the map ingame are areas you have visited before.
  8. - Save survivors of B&C mined objective from last time: They got out, with many explosions. Documents recovered implicate election fixing by current government from many years ago.
  9. - Civvy Prisoners: Successfully rescued, released back to their families.
  10. - Broken Tank Platoon: All 3 destroyed, repair convoy arrived and was also repelled.
  11. - Missing Guerrillas: 3 of 5 recovered, +1 EI. Friendlies were horribly tortured, government forces still fairly in the dark overall about rebellion.
  12. Additionally, 1x Mi-8 transport bird was stolen.
  15. - Generals House:
  16. The government has heard the rumours that the former general has joined our cause. To this end he believes they plan to raid his house. You can use this opportunity to booby trap it and strike a politically embarrassing blow against the enemy.
  17. - Infiltrate Govt Base:
  18. You and your scouts have successfully deduced the location of the enemy artillery battery that was fired last operation. A civilian mechanic is offering to smuggle a squad into said enemy base of operations. Once in you can sabotage the artillery, and safely get out without being spotted and raising the alarm. (No firing devices allowed)
  19. - Grab more supplies:
  20. Move to blue pickup marker, fire a flare. US airforce will then be able to drop more supplies, which can be delivered to the below obj.
  21. - Establish new FOB:
  22. Bring 5 BTRs from the start marker to a new FOB location provided to us by a local farmer. Avoid dangerous roads with govt checkpoints.
  25. - BLUFOR Squads: US Special Forces uniform/vest/equipment/weapons, UNDERCOVER, so no flags/discerning marks/obviously american camos etc. (No hard list on the above as I don't care about specific guns that much)
  26. - INDFOR Squads: Local Guerrillas. Civilians with guns essentially. Body armour available but limited, weaponry now mostly consists of AKs and cheap Eastern-bloc military stuff, with some civilian grade weapons still present. Ironsights only.
  28. - No BFT.
  29. - Ammo limits: 8+1 for rifles, 800 rnds autos. Secondaries 2+1. UGLs 5+1 HE max. 10+1 for bolt-actions/shotguns.
  30. - AKs and RPGs allowed for both sides. Mosin/Kar98s allowed for INDfor.
  31. - Looting allowed and encouraged.
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