Petting Zoo, Part #2 (UNFINISHED)

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  1.  The effulgent sunlight floods your vision as your eyelids flutter open from their groggy state. It is time to wake up. You rub the sleepiness out of your sockets, push the covers off of your body and sit up in your bed, your lips and mouth are dry and faintly taste of something sour. The television screen was black, and the small light on the console indicating it's status was a clear plastic white, powered off. The controller was laying face up on the drawer, neighboring the tv by a couple inches.
  3.  One of your parents must've came in and shut off the console and television once they had heard a scream, only to realize that it did not come from you. Upon the realization that you had a new phone sitting on your nightstand, you pushed your tired arms against the mattress and slid yourself off. The carpet felt nice against your bare soles, but there was no time to indulge in the soft feeling. Almost as if on cue, the door swung open, and in stepped your dad. He appeared to be upset over something, waving his arm erratically as he spoke to you in an almost angry voice.
  5.  "What are you doing?! It's seven thirty, and you're still not dressed! Get your fucking clothes on and get in the car, I'll buy you breakfast on the way there. I can't believe this, already you're making me want to take that damn phone and smash it!"
  6. Your dad barked. And with that, you scrambled off of the bed and towards the dresser, frantically pulling the top shelf open and grabbing the first shirt off of the top stack. It is a Saturday morning, and you'd made a deal with your uncle earlier in the week, to visit his ranch for the weekend and work in exchange for money. This week and the week after would be spring break, so you didn't much care for losing three days to work.
  8.  With your shirt tucked into your undergarments you moved on to the pants, you were most likely going to be tending to the barn animals, so a pair of old raggedy jeans would do. You were almost done, now you needed your shoes and hat, the old pair of off brand tennie shoes you kept tucked away under your bed would work nicely. You swipe your old maroon beaten up hat off of the dresser and affix it to your head, now you were ready to go. As you trudged towards the nightstand your dad suddenly swings the door open once more, as your hand was reaching towards your phone. Now he was pissed, words of anger and frustration coming from his mouth directed towards you, as you stood still so as to not further agitate him.
  10.  "That's it, I'm taking this damn thing and you won't be getting it back until the end of the weekend!" You're dad hollered. And you just nodded and walked towards the door. There was nothing you could do, showing some sort of reaction to him would only show him that you cared, and it would fuel him to make your punishment worse than it already was. All was silent in the house, with only the humming of the fridge and the steps of your feet penetrating said silence.
  12.  Your mother would always drive off to work an hour before you woke up and your siblings did not exist, so the house was usually this quiet. The atmosphere felt dissimilar, you could almost feel a sort of presence in the house, a presence of happiness and blissful ignorance. You didn't have time to really bethink of this sudden change of tone, for you were being rushed out of the house by your irate father. At the door you hastily fumbled with the lock. Once the lock was free and the door open, you were met with the morning breeze whispering past you and waltzing into the house.
  14.  "C'mon, we don't have all day here, the car is unlocked."
  15. Your dad stated, his voice heavy with vexation. With this information, you strode down the concrete steps of the porch, the orange flare of the early morning's rays half filling your vision. One pull on the rear handle and the door was agape, the stiff seat harshly cradling your bottom as you slid in. Your dad was quick to enter, he yanked the door open and flung himself inside, his hand impatiently pushing the key into the ignition.
  17.  Soon enough the car was traversing down the driveway in the opposite direction it had came in, and with one final turn, the car had aligned itself forward and roared down the road. The houses flew by as you stared out the window, though you had somewhat of an exercise preparing yourself to depart, you could not control the desires of your body. In only half a minute your vision was a hazy black, you had fallen back to sleep. Upon being shooken a little to roughly, your eyes opened to a grassland that stretched a good couple hundred yards, before being halted by a thick line of pine trees, that was held back by a two foot tall wooden fence painted white. You had arrived.
  19.  There were no hints of hesitation in your actions, for you excitedly pulled the door handle back and then pushed the door away. Upon stepping out your nostrils were hit with the smell of livestock and fresh air. You turned around and gently pushed the door closed, the passenger window had begun to whir it's way down. It was your dad, attempting to convey to you something.
