Half-Moon in Equestria 31

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  1. A loud whistle pulls you from your sleep; your hands going to your ears. A voice echoes through the cars "We have arrived at Ponyville station." Rolling to get off the bed, you are stopped by a blue mane under a purple hat.
  2. Your arms reflexively shoot out, pushing her off the bed. "What the hell Trixie. What are you doing in my bed?" You yell, glaring down at her as she picks herself up.
  3. She brushes herself off, before staring at you."Your door was open, and Trixie decided she would rather share a bed with you than little miss "I'm the captain of the guards little sister"
  4. Sliding off, you push Trixies hat down over her head. "If you are going to crawl into bed with someone, you should at least have the decency to ask first."
  5. She pushes her hat back up, giving you an indignant glare. "You told us not to bother you, sp Trixie didn't. She climbed into bed without bothering you, so you should be glad, especially since the Great and Powerful Trixie deemed you to be an acceptable bedmate." Almost immediately she realised what she said, and she goes a vivid shade of red over her blue coat. "Trixie didn't mean it like that. Um... She meant... ARGH!" She pulls down her hat to cover her blush, and you hear giggles from outside the door.
  6. Opening the door reveals the girls, sans Twilight, standing there. Crossing your arms, you say "And how long have you been out here?"
  7. Rarity is the first to regain her composure, and answers "Long enough to have heard about your *Snicker* bedmate."
  8. "Honestly Anon, ah never would have figured you for that type"*Giggle*
  9. Groaning, you push past and step out to the dining car, and from there onto the platform. The guards, or rather your new students all stand at attention as you walk over. "Relax. Unless we are training, you can consider yourself to be on break, No need for formalitys or any of that." They all relax, dropping their tight formation. "For the duration of your stay here, you will all be living just outside of town, next to the training grounds. If you will follow me, we can get started on building your place."
  10. "Do you mean actually build it?" One of the earth ponys, who goes by the name Stone Breaker asks "Didn't you have it ready before you took us on?"
  11. "No, in fact I didn't decide to take on more students until yesterday. Now hurry up, or I may just forget a room or two." Starting a brisk pace, you begin traveling through town, the guards carrying their things close behind. You get one or two curious glances, but after your eventfull time here, most ponys accept most of what you do as normal. Reaching the field and island, you stop.
  12. "Drop your stuff on the island, and then go into the woods. I need you to work together to gather trees, rocks, branches, anything you can bring back and make a big pile of it. Remember, the more you get, the bigger and better your living quarters will be. I will be in town getting lunch for us all, so you will be working without my supervision. Dismissed."
  13. They all rush to work, and you start walking back into town, when you come across Big Mac, headed the same way. All around him, you can see the CMC, energetic as always. "Got stuck babysitting?" You call out.
  14. He shudders "Eeyup."
  15. Giving him a hearty pat as you come up next to him, you say "I can take them from here. You should go and get some rest. I may have a few 'Volunteers' to help you every once in a while." A smile crosses his face, and he turns and heads back to the farm.
  16. "HEY Anon! Your back!" Sweetie calls out, running up to you. You pick her up, adn set her on her regular perch of you shoulder.
  17. "Anon! We heard you beat Discord! Thats so cool!" Scootaloo says, orbiting you on her scooter.
  18. "I was pretty lucky actually, but Applejack, Rarity and the girls were there to help me if anything went wrong."
  19. "Hey, Anon? Do ya think you could take us ta Raritys?"Applebloom asks, looking up at you "Miss Cherilee said we could miss chool today cuz our big sis's are commin back."
  20. "Okay" You say "But you better be telling the truth, or I will quite litteraly drag you by your tails down to the school." You stare down at them, and they quickly nod, and your expression softens. "Alright, lets get going then." The girls all perk up, and those on the ground start runnin, making you have to sprint to catch up.
  21. A rapidly approaching Rainbow Dash calls out "HEY! Anon!" Coming to a stop next to you, she says "Did you say something to Twilight? She got off the train early, and when we checked her place, she had magically locked it and kicked Spike out. Nopony knows anything, so we figured we'd ask you."
  22. Scratching your chin, you reply "I have no idea. I'll see if I can't figure it out after I drop off the girls here." he nods, and makes to fly off, but you stop her by saying "Hey, are you busy tomorrow? If you could stop by the island, it would help."
  23. "Sure, what time?" She asks.
  24. "Is noon okay?"
  25. She gives a salute, and as she takes off says "Sure, see ya then." A rainbow trail is left behind as she zooms off to wherever she was headed.
