Apr 15th, 2015
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  1. >”Anonymous? A-are you awake?”
  2. “Wh-who is it?”
  3. >”Anon? It’s Twilight. Did I wake you?”
  4. >Twilight
  5. >your mind races through your yea for anyone you know named Twilight
  6. >nothing comes to mind
  7. >well, except ponies, but c’mon
  8. >you open your eyes and low and behold, Twilight stands next your mattress
  9. >you rub your eyes and bolt up in bed
  10. “Tw-twilight?”
  11. >”Oh! Hi! You are awake! I, uh… I’m here to turn you into a pony!”
  12. “What?”
  13. >”Remember? I told you you’d get to be a pony? Like, two months ago?”
  14. >your mind races back
  15. >all you can think of is a faint memory, a dream that hung around your head to this day
  16. >Twilight asked you if you wanted to be a pony, and like any sane human being, said that you’d love to be the little mare
  17. >then she promptly left and you hadn’t heard or seen anything
  18. >you had just assumed it was a dream, albeit, a very convincing and heartbreaking one
  19. >but here, it seemed to be coming true
  20. “Oh… I thought it was a dream!”
  21. >”Yeah, you and just about everyone else on this planet…”
  22. >Twilight deadpanned
  23. >”Anyway, is now a good time? It won’t take long, you’ll be back on Earth within twenty-four hours.”
  24. >looking to the clock, it was 1:30, Saturday morning
  25. “Fuck it, I got nothing to do tomorrow.”
  26. >”Alright, just give me a few minutes. You might want to get a snack, this’ll be pretty physically draining.”
  27. >staggering to the kitchen, you throw open a cabinet to a wide selection of
  28. >strawberry pop-tarts
  29. >you should probably head to the store soon
  30. >pulling out a package, you sit in the dark and eat them raw
  31. >they crunch in your mouth, until Twilight calls to you
  32. >”Ready!”
  34. >you walk into your room
  35. >Twilight’s adorned it with glowing lights, candles and other vaguely magical looking things
  36. “What now?
  37. >”Well, just lie on the bed, and don’t move after I say go. Got it?”
  38. “Sounds good. So… uh…”
  39. >you stammer awkwardly
  40. >thankfully, Twilight ignores you
  41. >”Alright, that should be set! Go.”
  42. >your bed opens, and you fall into a seemingly infinite pitch black shaft
  43. >the blackness envelops you, and the pinprick of light connecting you to this planet fades
  44. >you smile, and hear a sickening crunch
  46. >you snort awake
  47. >you’re in a fancy restaurant of some kind
  48. >instantly, you’re self conscious
  49. >looking down, you see you’re a pink mare, a purple swoosh of hair flowing over your forehead
  50. >you’re… That pony Manehatten who isn’t Coco
  51. >S…
  52. >lost in thought, a man sits across from you
  53. >”Suri?”
  54. >you jump back in your seat, surprised
  55. “Oh! Hello! Yes, that’s me!”
  56. >you say, brushing yourself down and trying to look somewhat formal, a bit self-conscious
  57. >you’re a mare now, aren’t you?
  58. >you look around and realize this is a very, very fancy restaurant
  59. >”Well it’s nice to meet you Suri.”
  60. >Anonymous says, interrupting your thoughts
  61. >”It was nice of Twilight to set this up.”
  63. “Y-yes, yes it was.”
  64. >you stammer out, unsure of what to say
  65. >Anonymous looks at you, and you look at him
  66. >after a couple seconds of awkward silence, Anon reaches up and scratches the back of his head
  67. >”Alright… So, uh… Tell me about yourself?”
  68. >the last part wasn’t a question, but his voice goes up like it was one
  69. “Well… I’m a dressmaker… But, you, you already know that.”
  70. >you shift nervously in your seat, completely aware of how autistic you’re being
  71. “I live in Manehatten… and I’m here on break, and decided to… Y’know, h-have a night on the town.”
  72. >well, that wasn’t too bad
  73. >”So… How’s the dressmaking business going?”
  74. >Anon asks casually
  75. >you freeze up
  76. >you never were one for storytelling, and boy have you been put on the spot
  77. “I… It’s going ok, I guess. I’ve been… Trying out a couple new fabrics… Eheh.”
