anarchystar 2014-04-25 UTC+7

Apr 25th, 2014
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  4. I, Aditya Suseno (a.k.a SuSEno) PGP signed the following chat log:
  6. [16:54] <SuSEno> What is the info?
  7. [16:54] <SuSEno> Do they have a connection with that Fat Fuck?
  8. [16:54] <anarchystar> yes of course
  9. [16:55] <anarchystar> they have been negotiating with him secretly in the last months
  10. [16:55] <anarchystar> and they had a deal in place that would have totally ripped us off
  11. [16:55] <anarchystar> no equity for us at all, using our money to reboot etc etc
  12. [16:55] <anarchystar> and locking our btc
  13. [16:55] <anarchystar> actually i have a very high level person who can confirm it but he has to be willing to come forward
  14. [16:55] <anarchystar> i will ask him again
  15. [16:56] <anarchystar> also its very very likely they picked up very cheap btc through insider trading
  16. [16:56] <anarchystar> cause they knew what was going on
  17. [16:56] <SuSEno> But the lastest promise they offer us is they won't use any customer fund.
  18. [16:56] <anarchystar> imagine if you would be in their place just a few weeks ago when the price was at $50
  19. [16:56] <anarchystar> knowing you would probably acquire the company
  20. [16:56] <anarchystar> how much btc would you buy? everything you could
  21. [16:56] <anarchystar> so im telling you
  22. [16:56] <anarchystar> its pure evil
  23. [16:56] <SuSEno> I see
  24. [16:57] <anarchystar> that promise was after some of the guys internally told them they would never get away with it
  25. [16:57] <anarchystar> now they act like they have our best interest at hand
  26. [16:57] <anarchystar> dont trust that
  27. [16:57] <anarchystar> also 1 year to do an audit is bs
  28. [16:57] <anarchystar> and they want to use 8 mil usd of our money
  29. [16:57] <anarchystar> i will happily take over mtgox for free myself and pay you out within weeks
  30. [16:57] <anarchystar> you know
  31. [16:58] <anarchystar> liquidation they have to go through everyone instead
  32. [16:58] <anarchystar> and offer a fair price if they want to buy it
  33. [16:58] <anarchystar> if they were serious they wouldnt mind liquidation
  34. [16:58] <anarchystar> actually they would encourage it
  35. [16:58] <anarchystar> cause assets get sold at fair value
  36. [16:58] <anarchystar> of course they cant get it for free then
  37. [16:58] <SuSEno> Goxed Customer just want their money back. If anybody promise that they will take over Gox and pay customer, they would support it.
  38. [16:59] <anarchystar> waiting 1 year is not getting our money back + its another gang of crooks running it
  39. [16:59] <anarchystar> who knows, maybe we wont ever see it
  40. [16:59] <anarchystar> i want this thing over and in hands of the court, and push hardcore for btc withdrawal - which is still a good chance
  41. [16:59] <SuSEno> what I affraid is that this sunlot guys is as evil as karpeles
  42. [16:59] <anarchystar> we have a lot to say as creditors
  43. [16:59] <anarchystar> they are
  44. [16:59] <anarchystar> trust me
  45. [17:00] <anarchystar> im taking my chances on bankruptcy instead of a gang of crooks
  46. [17:00] <anarchystar> thats my story
  47. [17:00] <SuSEno> You know, people thinks that you support liquidation because you have founded MultiSig already and you don't want the new Gox become your rival.
  48. [17:01] <anarchystar> lol
  49. [17:01] <anarchystar> man its a joke
  50. [17:01] <anarchystar> theres already 100 rivals
  51. [17:01] <anarchystar> if today someone has a great offer and gives us 50% of profits, why would i say no?
  52. [17:01] <anarchystar> reality is, no serious guys are left
  53. [17:01] <anarchystar> only crooks
  54. [17:01] <anarchystar> why doesnt bitstamp or something take them you know?
  55. [17:02] <SuSEno> I see
  56. [17:02] <anarchystar> these bastards want it for free and then use our money
  57. [17:02] <anarchystar> +im sure they have huge insider trading
  58. [17:02] <anarchystar> noone can resist that
  59. [17:03] <anarchystar> i know people dont trust me for whatever reason cause i dont mind bankruptcy, but i have no reason yet to want otherwise
  60. [17:03] <anarchystar> im just more level headed imo
  61. [17:04] <SuSEno> Yes, and I know you are honest. Because you offer 10% help to Gox victim.
