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  1. [2019-03-13 12:04] Logain: Hello sweetheart
  2. [2019-03-13 12:06] Jenna Brooks: Hi!
  3. [2019-03-13 12:06] Logain: How are you honey?
  4. [2019-03-13 12:07] Jenna Brooks: Good! You?
  5. [2019-03-13 12:08] Logain: I'm good, just looking for my little girl to knock up
  6. [2019-03-13 12:09] Jenna Brooks: I love getting my tight, fertile pussy filled up with daddy's seed...
  7. [2019-03-13 12:09] Logain: of course you do babygirl
  8. [2019-03-13 12:09] Logain: would you like to be Daddy's good little slave today?
  9. [2019-03-13 12:17] Jenna Brooks: Sure, daddy... whatever you want.
  10. [2019-03-13 12:18] Logain: Where would you like our scene to be dear. I'm thinking something on your 18th birthday. Maybe you know you are going to become my slave as soon as you become a woman.
  11. [2019-03-13 12:21] Jenna Brooks: That's perfect. Sounds great to me!
  12. [2019-03-13 12:22] Logain: would you want to submit to your Dad at home?
  13. [2019-03-13 12:23] Jenna Brooks: I'm good with where ever daddy wants me...
  14. [2019-03-13 12:23] Logain: okay honey, at home it is, and do you have any requests for kinks today? anything you really want to do?
  15. [2019-03-13 12:24] Jenna Brooks: As long as daddy cums inside my tight twat, claiming it as his own, I'm down for just about anything. What about you?
  16. [2019-03-13 12:24] Logain: would you like Daddy to let the dog pound you today as well? after he's done with you?
  17. [2019-03-13 12:25] Jenna Brooks: Sure... whatever daddy thinks is best for me.
  18. [2019-03-13 12:26] Logain: good girl, how willing are you feeling today?
  19. [2019-03-13 12:27] Jenna Brooks: As willing as you want me to be. If you want me to be a little less willing, I can be...
  20. [2019-03-13 12:27] Logain: I'm thinking reluctant, knowing it'll happen, not super happy with it, to start with anyways
  21. [2019-03-13 12:28] Jenna Brooks: Okay. Sounds great to me...
  22. [2019-03-13 12:28] Jenna Brooks: Just break your little girl into her new life.
  23. [2019-03-13 12:28] Jenna Brooks: :)
  24. [2019-03-13 12:29] Logain: mmhm, he hasn't touched her at all yet, maybe just a lot of innuendo before this, so she knows whats going to happen. What will you wear for him, to start with
  25. [2019-03-13 12:31] Jenna Brooks: I'm thinking a white sundress. Simple bra and panties. White and sheer. Hair pulled up in a ponytail.
  26. [2019-03-13 12:31] Jenna Brooks: However, if you wanted her in something else, I can do that too.
  27. [2019-03-13 12:32] Logain: no that sounds just perfect sweetheart.
  28. [2019-03-13 12:32] Logain: Set the scene for us please.
  29. [2019-03-13 12:32] Logain: He'll be in a T-shirt, shorts and boxers to start with
  30. [2019-03-13 12:39] Jenna Brooks: I'm guessing 3rd person?
  31. [2019-03-13 12:39] Logain: Thats how I usually do things, 1st works as well, I don't mind either
  32. [2019-03-13 12:43] Jenna Brooks: Okay. Just a sec.
  33. [2019-03-13 12:47] Jenna Brooks: [i]A general feeling of uneasiness had plagued Jenna all day. Being that it was her 18th birthday, most girls would have been super excited. Most girls would have been planning a night out with their friends. Most girls would have maybe hung out with boys. Maybe drank a little bit. But Jenna wasn't most girls. And today wasn't going to be all parties and fun. Today was the day that she became a woman. She pulled on her clothes and went about her day, trying to avoid her father, the one who would make her his. She's managed to avoid him until early afternoon, carefully doing her chores around the house most of the day. She'd stopped to make some lunch in the kitchen, when he appeared.[/i]
  34. [2019-03-13 12:49] *Logain  smiled to himself as he saw his daughter making herself lunch. Walking over to the kitchen table he placed her wrapped up present on it, his eyes roaming up and down her soft, young body. Rapping his fingers on the table for a moment, he watched her "Happy Birthday Jen" almost teasingly saying it to her, knowing that she wouldn't be able to get away from him any more.