  78. >amazing way to break the ice, great social skills man!
  79. >”Alright, sounds like fun… Have you got a new assistant? I know that your old one… Ah…”
  80. “Well, I, No, I haven’t. After the fiasco, it’s been rather… Um, it’s been rather hard to find a new one.”
  81. >”I see…”
  82. >Anon says, staring at the table
  83. >before either of you can say anything, a waitress comes over to you
  84. >”Hi! Welcome to Viridis, what will you two have to drink tonight?”
  85. >she says, handing you each a menu
  86. >Anon looks at you
  87. >”Twilight said she’d given me some money, one minute”
  88. >he opens his wallet, and whistles a little
  89. >”One bottle of your finest champagne for the two of us.”
  90. >”Alright, anything else for the both of you?”
  93. >you look at her
  94. “N-no, that should be all.”
  95. >you shift in your seat
  96. >crap, was Anon going to respond? Did you just interrupt him?
  97. >the waitress walks away into the kitchen
  98. >Anon looks down to his menu, and you look straight across at him
  99. >you try to gauge his mood
  100. >you’re sweating, or at least you think you are
  101. >what if you can’t even get laid as a mare?
  102. >what a pathetic fuck you’d be then, you couldn’t even slut your way into bed
  103. >Anon looks up and realizes you’ve been staring at him
  104. >”Ah… Is something on my face?”
  105. >he says, wiping his cheek
  106. “Oh, no, nothing, just… Just lost in thought…”
  107. >”Ah, gotcha. Well, what are you thinking of getting?”
  108. >your eyes shoot down to the menu
  109. >a list of pasta, pizza and salads greet you
  110. “I… I’m not sure to be honest. Maybe I’ll try out the vegetable tortellini.”
  111. >”Sounds nice… I think I’ll just have some plain cheese pizza.”
  112. >thank god it wasn’t spaghetti
  113. >the waitress returns with a bottle of champagne and two flute glasses
  114. >she pours you both a glass, then asks if you’re ready to order
  115. >”Yes, I’ll have the Margherita Pizza, and…”
  116. >he motions to you
  117. “Oh! Oh… I’ll have the vegetable tortellini please, u-unless…”
  118. >”Unless?”
  119. “Unless… I, Nevermind…”
  120. >the mare gives you a quizzical look, then writes down your order
  121. >”Alright, you’re all set. Enjoy the champagne!”
  123. >the mare walks off to the kitchen once again, and the two of you sit in silence
  124. >”Where were we?”
  125. “Um… I, I’m not really sure to be honest.”
  126. >you look around, scanning the restaurant
  127. >nobody’s looking at you, but you feel as though every eye in the room is on you
  128. >you curl up a little, and look back to Anon
  129. “I… How’s your life?”
  130. >Great job man, you’re getting monkey dick for sure tonight!
  131. >”Work’s fine, I guess… I work as a nature photographer for National Geographic. It’s a pretty interesting job.”
  132. >fucking hell, you’ve got an Anon who’s not only a normalfag, but has an good job to boot
  133. “That sounds interesting! W-what do you take pictures of? Is there ah… anything you specialize in?”
  134. >”Well, um, I like the sea. The majority of the pictures I’ve taken they’ve accepted have been oceanic in nature, so I guess you could say the water’s my speciality.”
  135. “That’s interesting!”
  136. >christ, what are you, a scratched record?
  137. >”You could say that. So, back to you, is there anything in specific you’re working on?”
  138. >back on the spot, don’t fuck up now
  139. “Well. I—N-no, not really…”
  140. >Anon looks at you with an eyebrow raised and says
  141. >”Ah… Alright. I, I need to go to the bathroom…”
  142. >he gets up and walks to the bathroom, a bit quicker than normal walking pace
  143. >he looks over his shoulder once, but keeps going
  144. >a thought enters your head
  145. >what if he’s trying to get Twilight to give him someone else
  146. >Anon, you can’t even get someone to fuck you as a mare
  148. >memories of rejection after rejection cloud your thoughts
  149. >it’s why you moved to pones in the first place
  150. >your girlfriend of two years left you, leaving you a emotional wreck
  151. >it didn’t help that she laughed you off when you tried to make amends
  152. >you’d always though ponies were for “fags” but you decided to boot it up one day
  153. >you liked it
  154. >you actually fucking liked it
  155. >you already browsed /co/, and had hated ponies from the beginning
  156. >but you finally decided to open the foreign board of /mlp/
  157. >and thus began your adventure on the ride that never ends
  159. >without realizing it, tears had clouded your eyes
  160. >you jumped up from your chair and ran after him
  161. “W-wait! P-please don’t go!”
