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Jul 15th, 2019
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  1. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:00 AM
  2. Alright time to start :)
  3. Alright so just this week I completed my first month working part-time on masari. You can all see a re-cap of my work on medium
  5. KafkathedogLast Saturday at 10:05 AM
  6. Cool, and you have identified the uncle mining bug? Is it fixable ?:joy: (please say yes)
  8. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:06 AM
  9. so there's issue #169, and I believe I've been able to reproduce it in a private testnet so I'll be further investigating and I'll be reaching out to moneroocean to help resolve it
  11. KafkathedogLast Saturday at 10:07 AM
  12. Is that whats keeping Southx and Stex offline?
  14. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:07 AM
  15. As I've said before, it's not really an uncle mining bug, it's a wallet bug
  16. No, that's a different wallet bug that may be unrelated to uncle mining. I've been doing some research and I'll be applying some patches and reaching out to those exchanges during the week
  17. If you follow #development you'd have seen that @camthegeek just made his PR to completely redesign our site!
  19. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 10:09 AM
  20. What about gnock? Is he gone?
  22. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:09 AM
  23. you can see the PR here
  24. GitHub
  25. Remove and replace for the new website reface and rebase! by camth...
  26. This pull request wipes out the existing website which is a static extract of a wordpress site. The wordpress-esque site is not very optimal for the Masari Project, nor has it been mo...
  28. haven't heard from him in about 3 weeks now
  29. ping @gnock
  31. KafkathedogLast Saturday at 10:10 AM
  32. Yeah thats cool, we still need coordination across all channels and media outlets.
  34. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:12 AM
  35. So huge thanks to @camthegeek for putting in all that work so that we can have a new sexy website :heart:
  37. KafkathedogLast Saturday at 10:12 AM
  38. indeed
  40. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:15 AM
  41. @flyguyry_2.0 has opened a funding request on the MFS to create a masari faucet. You can see the proposal here
  42. Thoughts?
  44. KafkathedogLast Saturday at 10:16 AM
  45. What does a faucet add? brings in new people?
  47. BiglyPapiHodlerLast Saturday at 10:16 AM
  48. SouthX is not allowing withdrawls or what?
  50. Also I really believe that uncle mining reward should be 50/50. I dont want the network's increased block times to push it to emission rates sooner than we can receive tractions.
  52. KafkathedogLast Saturday at 10:17 AM
  53. Southx been offline for a couple of weeks
  55. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 10:17 AM
  56. It is a worry with @gnock being away so long. Do we have any contingency in place in case his absense is permanent?
  58. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 10:17 AM
  59. @camthegeek thanks for all of your hard work! :masari:
  61. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:17 AM
  62. @BiglyPapiHodler if you do that then there's no longer an incentive to mine uncle blpcks
  63. @Dug Punk we've already decided to spin up a new webwallet and explorer
  65. BiglyPapiHodlerLast Saturday at 10:18 AM
  66. @cryptochangements is there a 1:1 ratio for nephew blocks to uncle blocks? I thought it was only in a certain case.
  68. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:19 AM
  69. In order to have an uncle block you need a nephew block. Otherwise it's just a lonely old guy (orphan) block
  70. @BiglyPapiHodler if the supply is a concern, we can decrease the reward for normal blocks
  71. That's something the community would need to have an at length discussion aboit though
  73. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 10:20 AM
  74. It sounded like cam and cc were working on a new server and site for the webwallet. Do you guys need any help with that? There are already a few people that are funding for at least the first half year. Once it is up we can add a funding proposal for future months. Correct me if I am wrong but this will be a fairly high end server that could handle alot of Masaris stuff?
  76. BiglyPapiHodlerLast Saturday at 10:21 AM
  77. Right, in the case that two people reach a block very close in time to one another. Only in that case am I suggesting 50/50 so that the reward will always be the same as it was before. Brings scarcity in a sense but keeps it fair in the extent that multiple people found multiple blocks and when only one block is found (is this still the case mostly?) Will just get the full reward.
  79. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:23 AM
  80. @BiglyPapiHodler I'm telling you flat out that splitting uncle/nephew rewards 50/50 wont work
  82. KafkathedogLast Saturday at 10:23 AM
  83. Personally I think we have a lot bigger things to work on ATM
  84. more important
  86. BiglyPapiHodlerLast Saturday at 10:24 AM
  87. Eli5, maybe I'm dense, but uncle/nephew isnt always the case in mining?
  89. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:24 AM
  90. >90% the time there are no uncle/nephews found
  91. There's like 1 pair of nephews/uncles found per day max
  93. BiglyPapiHodlerLast Saturday at 10:25 AM
  94. Okay, so not that big of a deal it seems.
  95. In the case they are, we just double the reward instead?
  97. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:25 AM
  98. @JeuTheIdit yes @camthegeek has been researching some beefy servers to host all things masari
  99. @BiglyPapiHodler the emission for that block is like 1.55x that of a normal block
  100. Less than double
  101. That makes the emission run out a miniscule amount of time faster
  103. camthegeekLast Saturday at 10:27 AM
  104. Regarding servers: I plan on getting those up this coming week. New stuff to replace the old stuff. Multiple people can access to manage it all.
