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Aug 8th, 2020
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  1. Starting Lineup:
  2. Use own discretion, outside of goalkeeper.
  3. First game: Cheers, Sons Crying
  4. If first game is a win, for second game play Cheers, Sons Fucking Buzzing
  5. If Banter have qualified for knockouts after the first two games, play Cheers, Sons Wanked Himself Into A Coma
  6. If Banter lose, play Cheers, Sons Crying
  8. Meme Subs:
  9. If EDM Plays is playing, and Banter begin to lose, immediately sub in EDM Continues for EDM Plays.
  10. If Banter are winning and the game is in the 90+ minute, sub in "Tonight, The Suicide Has Been Cancelled"
  11. If Banter start winning by 2, sub in "Tonight, The Suicide Has Been Cancelled".
  12. If there are no subs for the above, loudly declare that "Tonight, the suicide has been cancelled."
  13. Subs at 69 always, if winning, make sure you have a sub free for the Suicide joke.
  14. If AkinfenwaLAD isn't playing, sub him in at 69.
  16. +2 aggression if losing by more than 2.
  18. Live, laugh, love.
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