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  1. {I|We|I actually} first want {to|in order to} say that {I|We|I actually} wish you {the|the actual|the particular} best of {luck|fortune} on your {job|work} {search|research|lookup}
  3. {I|We|I actually} have something {for|with regard to|regarding|intended for|to get} you that {might|may} be able {to|in order to} help you {in|within} some {way|method}.
  5. {I|We|I actually} can not {offer|provide} you full {time|period} employment at {this|this particular} time, {but|however} I can {offer|provide} you some {consolation|convenience} and hopefully {something|some thing} that will {make|create} your search {go|proceed|move} a little {better|much better}.
  8. {I|We|I actually} specialize in {marketing|advertising|marketing and advertising} on the {PC|PERSONAL COMPUTER|COMPUTER}, but {for|with regard to|regarding|intended for|to get} a person {actively|positively|definitely} looking for {employment|work}, it {would|might|would certainly} be cruel {to|in order to} try to {entice|attract|lure|tempt|encourage} you with {false|fake} claims of {making|creating|producing} fast money {in|within} this fashion {and|as well as|and also} try to {sell|market} you something {when|whenever} you are {yourself|your self} looking for {work|function}.
  10. {I|We|I actually} know a {lot|whole lot} of people {try|attempt|try out|consider|test} to do {this|this particular}, but {I|We|I actually} have some {ethics|values|integrity} in what {I|We|I actually} do. {So|Therefore} I will {save|conserve} that for {those|all those|individuals|these|people} without {them|all of them}. I {am|feel|was|are|have always been} sure that {some|a few|several} of them {have|possess|have got|get} already contacted {you|a person}.
  12. {I|We|I actually} am sure {that|which} you, {like|such as} most {people|individuals}, like {listening|hearing} to {music|songs}, and {I|We|I actually} do not {know|understand} of anyone {unemployed|jobless|out of work} or looking {for|with regard to|regarding|intended for|to get} a better {job|work} that could {not|not really} use a {little|small} extra {money|cash}.
  14. {I|We|I actually} would like {to|in order to} offer you {the|the actual|the particular} chance to {work|function|perform|job|do the job} for the {major|main} music industry {players|gamers} by offering {artists|performers|musicians} and radio {executives|professionals|business owners} music reviews {on|upon} a part {time|period} {basis|foundation}.
  16. {It|This} takes less {time|period} to write {a|the} review than {it|this} does to {listen|pay attention} to a {complete|total|full} {song|track|music|tune|melody}.
  18. {The|The actual|The particular} pay is {horrible|terrible}, but {the|the actual|the particular} perks are {good|great|very good|excellent|fine}. It {also|additionally} will never {stand|remain|stay|endure} in the {way|method} of doing {what|exactly what|just what|precisely what|what exactly} you need {to|in order to} do right {now|right now|today|currently|at this point} in order {to|in order to} find {employment|work}.
  20. {I|We|I actually} can make {guarantee|assurance} you that {if|in case|when|in the event that} you are {able|capable} to spend {a|the} little time {each|every} day, {while|whilst} you use {your|your own} PC doing {your|your own} job {search|research|lookup}, telling {the|the actual|the particular} radio networks {what|exactly what|just what|precisely what|what exactly} what new {music|songs} would be {the|the actual|the particular} best fit {for|with regard to|regarding|intended for|to get} {the|the actual|the particular} airwaves, {that|which} you will {make|create} a little {cash|money} on the {side|part|aspect} and accumulate {a|the} great collection {of|associated with} music in {the|the actual|the particular} {process|procedure}.
  22. {The|The actual|The particular} job is {simple|easy|basic}. All {you|a person} have to {do|perform} is listen {to|in order to} songs and {give|provide} them a {number|quantity|amount} rating and {leave|depart|keep} a few {comments|feedback|remarks|responses} about what {you|a person} think about {each|every} {song|track|music|tune|melody}.
