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The Plague Doctor

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  1.    I've been having nightmares, not your average monster under your bed nightmares, not the nightmares you would get after you piss yourself while watching Nightmare on Elm Street, and definitely not your average child's nightmare after seeing the clowns out side of their school in recess. Far worse.
  3. It started on the night of October 18th, no specific reason for it being on this date, that I can see at least. It started with me going to bed next to my lovely wife of 11 years. I also go to sleep in the smell of her beautiful blonde hair. You see we work the same job, so we wake up and go to sleep with each other. Beautiful isn't it? The dream started with a chilling thud, then a crack, I don't quite remember anything before that. I was on the side of a narrow alley way. I was laying on the hard concrete tiles. The ones you would describe finding in Britain. 15 centimeters by 15 centimeters, A 5 centimeter gap between each tile. In the gap were many horrifying things, cockroaches, decaying flesh, feces, and blood. I'm wearing tattered clothing, I'm not sure of what fabric, but I do know it wasn't leather.
  5. I look around to find I am not alone. There are bodies strewn along the alley. Some were decaying. Ants were crawling up an armless man, as he flails to get them off. You could clearly see bone as he flails. When he tried to move his arms the socket would move, you could see his arm socket move. His screams nearly made me vomit if not for his bone being shown. Slowly, as only what I can describe as a plague doctor from the middle ages strolls by the people on the side of the street start reaching his legs, for no avail. He came to me, for as far as I know I am the only one with all of my appendages. He looks at me with his black bird like mask. I can faintly see his eyes behind the goggles attached to the mask. The long black cloth he  wore nearly ripped when he knelt down to look at me. He reached out with his blood-stained glove with a needle in hand. Slowly as he put the needle closer to my arm I could actually see his eyes perfectly. They were bloodshot, but the pupil is blue, very light blue, as if he was crying minutes earlier. The similarity to my wife is almost uncanny, the black dress as only I can describe it, looks very similar to the dress my wife wore for my grandmother's funeral the week prior. When he pricked my with the needle I yelp and feel a sharp pain. I then woke to find my wife lying there perfect, as she always is.
  7. I always wake up from that horrible nightmare.
  9. It's been 2 days since I've written this. I've had this dream straight for the past 2 nights. It keeps getting worse. The bodies keep decaying, and so do I. It's so surreal, I don't know how to deal with it. I don't want to tell my wife, she might think I'm crazy and leave. If I go to a psychologist they will for sure put me in the straight house. I just can't control it anymore. I'm starting to see my wife's blonde hair through the goggles of the plague doctor's mask. All of her features are like the ones in the plague doctors mask.
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