  162. >you say as you run into him, grabbing his thigh and holding on tight
  163. >surprised, he looks down at you
  164. >”Suri? What’s going on? Are you ok?”
  165. >he says, worry entering his voice
  166. “A-are you trying to get Twilight to give you another pony? I can be your little mare… P-please?”
  167. >you say, looking up at him
  168. >”N-no, I actually have to go to the bathroom. I wasn’t planning on leaving you, what are you talking about?”
  169. “S-so, so you don’t want another pony?”
  170. >”Why would I want another pony? You’re just what I wanted, pretty, a little shy but not as terrible as Flutters, you’re perfect!”
  171. >you relinquish his leg and wipe your eyes
  172. “D-do you really think that?”
  174. >”Of course you silly goose.”
  175. >he says, tussling your purple hair
  176. “Oh… T-thank you…”
  177. >you say, sniffling a little
  178. >Anon’s starting to get a bit antsy, and he looks down
  179. >”Listen, I really need to go, so…”
  180. “Oh, oh, oh, sorry, sorry… I-I didn’t mean— Just go.”
  181. >Anon sprints to the bathroom and you walk after him
  182. >your waitress walks out of the kitchen, arraying your food, and sees tears matting your face
  183. >she stops as she bustles past you
  184. >”You alright sugar?”
  185. “What? Oh, ah, yes, it’s nothing…”
  186. >”Just making sure, you look a bit down there sweetie.”
  187. “Thanks…”
  188. >you walk into the mares room and walk over to the sink
  189. >you nearly walk into the gentlemare’s room, and chuckle to yourself
  190. >you splash a little cold water on your face, and rub your face off, trying to hide evidence of your outburst
  191. >it really was a bit silly
  192. >just, if you’d been rejected as a pony
  193. >a female pony at that
  194. >you had no idea what you would have done
  195. >deciding not to think about it, you return to your table to find the food sitting there, along with a note scrawled on a paper napkin at your seat
  196. >it reads “feel better” along with a crude smiley
  197. >nice waitress, you had to remind Anon to tip well
  198. >you sat down, and stuck your fork into the meal, shoveling the food into your mouth
  199. >then you remembered you were at a fancy restaurant
  200. >shit
  202. >a bit of the pasta falls onto your fur, and you drop the fork, scrambling for a napkin
  203. >as you do, manage to kick the leg of the table, and it starts to tip over
  204. “I… No no ohnonononono!”
  205. >you say, trying to stop the table from tipping over
  206. >you’re able to grab hold of it, stopping it just before it fully tips
  207. >a single flute of champaign however, slides from the edge and hits the floor with a tinkling noise
  208. >instantly, tables close to you look over, seeing you holding a table from tipping, champagne on the floor
  209. >a couple of snickers are heard, and as you right the table, you flush bright red, and lean your face on the table, concealing your embarrassed face
  210. >Anon makes his way back over, and sees you, once again on the verge of tears
  211. >”What happened here?”
  212. >he says, seeing the shattered glass
  213. “I bumped the table…”
  214. >you say, head facing the floor
  215. >”Oh, that’s fine. C’mon, I’ll get you another glass.”
  216. >he stands up, walks over to the bar and has a short conversation with the pony behind it
  217. >you find it amusing that a 6 foot man is leaning onto a bar built for 3 foot tall ponies, and giggle a little to yourself
  218. >he walks back over, hands you the glass and proceeds to fill it
  219. >he then sits down, and drains his in one gulp
  220. >pony glasses aren’t exactly human sized
  221. >the two of you begin to eat in silence, Anon consumed by his food, you consumed not only by hunger, but by self-concern
  223. >now, every once in a while, other tables appeared to look over and smile at you
  224. >stuck up bastards
  225. >you continued eating, this time trying to act a bit more refined with your habits
  226. >it takes more concentration then you’re used to, but you manage
  227. >before you’ve finished two glasses of champagne, Anon’s already working on his 4th, and the bottle’s nearly empty
  228. >he finishes it off and calls the waitress back over
  229. >”Co-could I get a’noter bottle?”
