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  1. So I had recently hit level 12 and went to Brill to learn new skills. While I was in the tavern, my best friend who had started a tauren warrior sent me a whisper telling me I needed to come to the Barrens, as it was the best leveling zone, and we could level together.
  3. I ran around in Tirisfal Glades for 30 freaking minutes trying to find the damn zeppelin tower (didn’t know I could ask the guards). Because my computer was so bad I had terrain distance set to minimum, so spotting it from Brill was impossible.
  5. When I finally reached the tower, I managed to get on the wrong zeppelin and ended up in Stranglethorn Vale. Luckily, I had set my hearthstone to Brill so I hearted back and got on the real one this time.
  7. Stupid as I was however, I stood on the edge of the zeppelin as it was flying into Durotar, and accidentally pressed forward on my keyboard as I was reaching for my glass of soda, thus ending up in the water outside of Durotar. I whispered my friend in frustration, wondering what to do next, he told me to look for the gates of Orgrimmar, which I naturally didn’t see.
  9. I swam to land and started walking down the coast, aggroing raptors and scorpions on my way. I managed to end up in the canyon with the harpies, and got completely lost in the caves there, asking in general chat if anyone knew where Orgrimmar was. The cooldown on the hearthstone was 1 hour back then, so hearting wasn’t an option, so I just wandered aimlessly around, killing harpies, and dying a few times before I managed to find a road.
  11. Following this road, I finally came to Razor Hill and was relieved to see civilization after 1+ hour of lurking around in caves fighting harpies and thunder lizards. I asked around for the road to crossroads, and got told by a level 6 troll hunter named “omghunter” that I should just continue down the road. Well, I learned that day to never take a troll’s advice, cause I ended up in Sen’Jin village, and was now more lost than ever.
  13. However, at this point my friend told me to just continue south and swim across the sea towards Ratchet, where the road to the Crossroads was quite easy to find. I have no idea how, but somehow I managed to end up on the freaking troll islands, though the mobs here were grey to me, I spent a good amount of time here walking around, looking for this so-called Ratchet.
  15. Finally I understood I had to swim further south, but I soon realized that these waters were infested by level 17+ sea creatures that aggroed me from a freaking mile away and ate me before I could do much against them.
  17. Many painful corpse-runs and releases later I spotted the sea port of Ratchet in the distance, and I felt extremely relieved when I finally swam ashore. I found the road leading to Barrens, and while I did get lost a couple of times, ran into a few quill boars, and read some Chuck Norris jokes in the barrens chat, I eventually ended up at the Crossroads, and was met by my friend who was currently dueling while waiting for me.
  19. We then proceeded to quest together in the Barrens for the rest of the evening, well into the night, until the sun was shining through my window.
  21. This song reminds me of this magical journey. A noob’s quest in the vast world of Warcraft, trying to find the freaking Crossroads.
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