Journal Entry Eleven

Oct 3rd, 2013
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  1. >Journal Entry Eleven
  2. >It's been what, a month since a real entry? Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, I need to get on this more.
  3. >So, a lot's happened. I've gone on a few adventures, two of them were actually drams. Real crazy. First one was in Chere's nightmare, the second a trip into GreenLight's head. Both were crazy. We did another, but were interrupted by a band of diamond dogs calling themselves the RuffRiders. they were looking for the pony that killed one of their number. It was apparently GreenLight. It was stop them or let them kill Light. Some of them left, all but the leader. He was a tough fight, but we won. I kept his flail, felt a shame to let it go to waste. Felt bad for having to kill him, he was just avenging his brother's(dead DD) death. I can't say I wouldn't do that if someone killed my brother. I wonder how Andrew's doing. He's started his second year of college by now I bet. But, I'm rambling.
  4. >Went ahead and made GreenHoof my brother, speaking of which. He's done so much for Chinook and I, and he's lonely. I know I can't give him the family he wants, he needs, but it's something. Went and got my... pregnancy status checked. It' going to be a pegasus, we believe. Still trying to grasp pregnancy in part of my mind. We've been preparing, doing what we need.
  5. >Started up a class, for martial arts. It's quite popular, every slot was filled. Never thought I'd start a school, even a temporary, stripped down one. I bet my teacher'd be proud. Following in his footsteps I guess, blazing a new trail like he did. Shame I couldn't learn more before I came here. I hope his school's doing alright.
  6. >Placed an order today. A few books, and a trombone. It'll be nice to play music again.
  7. >Chinook set out Sunday. God, I miss him. I know it'll only be for a couple days longer, but I still miss him. I like to think when I look out there, into the distance, he's looking back. I know he'll be okay though, he's hard to put down.
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