  230. >seems he doesn’t hold his alcohol well
  231. >you finish off your glass, and a realization hits you
  232. >if he’s only had 4 and he’s fucked up, what short of shit will this pull on your tiny pony body?
  233. >guess you’ll have to wait until later
  234. >the waitress returns, and already Anon begins his fifth
  235. >as he does so, he finishes his pizza and looks to you
  236. >”Well… T-that was certainly delicious…”
  237. >he says, ending his statement with a hiccup
  238. >” ‘scuse me.”
  239. >he leans back in his chair and yawns, draining yet another glass, evidently waiting for you
  240. >you pick up the pace a little, and once full and halfway through your third glass, and full, you finish
  241. “I… I, man, I’m full. D’ya wanna finish up here?”
  242. >”Sounds good to me…”
  243. >Anon calls the waitress back once again, and asks for a check in a slightly slurred voice
  244. >with a look of concern on her face, she returns with the bill, and Anon pays
  245. >the two of you stumble out the restaurant, laughing over how some old geezer’s toupee was falling off
  247. >the two of you walk aimlessly around for a little, joking and laughing
  248. >you find yourselves in a park, and walking through, you take a minute to survey the vast array of flora
  249. >there’s flowers of every color of the rainbow, arranged in a way that when glossed over, at first glance seems chaotic
  250. >but if you look a little closer, patterns start to emerge, and the garden takes on another layer of intrigue
  251. >they’ve really got some talented florists here
  252. >as you look around the park, you notice it’s completely empty save the two of you
  253. >the park is only dimly lit by a couple streetlamps, strange orbs of light floating inside them
  254. >feeling a bit bold, most likely thanks to the champagne, you grab Anon and pull him off the path by his leg
  255. >he trips a little over the lip of the path
  256. >”Whup…”
  257. >he says, flailing his arms to keep upright
  258. >you chuckle as he moves his arms like a demented penguin, then, once he regains his balance, pull him close to your face
  259. >you hiccup a little, and whisper in his ear
  260. “I… We’re alone here… Just you and me.”
  261. >you say in a singsong voice
  262. “Wanna fuck?”
  263. >god-damn why does alcohol make you such a dumbass
  264. >surprisingly, a smile comes over Anon’s face
  265. >”Fuck? Yes. Here? No. T-twilight got us a cottage for th-the night. We’ll go there…”
  266. >he stands up and starts walking, in what you hope is the direction of the house
  267. >a bit disappointed, you follow after him into the night
  269. >after a short walk out of the park, Anon pulls a scrap of paper out of his pocket and stops
  270. >”Twi marked it… Somewhere.”
  271. >he’s holding a map, scanning it for something
  272. “Mind if I, take a look?”
  273. >”Eh, sure.”
  274. >he says, and passes the map to you
  275. >first, you try to find your place on the map
  276. >both the south and north of the park look identical, so you can’t tell which entrance you’e standing at
  277. >a small red dot marks a house to the left of the north entrance
  278. “Well, I think I know where to go. I-I cow— Could be wrong however.”
  279. >”Fuck it, let’s go.”
  280. >the to of you head what you think is north, and take the second left
  281. >heading a little ways down, you come to a house marked 456
  282. >checking the map, you find Twilight hasn’t left an indication of number for the two of you
  283. >great
  284. >take the key and push it in, turning the lock
  285. >it fits, and the door opens
  286. “Lucky us.”
  287. >the two of you find inside a small apartment, with a modest living room, kitchen and what you guess leads to a bedroom
  288. >making a beeline for the bedroom, you trot at a brisk pace into it
  289. >a chuckle from behind alerts you that you probably look silly doing that, and stop, blushing
  290. “D-don’t laugh… I’m just excited… S-shut up.”
  291. >”It’s pretty funny.”