  106. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:27 AM
  107. @camthegeek Great :ok_hand:
  109. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 10:27 AM
  110. :thumbsup:
  111. Sick! I just wanted to make sure you didn't need any help or not. You have been doing alot of work lately :smiley:
  112. Back to the faucet idea: I might just be unfamiliar, but what would it allow us to do?
  114. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 10:30 AM
  115. So apart from Cc, what is required funding wise. Are we covering all running costs?
  117. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:31 AM
  118. There will be a monthly hosting fee, likely ~$60 it sounds like
  120. KafkathedogLast Saturday at 10:32 AM
  121. that should be easy enough to cover..
  123. cryptoziLast Saturday at 10:35 AM
  124. Was good to hear from starmute earlier, that they still plan to include msr in the Cake multi coin wallet
  126. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 10:35 AM
  127. Cam said (I think) he was going to cover the first few months. I will donate a few months at least. I thought someone else said so as well.
  129. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 10:35 AM
  130. any word from thaer on blocktree?
  132. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:36 AM
  133. @cryptopox Thaer said he is still 100% sure that he will not have time to work on Masari for the next few weeks
  135. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:38 AM
  136. hi all CC how much funding do we have left for yourself atm
  138. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:40 AM
  139. A generous community member (idk if he wants to be anonymous or not) donated to me directly so combined with the funds raised through Joe and co. I'm funded into next month
  141. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:41 AM
  142. i am also happy to build us a dedicated server that will cost the community nothing threadripper based
  144. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 10:42 AM
  145. @camthegeek is the funding page to be updated/intergrated into the new site?
  147. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:42 AM
  148. i do not need the password or anything it will be given to the Devs
  150. camthegeekLast Saturday at 10:42 AM
  151. Since my hands are almost free of the website, I could probably get the server going later today and have a few new services up to replace what is currently not working. I've already ran a test run on another server and got the configs are sorted out. It's just a matter of getting time.
  152. @Dug Punk there is a link/button to it
  154. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 10:43 AM
  155. Ok, so not updated in of itself?
  157. BiglyPapiHodlerLast Saturday at 10:43 AM
  158. @camthegeek I assume that a web wallet is already considered?
  160. camthegeekLast Saturday at 10:43 AM
  161. @BiglyPapiHodler yes. if I didn't set it up on one of my personal domains, I'd gladly link it here lol
  163. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 10:44 AM
  164. can we look into spt or real time auth?
  166. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:45 AM
  167. @camthegeek you want access to the and domains? Since we're not really using them rn they could just be used for test stuff
  169. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:45 AM
  170. were the ssl certs updated by thera
  172. camthegeekLast Saturday at 10:46 AM
  173. @cryptochangements set their dns to cloudflare and we can setup a shared account there to manage their dns. I probably could have tossed the wallet/explorer up on my .rocks domain but I was in a hurry and used a personal.
  174. 'a shared account' being a generic named Masari account of course
  176. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:46 AM
  177. @camthegeek sounds good
  178. @cryptopox Everytime real time auth is mentioned I say that it was gnock's idea and I have no idea what that means and that I think it's already accomplished by basic key image checking
  180. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 10:47 AM
  181. how do we incorporate it if it's based on an existing capability?
  183. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:47 AM
  184. We dont
  185. It's not happening
  186. I've already voted to remove it from the roadmap
  188. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:47 AM
  189. so what is our focus on over the next 2 weeks
  191. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 10:47 AM
  192. you said that you "think it's already accomplished by basic key image checking"
  194. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:48 AM
  195. Which the reference implementation already does...
  197. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 10:49 AM
  198. I don't follow, can it or can't it be used to make real time auths that a tx has been made?
  200. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:49 AM
  201. What does "to make real time auths" mean?
  203. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 10:49 AM
  204. meaning without having to wait for a block confirmation
  206. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:49 AM
  207. @cryptopox if you want to know if a tx has or has not been made then you ping the mempool
  209. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 10:49 AM
  210. it's not a big deal because the block time is already 60s
  211. well the idea is to provide a high enough guarantee that a tx won't be rejected once it's been made, so you don't need to wait for the next block
  212. but that's more relevant in btc's 10m block time case i think
  214. camthegeekLast Saturday at 10:51 AM
  215. 60 seconds isn't bad
  217. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 10:51 AM
  218. it's fine tbh
  220. camthegeekLast Saturday at 10:51 AM
  221. set confirmations to 1 and it's a 1 minute process.
  223. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:51 AM
  224. If a tx has been/will be rejected it won't make it into the mempool
  226. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 10:51 AM
  227. so can we include a feature in future GUI/web/mobile wallets to check the mempools and then inform that a tx is basically coming in
  228. or does the daemon already immediately do that
  230. xwerterLast Saturday at 10:52 AM
  231. it does this already
  233. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:52 AM
  234. Yup iirc they already do this
  236. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:53 AM
  237. How soon do we need some new marketing material to push the website @camthegeek
  239. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 10:53 AM
  240. so maybe redo the notification to say "incoming payment detected" or smth for commercial applications
  241. though that's just cosmetics
  242. what about spt btw
  243. and i/o pow
  245. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:53 AM
  246. Just scroll up in this channel. We had this exact conversation at a previous meeting
  248. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:54 AM
  249. what is our next goal ?
