May 24th, 2018
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  1. Is there an action you'd like to make but its not in the game rules?
  2. Do you have an idea for a perk that would make your roleplay more wholesome?
  3. Well, have faith my friend. All you need is to pray!
  4. --
  5. Creating a prayer
  6. --
  7. Fill up this sheet -
  8. Name: [Name your prayer]
  9. Prayer: [What is the prayer about and what does it give? For example: A prayer that allows you to build on special terrains, a prayer that allows your armies to gain defensive upgrades, a prayer that allows you to raid for stealing population, etc. Make it up to fit your playstyle!]
  10. Strength: [Determine the strength of your prayer. Could be petty/Wishful/desperate/great prayer. The greater the prayer is the more beneficial and powerful it is, yet it will also cost the god more power to fulfill]
  11. Fluff: [Optional, but QM likes it! Fluff what you are praying for and the ritual you made for it.]
  14. *The gods of the game gets a list of all the prayers that were made to them at this turn to them at the end of each game round and fulfills one of those. Prayers made on previous turns that were not answered are considered as 'Rejected prayers' and can not be picked by the god. The more faith you have and the more petty the prayer is - the more likely the god will choose to fulfill your prayer over the others.
  15. ** DO NOT BE TOO SPECIFIC about your prayer, give a general description and feel for what you are aiming for, the rest of the mechanism will be determined by the QM. Simple rule to follow is 'just don't use numbers or math when describing a prayer'.
  16. *** After making a prayer, roll 1d100. The outcome will increase the amount of power the god receives from answering your prayer, +1 for each 20 points.
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