  292. >he says, following you in, scooping you up, and placing you on the bed
  294. >with a smile, he starts drunkenly pulling off his clothes
  295. >you start giggling at his antics, unable to remove his right pant leg
  296. >he furiously pulls at it, and the intensity of your giggles increase, until you’re at full blown gales of laughter
  297. >finally, he gets it off, and nude, jumps into bed with you
  298. >”Finally got that done, now we can get to it.”
  299. >your laughs fading, you catch your breath and look at him
  300. >you pull him into a kiss and sit there for a moment
  301. >until you hear the crash of a door shutting
  302. >the lights flick on
  303. >you hear a high voice moan in annoyance and drop her things at the door
  304. >both you and Anon freeze, unsure of how to proceed
  305. >even drunk, you’ve no idea how to react
  306. >the lights flick off and a pony walks into the room, then jumps in surprise
  307. “S-SURI, I-I-I—W-why are you here? A-and why are you in my bed?”
  308. >It’s Coco, and she’s stammering, back against the wall
  309. >she sees the man lying beside you and her eyes widen, then roll into her head
  310. >she hits the floor cold, and lies there for a second
  311. >the two of you stare in silence at the now passed out mare
  313. >a devilish grin comes over Anon’s drunken face
  314. >”Well I have an idea.”
  315. >a thought enters your drunken mind
  316. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
  317. >”Big time.”
  318. >Anon walks over to the mare, and picks her up, lying her on the bed
  319. >he walks to the bathroom and as he does that, you push her legs outward, lying her spread eagle on the bed
  320. >Anon returns with a wet washcloth and stuffs it in her mouth
  321. >”Tonight just got a hell of a lot more interesting.”
  322. >well, at least you’re going to get laid tonight, one way or another
  325. >looking back to him, you grin
  326. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”
  327. >”No. Why would this be a good idea?”
  328. “Very true.”
  329. >this time he walks to the living room and you hear the shuffling of drawers
  330. >he walks back in with an extension cord, and ties her front hooves together
  331. >”All set.”
  332. >before he jumps into bed, you take your hoof, and rub her netters a little, looking for a response
  333. >you hear a muffles moan, and her eyes shoot open
  334. >for a second, they relax, then realizes her situation
  335. >she looks around in fear, eyes wide
  336. >”Mmmhri? Mmm mr mu mmrig?”
  337. >she muffles out, looking towards you in frenzied panic
  338. >alcohol clouds your thoughts as you lean towards her ear, which flicks a little
  339. “Didn’t quite catch that sweetie.”
  340. >you return to rubbing her crotch, and Coco freezes up, left hind leg kicking a little
  341. >Anon slides into bed, and as you rub, slides his hand next to yours and rubs the outside of Coco’s entry hall
  342. >after a little while, Coco releases, and her muscles relax
  343. >”MMMMMmmm.”
  344. >she moans into the gag, starting first as a frightened plea, then fading to a pleased moan
  345. >Anon pushes your hoof to the side, and removes his hand from his path around her
  346. >”Well, do you want us to go on…”
  347. >Coco looks between the both of you in panic
  348. >her face flushes, and she nods
  349. >”Alright. Are you going to-to—“
  350. >he says, hiccuping
  351. >”To be a good girl?”
  352. >he says, finishing
  353. >once again, Coco nods, and Anon removes the gag
  356. >a small voice squeaks out
  357. >”C-can you please untie my hooves?”
  358. >anon looks back to her
  359. >”Maybe in a little while… You’ll have to earn it…”
  360. >the voice retreats a little, and stutters out
  361. >”Ok…”
  362. >Anon returns to rubbing the rim of her lips, and Coco bites her lips with her front teeth
  363. >her eyes are closed and r
  364. >her breath is slow and deep, forming a melody of intake and outtake
  365. >Anon slips a finger in, and Coco gasps, her eyes shooting open
  366. >she lets out a little moan, then her face flushes, looking at you
  367. >”S-sorry Ms. Su—“
  368. “No, no it’s fine… Let it out…”
  369. >why couldn’t you be like this sober
  370. >oh well
  371. >you get up and kneel over her, placing your lips over her mouth, a smile lighting up your face
  372. >”Ms. Suri? W-what are you do—“
  373. “Lick.”