  24. {They|These people|They will} only pay {up|upward} {to|in order to} $0. {20|twenty} for each {song|track|music|tune|melody} you {review|evaluate|examine|critique}, but {you|a person} get the {chance|opportunity|possibility} to keep {the|the actual|the particular} music, {and|as well as|and also} it puts {a|the} few pennies {in|within} your pocket {at|in|from|with|on} the same {time|period} without really {having|getting} to do {anything|something|anything at all} that diverts {you|a person} from doing {your|your own} normal job {search|research|lookup}.
  26. {I|We|I actually} think that {a|the} full time {PC|PERSONAL COMPUTER|COMPUTER} marketing {position|placement|place|location|situation}, working {independently|individually|separately} is the {job|work} of a {lifetime|life time}, and {I|We|I actually} would encourage {anyone|anybody} who wants {to|in order to} know more {about|regarding} this to {keep|maintain} in touch {with|along with} me to {learn|understand|discover|find out} more, {but|however} I also {know|understand} that for {one|1|a single|one particular} who is {unemployed|jobless|out of work}, getting {to|in order to} profitability doing {so|therefore} is not {really|truly} realistic without {a|the} regular source {of|associated with} income to {support|help} themselves and {their|their own|their particular} family in {the|the actual|the particular} {meantime|interim}.
  28. {I|We|I actually} just thought {that|which} you might {enjoy|take pleasure in|appreciate} some good {tunes|music|songs|tracks}, and {the|the actual|the particular} chance to {get|obtain} paid some {chump|fish} change for {doing|performing|carrying out} something {enjoyable|pleasant|satisfying|pleasurable|exciting}.
  30. {You|A person} can get {in|within} touch with {the|the actual|the particular} executive website {for|with regard to|regarding|intended for|to get} the review {position|placement|place|location|situation} {here|right here}.
  32. {If|In case|When|In the event that} you have {ever|actually} contemplated a {career|profession} on the {web|internet}, in {charge|cost} of your {own|personal|very own} income, {you|a person} can start {to|in order to} learn everything {you|a person} need to {pursue|go after} one here {at|in|from|with|on} no {charge|cost}.
  34. {I|We|I actually} hope that {I|We|I actually} have given {you|a person} some information {that|which} helps you {out|away|out there}, and {that|which} I have {not|not really} been a {bother|trouble|take the time}.
  36. {I|We|I actually} wish you {the|the actual|the particular} best in {finding|discovering} full time {employment|work}. I {am|feel|was|are|have always been} more than {willing|prepared|ready} to help {you|a person} in any {way|method} that I {can|may}. I {cannot|are not able to|are unable to|can not} offer you {a|the} guaranteed position {with|along with} regular working {hours|hrs}, but {if|in case|when|in the event that} you would {like|including} to deliver {some|a few|several} promotional fliers {in|within} your {locality|vicinity}, that {would|might|would certainly} help me {in|within} my own {marketing|advertising|marketing and advertising} efforts, {just|simply} shoot me {a|the} line at {the|the actual|the particular} website I {gave|offered|provided} you {above|over}. I {may|might} also be {able|capable} to work {you|a person} in on {some|a few|several} small writing {assignments|projects|tasks} for some {of|associated with} my content {creation|development} needs or {other|some other|additional|various other} side work {in|within} the future {if|in case|when|in the event that} you keep {in|within} touch with {me|me personally|myself}.
  38. {If|In case|When|In the event that} you are {looking|searching} for something {more|much more} career {oriented|focused}, there {is|is actually} plenty of {information|info|details} I can {offer|provide} you when {you|a person} are {ready|prepared}.
  40. {If|In case|When|In the event that} none of {this|this particular} seems to {be|become|end up being} of your {liking|preference}, feel {free|free of charge} to ignore {it|this}. If {you|a person} know of {anyone|anybody} other than {yourself|your self} that might {be|become|end up being} in need {of|associated with} part time {work|function} from time {to|in order to} time, {or|or even} would like {to|in order to} learn how {to|in order to} get into {marketing|advertising|marketing and advertising} on line {for|with regard to|regarding|intended for|to get} themselves full {time|period}, please {pass|complete|move} this information {on|upon} to them {if|in case|when|in the event that} you {wish|want|desire}.
  42. {I|We|I actually} appreciate your {time|period}.
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