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Malik Aamir's clothing

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  1. Malik is a man standing at 5'9" - limber and lithe with a graceful hold, a slight slack and lax nature to how his posture holds him. Smooth and almost perfect features which reflect his otherworldly origins, the sandy blonde and white hair which peaks out from under his vastly multicolored and fabric composed bandana is well kept to say the least. Violet and white irises which seeminglyshift from one to the other, they always have a sense of warmth within them.
  3. The olive and sunblazed skin shows his apptitude for the warm and exotic places, prefering the heat above all. Jewelry from bead necklaces to golden rings all to the talisman-like earrings, his looks seemed to be of high priority. A short leather jacket with folded up arms and a puffed up collar - it's matte grey and blue color going well with the beige insides of it and the shirt her wore underneath. A creamy beige with sweeping stripes in umber burnt colors, almost like rakes from a tiger go along the abdomen and chest of the shirt - finishing his look with a nice set of slim well worn pants to give him a 'tougher' look along with the heavy and peactical boots to match. Slung over his shoulder is a red alm wood bow and on his hip a Jian in a red scabbard and brass pommel and hilt.
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