  374. >Coco takes a second, then pushes her face into your nethers, and you feel her tongue start to work it’s way around inside
  375. >it’s a great deal different than a blowie
  376. >instead of the tongue going over your cock, it’s going into you, a very different feeling
  377. >her tongue fishes around inside you, and a shiver runs down your spine
  378. >you push down harder, and Coco lets out a surprised squee
  379. >shortly after, Coco herself lets out a little moan, and you turn around
  380. >Anon’s put two of his fingers into Coco, and he’s slowly tracing around inside her, with a small grin on her face
  381. >she bites her lip, then returns to your snatch with renewed vigor
  382. >you visibly shake, closing your eyes and riding out the pleasure Coco’s given you
  383. >after a second, you pull off and look down
  386. >Coco’s breathing heavily, face flushed, fur a bit damp and matted around where you had taken your liberty
  387. >with a chuckle, you slip in next to her, and start tracing lazily circles on her chest, rubbing her belly
  388. >Coco’s eyes close, her breathing falls out of sync, and she starts shifting her hips a little, driving them into Anon’s fingers
  389. >”A bit eager, are’t we.”
  390. >Anon says to her, taking a second to remove his fingers and stroke her hair
  391. >”Uhh uhhun…”
  392. >Coco nods, motioning for Anon to return
  393. >Instead, he picks Coco up, and places her onto of him
  394. >he rubs her hair for a second, then forces her onto his cock
  395. >his hand pushes about three fourths of it’s length into her
  396. >he lets her gag on it for a couple seconds, then he lets go of her head, and she flies off and falls into a coughing fit
  397. >”O-one moment… S-sorry ju-just giv—“
  398. >she coughs a little, then returns to his member, sliding his rod about halfway into her mouth
  399. >Anon moans a bit, and looks to you, a bit left out
  400. >you slide under Coco,and start licking her marehood
  401. >it’s sopping wet, and you easily open it and start fishing your muzzle around inside
  402. >you hear a squeak from the front end, and know you’re doing something right
  403. >you push around inside her, and let your tongue peek around
  404. >she’s warm, and you nose around inside
  405. >a bit of her juice drips into your mouth, and you take a taste, licking your lips
  406. >it’s bitter, with a bit of a musk
  407. >it’s not terrible, but not good either
  408. >you find a spot that makes Coco shiver hen your run over it
  409. >you focus on that spot, and soon Coco’s quivering, gently clenching around you every ten or twenty seconds
  411. >up on the other end, you hear Anon moan, and you feel a shift in Coco’s weight
  412. >looking up at the two, Anon’s hilting Coco on his cock, a bit of white cream leaking from the sides of Coco’s mouth
  413. >he relinquishes his grip on her, and she falls backdown on the bed, breathing heavily, mouth and face dripping with cum
  414. >her eyes are closed, mouth open, pussy sopping wet
  415. >you grin, and slide on top of her, and kiss her
  416. >Coco’s eyes shoot open as you lock lips, and you give her a wink
  417. >you lick a little semen out of her mouth, and swallow
  418. >it’s salty, a bit bitter, and has a strange consistency
  419. >it’s again, not great…
  420. >but fuck it, you’re a mare for who knows how much longer, may as well try some more
  421. >you start aggressively wrestling Coco’s tongue, the pull off, both your mouths filled with cream
  422. “Well…”
  423. >”A-are we done?”
  424. >says Coco, looking up at the ceiling, hooves still tied together
  425. >”Pff, no.”
  426. >Anon says with a smirk
  427. >”You ladies still need to swallow.”
  428. >quickly, you gulp down what was in your mouth
  429. >it slides down your throat and you look over to Coco
  430. >she doesn’t seem to want to swallow, and her eyes close, but nothing leaves her mouth
  431. >”Swallow Coco…”
  432. >you hear Anon say, looking down at her
  433. >”I-I don’t know…”
  434. >she says, looking up at him, a bit fearfully
  435. >Anon’s face takes on a bit more of a serious look
  436. >reaching down, he plugs Coco’s nose and shuts her mouth
  437. >”Swallow.”
  439. >Coco’s hind legs flail around a little, and her eyes widen
  440. >however, you see her throat contract a little, and Anon pulls off
  441. >”Well? Was that so bad?”
