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Feb 10th, 2013
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  1. There was this girl named Janet who was really into all the brony stuff that had been going around and she always wanted to cosplay as a pony but she couldn't afford a suit nor could she sew things very well so she had to go to her local brony convention with nothing but a regular T-Shirt but when she got there some guy said that if she wanted to cosplay as Pinkie Pie he was giving away a free "full body" suit and when he showed it to her it looked really weird and she said she wasn't interested but he said that she should trust him and just put it on so she did because she was curious to see what it was going to look like and when she looked in the mirror she thought it looked kind of silly so she tried to take it off but it had stuck onto her skin and she couldn't remove it no matter how hard she tried and after a minute of her trying she noticed that it was slowly growing and started to cover her entirely and as it did she felt her bones rearranging and right as it got to her hands and feet it fused them together into hooves and when she looked in the mirror again she looked exactly like Pinkie Pie from the show and she got scared and when she looked at herself she saw she was still wearing the same thing she was before but the man came in and took it off and she found that she was still a pony and the man said "don't worry it'll wear off in two days time now enjoy being the best cosplayer at the entire convention!" So he took his suit and also he was Discord.
  3. The End
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