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MGE Gnomes And Different Environments

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Jan 1st, 2016
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  1. Beach
  2. ------
  3. Physical changes - Decreased mass of forearms, become more fluid and may even allow you to touch her actual hands. Skin becomes darker tanned and hair adapts a strawberry golden blonde or a light green colour. Breasts and hips shrink.
  5. Personality changes - Genki
  7. Milk quality - Watery, Coconut milk-esque; Breasts take on the consistency of Coconut meat and will have the same attributed taste. Lick with caution
  9. Sex changes - Vagina yields far more to a penis than what should normally be considered possible. Allows for cervical penetration if that's your thing. Among the softest of Gnome pussy qualities. Recommended for beginners/people who are willing to laze about on a beach with their waifu.
  11. Forest
  12. -------
  13. Physical changes - Skin darkens to a ruddy brown, may develop lichen on her shoulders and above her labia to simulate vaginal hair. Hair increases in length exponentially and may have creepers/vines in it of various assorted degrees. Breasts and hips expand to give an hourglass figure.
  15. Personality changes - Ara Ara
  17. Milk quality - Thick, creamy, and earthy in flavor. Robust.
  19. Sex changes - Vagina becomes cool and soft, yields to you like a motherly embrace. Gnomes inside of a forest are more preferential to slower, tantric sex. Develops more dexterity than normal with her vaginal folds to simulate roots of great trees choking your chicken. Can and will edge you for as long as possible, while she teases you like the 'spoiled boy' you are. The Mother of the Earth archetype comparison to Suu's Mother of the Sea.
  21. Mountains
  22. ---------
  23. Physical changes - Skin becomes lighter in color, forearms become not unlike marble or smooth stones found on the faces of mountains and hills. Hair changes color to a soft grey or white. Entire body becomes colder, with her having a height increase to nearly 220 cm tall.
  25. Personality changes - Full kuudere
  27. Milk quality - Sour, somewhat creamy. Not unlike goat's milk.
  29. Sex changes - Will prefer to lay there, not moving. Doesn't exert much effort during sex, but will belittle her man and make fun of him for 'climbing the mountain' with her. Tends to put on airs, but is extraordinarily sensitive in her nipples and vagina due to the cold air. Vaginal lips will be hard to parse open, but once you succeed she turns into a needy cuddlebug of marble and kuu.
  31. Jungle
  32. -------
  33. Physical changes - Skin takes on a golden tan quality, may have various flora growing out of her hair. Forearms become like gloves on her hands, vines growing to cover her loins like garters. Hair becomes a light brown color.
  35. Personality changes - MAXIMUM GENKI
  37. Milk quality - Tarty, flower flavor filled. Like drinking chamomile or hibiscus tea.
  39. Sex changes - Vagina becomes extraordinarily tight and skilled, trying to milk you to orgasm as she goes maximum lovey-dovey bride on you. Flora growing on her body will fill the air with perfumed incense trying to increase your libido, with her milk fortifying your sexual stamina and yield. Absolutely recommended for child bearing.
  41. Demon Realm Soil
  42. ----------------
  44. [REDACTED]
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