  35. [2019-03-13 12:59] Jenna Brooks: [i]When her daddy walked in, it was as if all of the air had been sucked out of the room. His presence was meanacing, and it made her nervous. She smiled at him when he told her happy birthday, but it wasn't that genuine. Then, her eyes darted over to the present. "Is that for me?" she asked, timidly. In the moment, she had all but stopped making food. Seems her dad made her lose her appetite.[/i]
  36. [2019-03-13 13:00] *Logain  nodded to her as he walked over, taking her hand in his, guiding her over to the table, "open your present Jen" his hand letting go of hers, looking down into her eyes as he moves his hand to her hip
  37. [2019-03-13 13:07] Jenna Brooks: [i]She felt a little sick. She wasn't sure if it was because she didn't trust her dad leading her anywhere today, or if it was because she knew that the enevitable would be happening today. That she'd finally submit to him. Regardless, she let him lead her to the table. When his hand rested on her hip, it seemed to get excessively hot for some reason. She took a pained breath, forced a smile, and reluctantly took the "present." She carefully pulled the paper away, slowly taking her time and relishing the time she had left.[/i]
  38. [2019-03-13 13:09] *Logain  smiled down at her as he watched her unwrap her present, inside was two objects. A nice soft velvet collar and leash, and a thick, long silver vibrator. His hands moving to slide around her waist as he stands behind her, holding her gently
  39. [2019-03-13 13:14] Jenna Brooks: [i]Jenna's heart fell as she pulled the collar and leash from the remanants of the wrapping paper. The vibrator slowly rolled free, stopping before rolling off the table. Dread filled her, and she knew it wasn't far off now. She opted to put on a brave face, though. Heck... she was 18 now. She was about to be a woman. Time to start acting like it. She crained her neck up to her dad, "thank you, daddy" she said, trying her best to sound happy despite the dire circumstances.[/i]
  40. [2019-03-13 13:15] *Logain  smiled as he turned her towards him, almost pinning her between him and the table, he looked down at her "are you scared of me princess?" reaching over he picks up the collar and leash, looking down into her eyes as he lifts it up, brushing her hair back as he slips the collar gently around her throat
  41. [2019-03-13 13:23] Jenna Brooks: [i]She swallows deep, trying and failing to hide her fear. She shakes her head to him, even though she wants to nod. "N-no," she stammers out. "No, daddy, I'm not scared of you. I know you only want what's best for me, and what's best for me is when I turn 18, I become a woman." I parrot back what I've been told before, even though the words sting as they leave my throat. The sting remains long after the words have gone, seemingly trapped under daddy's collar.[/i]
  42. [2019-03-13 13:25] *Logain  smiles down at her, looking into her eyes as he slides a hand under her little rearend, lifting her off the ground, holding her up as he picks up the vibrator with the other hand, watching her as he starts to carry her from the kitchen, towards his bedroom "I'm not going to hurt you kiddo" almost teasing her as he carries her slim body one handed
  43. [2019-03-13 13:31] Jenna Brooks: [i]Her breath amplifies as he grabs her new present and then her own body, and she inhales deeply a few times, trying to steady herself. Still, even though she was scared, something ugly deep inside of her welcomed being used up by her father, although she'd never admit it to herself.[/i]
  44. [2019-03-13 13:32] *Logain  smiled down at her as he carries her into his bedroom, setting her down on her feet infront of his bed "jen, reach under your dress and take off your panties for me"
  45. [2019-03-13 13:42] Jenna Brooks: [i]Her eyes widen a bit as he commands her, but she does as she's told. She carefully reaches up and under her dress, careful not to reveal too much to him, grips her panties, and pulls them down. She takes a deep breath as she steps out of them. She's staring at her daddy, showing him that she isn't scared, despite her body language telling him otherwise.[/i]
  46. [2019-03-13 13:43] *Logain  smiles, her pretty little panties on the floor infront of her "now lay on the bed jen, on your back, with your legs open and your dress up around your waist"
  47. [2019-03-13 13:52] Jenna Brooks: [i]She does as she's told, only she isn't moving as fast as she normally would. She crawls to the center of the bed, keeps a firm grip on the bottom of her dress, and rolls onto her back. She puts her legs, still clamped tightly together, up and after a few deep breaths, she opens them for him. Then, she raises her dress, exposing her pretty, shaved pussy for her dad to see. She awkwardly stares straight up at the ceiling.[/i]
  48. [2019-03-13 13:54] *Logain  grins as he climbs up beside her, getting a good look of her bald, virgin little slit, licking his lips a little as he looks down at her "I'll give you a choice jen, since you've been good. Would you like to feel me, or the toy inside you first."