  251. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 10:54 AM
  252. is it in the tl;dr summary?
  254. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:55 AM
  255. Fix wallet bugs, get up new webwallet/explorer, then new GUI wallet
  257. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:56 AM
  258. you know me i will bug you lol
  260. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:56 AM
  261. Btw I forgot to mention a Mac release for v0.3.1.0 was published last night
  263. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:57 AM
  264. there is only 1 more left correct
  266. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 10:57 AM
  267. New GUI as in the electrum?
  269. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:57 AM
  270. I didnt really plan on doing a Linux release for the GUI because almost nobody would use it
  271. @JeuTheIdit correct
  273. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:58 AM
  274. cool
  276. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 10:58 AM
  277. Nice!
  279. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:58 AM
  280. I dont think lack of Linux will kill anyone.
  282. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 10:58 AM
  283. Most Linux user use CLI in my experience.
  285. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 10:58 AM
  286. Plus those users are usually pretty savvy.
  288. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 10:59 AM
  289. can it be removed then as it wont look like is still waiting to be done the GUI link
  291. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:59 AM
  292. Yup, most of our past GUI releases were Mac & Windows only
  293. @flyguyry_2.0 look at Cam's new site
  295. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:00 AM
  296. whats the site addy
  297. i not seen it yet sorry
  299. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 11:00 AM
  300. currently, but it'll be merged into this weekend
  301. What I meant to say is that it's already been done
  303. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:01 AM
  304. cool we will need to start marking soon whats the plan ?
  305. maybe a twitter channel so we can just retweet whats coming in
  307. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:02 AM
  308. Wdym @flyguyry_2.0
  310. KafkathedogLast Saturday at 11:02 AM
  311. I guess we should just write an update for each thing, rather than lump them all together. It would look better to have 6 regular updates over the next weeks than 1 big one...
  313. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:03 AM
  314. we need to get the old users of MSR back in the discord how do we do that
  316. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 11:03 AM
  317. he meant marketing prob
  319. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:03 AM
  320. lol sorry
  322. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 11:03 AM
  323. and I agree
  325. KafkathedogLast Saturday at 11:04 AM
  326. So we can write a short update saying that CC has built the new GUI for MAC users today and is working on ....etc
  327. Next week an update saying that the wallet bugs are fixed and exchanges coming back online shortly (no pressure CC :pepegrin: ) etc....
  328. or next week an update about the cool new website etc. I think regular updates would be much better even if they are small. Thats what has been lacking IMO
  330. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:06 AM
  331. more announcements
  333. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:08 AM
  334. Any thoughts on a new ANN for masari over at btctalk? The one we have is stale and out of date
  336. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:08 AM
  337. I think the old one shows much needed continuity
  339. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:08 AM
  340. Ok
  342. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:08 AM
  343. agreed
  345. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 11:09 AM
  346. It's been over an hour and I've gotta go now. Peace :v:
  348. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:09 AM
  349. ps CC why are you in hiding now
  351. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 11:11 AM
  352. ? I message here every day
  354. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 11:11 AM
  355. cuz he gets asked about spt and real time auth otherwise
  356. btw do we wanna maybe do a trello board
  357. so that we can better understand current dev prioritization
  359. camthegeekLast Saturday at 11:12 AM
  360. there's a trello already
  362. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 11:12 AM
  363. nobody tells me anything anymore
  365. camthegeekLast Saturday at 11:12 AM
  367. Trello
  368. Organize anything, together. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, know what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.
  370. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 11:12 AM
  371. :triggered:
  373. camthegeekLast Saturday at 11:12 AM
  374. :rage:
  376. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 11:13 AM
  377. i miss the fat kek days
  379. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 11:14 AM
  380. @cryptopox follow #development I post all development stuff there including that I made a trello board
  382. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:15 AM
  383. so next meeting 2 weeks time ?
  385. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 11:15 AM
  386. will do cc thx
  388. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:15 AM
  389. Prob should update info in a few of the channels like faq and resources.
  390. Can get on that later.
  392. cryptopoxLast Saturday at 11:16 AM
  393. do we have any interesting marketing angles atm or are we waiting for certain dev items to conclude first
  395. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:16 AM
  396. We have a vanilla what is masari vid
  397. To greet new ppl
  399. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:17 AM
  400. i was looking at the faucet attached to the new webwallet then a combined twitter compain
  402. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 11:17 AM
  403. @BazookaJeff I have a FAQ sheet ready that we can replace with the current one. I would need thaer to delete his stuff currently (it's kinda a mess) and have someone post it since I am not a mod.
  404. And satori and I have been working on an announcement. We can for sure chop it up to smaller ones though.
  406. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:18 AM
  407. @JeuTheIdit that sounds good.
  409. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:18 AM
  410. masari bitesize
  412. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 1:21 PM
  413. Looks like this week's meeting is over. See you again in 2 weeks at 15:00 UTC
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