  62. [17:04] <anarchystar> yes and i dont mind competition
  63. [17:04] <anarchystar> plenty of that already who can do exactly the same thing which i will fully support
  64. [17:04] <anarchystar> if tomorrow bitstamp wants to give x% through, i will add them within a minute
  65. [17:05] <anarchystar> my final goal still remains the same: recovering as much as possible and bringing those reponsible to justice
  66. [17:05] <anarchystar> everything else is really paranoid
  67. [17:05] <anarchystar> and logic would tell otherwise
  68. [17:06] <anarchystar> so far i have not taken any action which you might think benefits just my own interest
  69. [17:06] <anarchystar> im starting that exchange to help pay everyone back
  70. [17:06] <anarchystar> and to fix the exchange problem once and for all
  71. [17:06] <anarchystar> in the end bitcoin is what matters
  72. [17:06] <SuSEno> you may tell Lao_Ban_ about the crooks on Sunlot
  73. [17:06] <anarchystar> you know i didnt sue mtgox for 5 million before they went into rehab, to prevent mtgox from crashing and taking bitcoin with you right
  74. [17:06] <anarchystar> with them*
  75. [17:07] <anarchystar> i could have sued them
  76. [17:07] <SuSEno> seems that Lao_Ban_ didn't know much about this Sunlot. I am affraid he eventually support this crook.
  77. [17:07] <anarchystar> and i would have had my 5 million today cause it would have been secured before the bankruptcy
  78. [17:08] <SuSEno> personally, did you still have cash / coins leaved on Gox?
  79. [17:08] <anarchystar> yes of course
  80. [17:09] <SuSEno> so people are wrong, they think you don't have any coins/cash on Gox. So you want to see Gox burned.
  81. [17:09] <anarchystar> if i dont have cash or btc on there why would i want to see it burned?
  82. [17:09] <anarchystar> or why would i invest so much time in this?
  83. [17:10] <anarchystar> mark ripped me for 5 mil
  84. [17:10] <anarchystar> i wont forgive that
  85. [17:10] <anarchystar> people make up a lot of shit to justify their thinking pattern
  86. [17:10] <anarchystar> or what they support
  87. [17:11] <anarchystar> im tired of answering peoples questions
  88. [17:13] <SuSEno> anarchystar: if i dont have cash or btc on there why would i want to see it burned? <-- because someone who already sold all his/her coins through BB will feel regret if suddenly Gox pay all customer in full.
  89. [17:13] <SuSEno> that's what people think
  90. [17:13] <anarchystar> i still have 500k sitting on there
  91. [17:13] <SuSEno> USD 500000 ??
  92. [17:13] <anarchystar> as mentioned in my first post
  93. [17:13] <anarchystar> actually 400k to be correct
  94. [17:13] <anarchystar> yes
  95. [17:14] <anarchystar> so i have more than enough interest to get part of that %
  96. [17:14] <SuSEno> why don't you buy Goxcoin with that money and then take out via BB?
  97. [17:14] <anarchystar> actually i had 5 million in there
  98. [17:14] <anarchystar> and to save mtgox from bankrupcty i chose not to sue them and gave in to mark
  99. [17:14] <anarchystar> and converted it back to btc
  100. [17:14] <anarchystar> hoping i would be able to withdraw it in the future
  101. [17:15] <anarchystar> since news got worse i evacuated 10k btc of my 12500 btc through bitcoinbuilder
  102. [17:15] <anarchystar> and converted 2500 to 400k usd
  103. [17:15] <SuSEno> I see
  104. [17:16] <anarchystar> btcbuilder was at 20%
  105. [17:16] <anarchystar> so i left with almost nothing
  106. [17:16] <anarchystar> 23% to be correct
  107. [17:16] <anarchystar> so its pretty much similar to what we would get today lol
  108. [17:16] <anarchystar> strange coincidence
  109. [17:16] <anarchystar> you know i was the #1 biggest account holder on there both in terms of USD and afterwards in terms of btc right
  110. [17:17] <anarchystar> mark raped me in all holes
  111. [17:17] <SuSEno> :-O
  112. [17:17] <anarchystar> told me every bullshit he needed to tell me to prevent me from sueing
  113. [17:17] <SuSEno> Did you store all your Bitcoin on Gox?
  114. [17:17] <anarchystar> did you ever see my mail to him?
  115. [17:17] <anarchystar> i didnt make it public
  116. [17:17] <anarchystar> i will paste it
  117. [17:17] <SuSEno> No...
  118. [17:17] <anarchystar> sec
  119. [17:17] <SuSEno> OK
  120. [17:17] <SuSEno> you may also forward to my e-mail
  121. [17:18] <anarchystar> sure
  122. [17:19] <SuSEno> OK received
  123. [17:19] <anarchystar> i sent the last one too
  124. [17:19] <SuSEno> reading...
  125. [17:19] <anarchystar> if i would have gone ahead with that suit i would have killed mtgox and i didnt want to do that cause of the community
  126. [17:19] <anarchystar> so anyone who doubts me should know the possibility i had
  127. [17:20] <anarchystar> and i didnt execute it
  128. [17:20] <anarchystar> for 1 reason
  129. [17:20] <anarchystar> cause i love bitcoin
  130. [17:20] <SuSEno> Me too :-) I love Bitcoin (AND the community)
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