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  1. DEAR ENTERTAINMENT: for specifications and question please see ‘DEBUT FORM’ on wattpad.
  2. Wattpad: @Lynxxius
  4. USERNAME: DreamyTeapot
  6. TRAINEE NAME: Heo Ra Yeon
  8. STAGE NAME: Rayoung
  10. PERSONALITY: She is a really loud and cheerful girl. She just can't shut up, she loves making random jokes that everyone laughs at. She's a real savage sometimes. She's just full of positive thoughts. Its really hard to make her sad or mad, but it is really easy to make her laugh. But of course, she can be sad and angry because she's a normal human being, but she often hides it from others and rarely speaks her emotions. She also can be serious, so people are usually shoked at how good she is at Try not to laugh and staring contests.
  12. BACKGROUND: She was born in a pretty wealthy family. She has one younger sister who is 3 years younger than her, they are VERY close with each other. Her father and mother is both an athlete. Her sister also wanted to be an athlete, so she was really worried because she was the only one that wanted to be a singer in her family. But her parents and sister were very supportive of her, her parents called some of their friends and asked them to help, her sister usually turns on some music and then they dance and sing together. After a few tries, she finally became a JYP trainee. She was about to join SIXTEEN but then she heard that her fellow trainee was going to join SIXTEEN too, but it was already full, she thinks for a while and finally decided to gave up her spot for her. Her family was really sad, but they were still supportive and understanding.
  15. - Cats
  16. - Strawberries
  17. - Volleyball
  18. - Cotton candy
  19. - Photography
  22. - Dogs
  23. - Pork
  24. - Coffee
  25. - Beer
  26. - Spiders
  28. TRIVIA:
  29. - Loves doing boy & girl group dances
  30. - She dances and sings to other groups songs at the dorm randomly
  31. - She laughs without making a noisne
  32. - She's a big fan of Fromis_9
  33. - She can't whistle
  34. - She's very close with Somi, Natty, and Amber
  35. - She is a former JYP trainee and almost joined SIXTEEN but gave up her spot for Sana
  36. - She hates pork
  37. - She doesn't drink
  39. GROUP OR SOLO: Group | Serien
  41. POSITION: Lead Vocalist
  46. - She is a former JYP trainee and almost joined SIXTEEN but gave up her spot to one of the contestants that succeeded to be a TWICE member [true]
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