Anon Supporter's Response to: Mossad Message for Anonymous

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  1. This is my personal response to the author of the bogus "Message For Anonymous from Mossad" found here:
  4. I am not a hacker. I do not speak for Anonymous. I may, or may not be an anon, or an Anonymous supporter. That is part of the beauty of Anonymous. It is nebulous. It is fluid. It is vast and scattered, of no known number. Not all anons are hackers. Not all hackers are anons regardless of what they do to enjoy the benefits of anonymity.
  6. You obviously did a little research to come up with the names that you dropped in your message. Did you also rely on a search engine (most likely Google) to learn about certain surveillance technology, such as the kind that was in development after Sept. 11, 2001?
  8. The technology to which you referred obviously fails to identify the most sought after Anonymous know, the ghosts that never get caught. You revealed that you either do not know everything about the capabilities and weakness of that technology, or you carelessly used it as part of your bluff.
  10. You falsely claim that a person cannot change the way they use their feet. That tells me, you probably are not a woman, or cross dresser and have never learned how to properly walk in stilettos, or other high healed shoes and look sexy doing it even if you might walk like a duck when walking in flip-flops. It also tells me, you have had no training in certain physical arts which require deliberately changing ways in which one moves from head, to toe. (Dancing, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, etc.) If you are Mossad (Lulllllz) you are unlikely skilled in certain stealth activities requiring you to creep without detection.
  12. What you should have said is that most people don't think to alter their footwork if they wish to change the appearance of the way they walk.
  14. Your attempt to turn Anonymous hackers against each other with your reference to government efforts to coerce information from ones in custody reveals what little you know about Anonymous.
  16. The most wanted Anonymous participants do not get caught for a reason, the same reason why they break into presumably highly secured systems and pull out data the world should see, but is officially denied access, bit never get caught. That reason is, they are smarter and better than the people that desperately want to pick their brains no matter how bitterly they hate these anons.
  18. So you copied the names of alleged hackers from news reports. That is hardly indicative of special insider knowledge. The same goes for what you have learned of official practice of making deals with hackers, or using torture to coerce cooperation from hackers in government, or military custody. The novices get caught but the best Anonymous hackers today do not. If it suits you to assume that they're all a bunch of kids believe what you wish. I won't tell you not to call them "idiots," but I do advise you not to throw stones from that glass house of yours.
  20. I do advise you to re-evaluate your strong emotions and thoughts concerning Anonymous. You may think that your message to them is in the tone of a calm and logical adult talking down to foolish and unruly children that are prone to tantrums, but consider this response a mirror held up to you by someone that hopes you will look inside to see the impression you give of yourself to others, at least, to me. Your criticism and threats reveal the hatred and fear of Anonymous that you apparently feel. If you are not doing anything wrong, such as, violating anyone's rights to the point of attracting the wrath of Anonymous, you have no reason to fear any of them.
  22. You need to be careful about threatening Anonymous. You do not know who is and who is not one of them.  You do not know when you're sitting right next to one and it might shock you to learn that one. You never really know who is and who is not Anonymous. Anonymous hides in plain sight. Anonymous is everywhere.
  24. Look in this mirror that I have held up to you and then ask yourself...
  25. Who is the idiot now?
  27. If you do not see that the idiot is you then you are hardly in any position to take on Anonymous.
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