mIRC CTCP Version changer.

Seb May 7th, 2011 (edited) 1,451 Never
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  1. ;mIRC ctcp VERSION changer v2.0.1 Just Load and restart mIRC (//exit -nr)
  2. ;This is 100% legal, since its using the client's available commands and events. Nothing in the internal application is altered.
  3. ;If you want to complain, email with this post's link.
  5. alias vr.chk { tokenize 32 $1 | if ($1 == <-) { if ($5 == :VERSION) { ctcpreply $mid($gettok($2,1,33),2) VERSION 12m4IR8C $+(v,$version) <3 } } }
  6. on *:START: { debug -i vrchk vr.chk | ignore -tw * }
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