  49. [2019-03-13 14:00] Jenna Brooks: [i]The question hits her harshly. On one hand, she would like to get this whole thing over with as quickly as possible, but on the other, if she chose her dad's penis over the toy, she would really have her dad's penis inside of her. "The t-toy," she decides, still unsure what was the right choice.[/i]
  50. [2019-03-13 14:02] *Logain  grins as he slides the toy into her small hand, watching her for a moment "then you can use the toy on yourself kiddo" smiling as he sits up a little, pushing his shorts, and then boxers down in one movement, his thick, 8 inch shaft coming into view of his daughter
  51. [2019-03-13 14:06] Jenna Brooks: [i]She smiles, reluctantly, even though she doesn't mean it. She looks warily at the toy as her dad slides his shorts down, causing her to act. She twists the end of the vibrator, and it buzzes to life. She slowly eases it to her clit, and when she touches it to herself, shocks seem to radiate throughout her body. She shuts her eyes and gasps as her chest heaves, her breasts moving under her dress.[/i]
  52. [2019-03-13 14:07] *Logain  smiles as he watches her hips raise a little against the toy, he reaches to her free hand, watching her as he guides it to his shaft, wrapping her small fingers around him as he watches her hips rock and lift against the vibrator, her chest heaving
  53. [2019-03-13 14:17] Jenna Brooks: [i]She keeps her eyes closed, allowing her daddy to position her hand on his cock. Instinctively, she begins slowly exploring him while grinding the vibrator against her clit. She doesn't dare put it inside of her, as this feels just good enough at the moment. Before long, she's slowly and gently pulling on his fat prick.[/i]
  54. [2019-03-13 14:18] *Logain  watches his little girl as her hand slowly tugs against his shaft, moving himself to climb atop her, straddling her shoulders, his thick cock infront of her face as she slowly jerks him off "open your eyes jen"
  55. [2019-03-13 14:23] Jenna Brooks: [i]For the first time since this started, she was enjoying herself. Not exactly happy about the situation, but the pleasure she was getting from the vibe was great. Then she felt the shifting of her dad's weight, causing her to accidentally drop the vibrator. She instead replaced it with a finger, hoping desperately to get herself off. Maybe if she did, she wouldn't feel so bad about having sex with her daddy. Despite her dad's weight on her shoulders, she was really close when he instructed her to open her eyes. Her lip quivered as she pulled her hand from her clit and opened her eyes. Her dad's fat cock sat almost angrily right in her face. She gasped.[/i]
  56. [2019-03-13 14:25] *Logain  held himself above her, making sure not to hurt his daughter, his cock moving down a little, resting against her soft lips, not pushing in just yet as he listens to her little gasps and moans "make yourself cum jen" his free hand moving down to run through her hair, looking into her bright eyes
  57. [2019-03-13 14:38] Jenna Brooks: [i]Jenna lifts her butt up, and she finds the vibe relatively quickly. She instantly puts it back on her clit, and she again gasps with pleasure and shuts her eyes. Low moans begin escaping from her mouth, and her body begins moving involuntarily. As her orgasm looms, she licks her lips, accidentally tasting her dad's cock and pre-cum. Her eyes shoot back open to look at what she's done. It almost makes her sick, but just as that happens, the orgasm rocks her body, starting at her legs. When this happens, she engulfs her dad's prick, taking it as deep down her throat as she can while wave after wave of pleasure hits her. She's moaning, and the sensation must feel fucking amazing. As the waves subside, she jerks her mouth off her dad's cock and wipes her mouth with a genuine look of disgust.[/i]
  58. [2019-03-13 14:41] *Logain  watches her lift her hips, smiling as he feels her tongue snake out and lick his cockhead, letting out a long groan as she suddenly pulls his cock into her mouth, watching her push her lips all the way down onto him, his hips pushing back against her as she spasms underneath him, her moans rippling aroudn his shaft before she suddenly pulls it from her mouth, looking down at her "are you okay kiddo?"
  59. [2019-03-13 14:49] Jenna Brooks: [i]She's still breathing roughly when he asks her the question, and she manages to nod a "yes" to him. She opens her eyes, but can't bring herself to look at him after just having her dad's penis in her throat.[/i]
  60. [2019-03-13 14:51] *Logain  grins, his daughter still shaking a little from her orgasm, he reaches down, hand behind her head as he gently tilts her forwards, pushing his cock back past her lips, into her warm mouth
  61. [2019-03-13 14:55] Jenna Brooks: [i]Her eyes widen, as he pushes his dick inside of her. This time, it tastes different. Not as good. She's not as hungry for it as she was mid-orgasm, but she puts on a brave face, as she bobs up and down his shaft, milking his fat cock with her lips.[/i]
  62. [2019-03-13 14:56] *Logain  looks down into her eyes, his hips slowly pushing back and forth as his cock grows harder in her warm mouth "thats it kiddo, get me nice and ready to be inside your little pussy" looking into her eyes lovingly "you're doing so good"
  63. [2019-03-13 14:59] Jenna Brooks: [i]She nods, his cock still invading her mouth. She's struggling not to go to deep, as she feels she'd choke on him, and her eyes are watering. She puts the vibe back on her button, hoping to forget all about her dad's cock being anywhere near her, let alone in her mouth or vagina.[/i]
  64. [2019-03-13 15:00] *Logain  groans some as he pushes back and forth against her little mouth, before pulling back out of her, smiling as he climbs off her, his cock covered in her spit "lets get you out of that dress princess"
  65. [2019-03-13 15:05] Jenna Brooks: (Can I take a rain check, and pick up here later? Something just came up, and I have to go. I knew I'd need to go at some point, but I thought this would go a bit faster. My apologies! Super excited to finish this up!)
  66. [2019-03-13 15:05] Logain: (of course, I really like you :)
  67. [2019-03-13 15:05] Logain: (friended you :)
  68. [2019-03-13 15:05] Jenna Brooks: (Perfect! Have a good one! See you soon :)
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