  442. >Coco looks up to him, then looks down at his cock
  443. >”I—I… I think I liked it… Is that bad?”
  444. >you giggle a little, amused at her innocence
  445. >”W-why are you laughing? I-is that bad?”
  446. “No, no, just… A-are you a virgin Coco?”
  447. >”N-no… I just-just never tried it before. You k-know I’m not a virgin yourself Ms. Suri.”
  448. >before you realize, you blush a little, and look at her
  449. “My mistake sweetie. I get a bit carried away sometimes, m’kay?”
  450. >Anon, who had been passively watching, picks you up
  451. “H-hey! Put me down!”
  452. >he lifts you up, and places you onto his hips, sliding his shaft into your marehood
  453. “Oooohh… N-never mind, pick me up all you want…”
  454. >next, Anon pulls the backdown Coco up on the bed
  455. >then, he places her lips over his face, and starts nosing around inside Coco’s nethers
  456. >looking down, you realize you’ve started thrusting onto his member, without even realizing
  457. >slightly creepy, but also incredibly hot
  458. >unf
  459. >grabbing Coco’s from hooves, you pull her into a kiss as you bounce on Anon’s rod
  460. >keeping her lips on yours is a bit of a challenge, and you knock her teeth once or twice, but you eventually fall into a rhythm
  461. >Anon’s cupping his hands on your plot, and as you push down, he pulls down, thrusting his rod into you
  464. >each time, you let out a little squeak into Coco’s mouth, who is doing the same
  465. >soon, you start clenching yourself around his cock, and feel a bit of a rush coming on
  466. >you break from lip lock and start bouncing with more intensity, head turned towards the ceiling
  467. >you greedily shove his full length inside, and push harder and harder
  468. >finally, you seize up for a second, and euphoria fills your brain
  469. >your mind goes blank for a second, then as you gently fade back to reality, you feel Anon still shoving his cock into you
  470. >but after a few seconds, you feel him stop, then hold you to him, something warm filling your crotch
  471. >you daintily slide off him, and lie on his chest, pushing Coco off him
  472. >she tries to balance, but with her hooves tied together, she can’t break the fall
  473. >she falls to the side of the bed with a small yelp
  474. >you lie on his chest, letting his cock gently pulsate on the base of your tail
  475. >giving him a grin, you pull him into a quick kiss, before nuzzling your face into his chest
  476. >next to the two of you, Coco struggles with her restraints
  477. >”Co-could one of you please untie me? It’s starting to hurt…”
  478. “Yeah just giv—“
  479. >your body starts to feel strangely light, like you’re floating
  480. >yet you’re still lying on top of Anon
  481. >looking at him, he seems to be feeling the same thing
  482. >”Suri? Any ide—“
  483. >your view suddenly shoots into tunnel vision, and the outsides fade to a dull white
  484. >you’re rushing upwards, and a hole of vision is shooting towards you
  487. >and you’re back in your body, an annoyed Twilight standing over you
  488. >”I realize you got drunk, but that’s no cause to go into someone else’s house and start fucking. Much less nearly rape her into a threesome. Honestly… It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but still…”
  489. “Eh, she said yes, and I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it. Why’d you pull us out?”
  490. >”Why? Why do you think? I fall asleep for five… Alright, twenty minutes…”
  491. “Alright, alright, thanks for the offer Twi. Is there ah… I’m guessing you’re saving now, so… Any chance I might see you again? I mean, I know you exist, so there’d be no reason not to.”
  492. >”Eh, I’m not sure to be honest. There’s a lot more experiments to be done, so I’ve no idea to be honest. We want to test mental facilities, and uh, other facilities, but you a lll seem to be figuring those out pretty well. I guess it’s a case of ‘Don’t call us, We’ll call you.’”
  493. “That sounds a hell of a lot like I won’t see you again. Also, what was the worst I might ask?”
  494. >”Fuck, someone who was placed as an Octavia lookalike caused a host of trouble. Discord got involved, and let’s just say they overstayed their welcome. Not exactly their fault, but… Anyway, to answer your other question, there’s a good chance, but nothing I can guarantee. Have a wonderful night Anon. Until we meet again.”
  495. “Y-you too.”
  496. >And with that, Twilight teleported away, muttering something under her breath
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