  20. "If I come back and uncle Tom tells me that you weren't workin', that phone will be gone and your ass is gettin' whooped. Understand?"
  22.  You nodded, and the window had begun to ascend to it's original position. It took but half a minute for your dad to back out of the gravel driveway. With him gone, you turned to look towards the homestead atop a small hill located a couple hundred more yards away. As you began to walk a little bit faster than usual towards the home, you pondered over the following three days you would have to spend here. It would be somewhat hard work, and it would definitely get dirty, but it actually paid money, and atleast you'd come home a little bit richer after this experience.
  24.  Three days had passed. It was the middle of the day when your dad arrived, you were heading back inside after feeding the pigs when you heard the familiar sound of the shrill honking. And this time it only took you three minutes to get ready, you had gained two hundred dollars over the past three days and your hands were blistered, but you had gotten paid more than you'd ever had in your life so far. The ride home was un-memorable, all you could recollect was sliding into the backseat of the car and then sliding out a couple hours later. Walking to the door was a little bit harder for you to do now, but not impossible.
  26.  Once you had entered the housd your entire mood changed, that presence was back, and it was much heavier than before. Immediately you groaned out in a now piqued mood, all that was on your mind now was the confines of your room. Your dad had entered after you, and by that time you'd already begun to trudge up the stairs. He did not bother to investigate this further, merely perching himself on a recliner, snatching the remote and drowning out his environment with the evening news. You reached the top of the stairs and hooked a left, right beside you was the doorway to your inner haven.
  28.  Pushing the door open rushed you with a now relieved feeling. This did not last, and within the span of thirty seconds the presence had flooded in and occupied your room. It came back with a vengeance, you could very faintly hear a light high pitched giggle or two every couple of minutes, and a nasty head ache could be felt developing in your cranium. The blankets folded open in such an enticing were inviting for your stressed body, and you began to suanter over to your bed. The bed frame squeaked under your weight as you climbed onto the mattress, but none of this would deter you.
  30.  You were still wearing your clothing when you pulled the covers over your body. The pillow broke its shape to form around your head as it pushed into the mass of cloth. It didn't take long for you to fall into a sleeping state once you'd shut your eyes. Tonight's sleep would be a dreamless one, differing from your usual nights in which you'd have vivid and hyperactive dreams. Throughout this state all that you could hear was the ambient sound of the fan, and the sounds of your father trudging up the stairs.
  32.  It was morning time once again, and the head ache from yesterday was no more. The atmosphere felt eerie, as though as no one except for you were situated in the house, but also as if you weren't exactly alone. You shrugged this off, but this tone had rooted itself into the back of your skull, and you still felt somewhat nervous. You began to push the covers off of yourself, you hadn't even taken off your shoes when you slid into your bed. As a yawn was emitted from your throat there was a scuttling noise from outside the door.
  34.  This sound made the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention, but you shrugged it off as just a rat. Deciding that it would be better if you'd just get up, you slid out of bed with a thud. The noise came back, now muffled and distant it sounded as if it had relocated. You decided to investigate the noise, walking towards the door and pushing it open, the feeling of nervousness sharpened. Your hands were shaking and already there were beads of sweat moving down your forehead.
  36.  Though you were now starting to feel somewhat afraid, you decided to push forward, lightly treading down the stairs to assure the minimum amount of noise was made. Upon reaching the bottom there was a note taped to the bottom of the hand rail. It was from your dad, he'd gone off to work earlier than usual and was informing you to "keep up with the chores", or else there'd be consequences. Suddenly, there was a loud buzzing noise followed by a repeated clicking along with the sound of various people's voices emitting from the living room. The clicking noise stopped and the voices finally settled on that of a popular kids show host, and a very realistic high pitched giggling could be heard from the living room.
  38.  With your heart now racing you crouched down past the top of a nearby couch. Now in the doorway to the living room you peered over the
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