  26. Looking down, you see Scootaloo looking at you in awe. "Wow, its so cool Rainbow Dash wants to hang out with you! Do you think I could come watch?"
  27. "Don't you have school tomorrow?" You point out.
  28. "Oh... right." She goes into a state of contemplative thought.
  29. kneeling down, you tap her on the head, getting her attention "Don't even think of skipping school. Don't worry, she is just helping me with work. It's not going to be anything fancy."
  30. Applebloom turns around, some distance ahead and calls back "Hey ya slowponys, better hurry up or ah'll leave ya behind."
  31. Smiling, you look down at Scootaloo "Race ya?"
  32. She smiles back before replying "You're on."
  33. Both you and Scootaloo take off like a rocket, Sweetie clinging tight to your shoulder, and as you pass Applebloom, you scoop her up. Reaching the Carousel Boutique, you collapse, the girls giggling like fools and you panting for breath. Beside you, the door to the boutique opens and Rarity steps out. "Ah, you brought the girls. Thank you kindly darling. I was just about to head out and meet Big mac on his way here."
  34. "Looked tired... Take kids... He naps" You gasp out, trying to catch your breath.
  35. She nods "He realy should take breaks more often. Thank you again, and be sure to visit Twilight, she seemed depressed."
  36. Finally steadying your breathing, you say "So I heard. Dash told me nopony knew anything." Standing, you wve to her and the Fillys as you leave. "Take care."
  37. Thankfully, the treebrary isn't far from Carousel Boutique, as you are still a little winded. Banging on the door, you are answered by a loud and dangry "GO AWAY!"
  38. Leaning against the door, you call out "Come now Twilight, I don't know whats wrong, but I need you right now. Please?" You hear a surprised squeak, and a lot of rustling and thumps inside as twilight runs around.
  39. "Oh my... Ummm What do I do? Where was that book? No... No... GAH!" Pushing open the door, you crouch inside and watch as Twilight shuffles and seaches through books. "Argh, why did I kick Spike out..."
  40. Stepping over, you rest a hand on her head, kneel down and scratch under her chin with the other. "Come on Twilight, theres no need to be stressed. I wanted to know if you would join me for lunch, even though I have no bits right now."
  41. She gives a contented sigh, and pulls back. "Celestia sent a letter ahead of us, along with a bag of bits. Here." She levitates over a bag of coins and a letter, and breaking the seal, you open it.
  43. *Dear Anonymous
  44. I realise you likely have not had time to obtain any form of job during your time here, and with you taking on the guards as students, you will have less time to do so. As payment for your help,  I am giving you a payment of twenty bits per guard per week for the duration of their training. Again, I appologize for the problems I caused that night, as well as the loss of your notes.
  45. Sincerely Celestia.*
  47. Rolling up the scroll, you stow it in one of your many pockets and look in the bag. A sea of gold bits breet you, and you smile. "I guess that solves my money problem. How does lunch sound? Just you and me?"
  48. She makes an adorable *Squee* and jumps up "Of course! Let me just grab a few things." Vanishing with a *Crack*, she teleports somewhere, before re-appearing with another. She now has a sun hat on her head, and some fairly empty looking saddlebags."Ready to go."
  49. Slinging the bag of bits over your shoulder, you open the door. "After you." You say, causing Twilight to giggle as she walks out, and you follow.
  50. "Anywhere you want to go in particular?" You ask, looking down at her.
  51. She pauses a moment, before leading you off. The two of you end up at a cafe near the edge of town. Looking around, you immediately spot teh reason Twilight chose this place, as Trixies wagon is parked nearby. "So, What made you want to take me out?" She asks, leaning on the table.
  52. "Truthfully" You say, shifting in your too small seat "Everypony said you were sad, and I Hate seeing a close friend like that."
  53. A blush creeps across her features and she says "You think of me as a close friend?"
  54. Reaching out, scratch behind her ears "Of course, You are one of the first ponies I met, and you are kind, sweet and cute. Why wouldn't I consider you a close friend?"
  55. Her blush intensifies and she looks down, muttering "I guess I heard something and misinterpreted it, thinking you didn't like me."
  56. Poking her nose as you pull your hand back, you say "Don't worry, Now lets get lunch, before the guards start worrying too much."
  58. After an enjoyable lunch, you head through the market, picking up assorted begtables and sauces. After a little consideration, you purchase a wagon as well, leaving you with just over 100 of your original 160 bits remaining. Making your way back out to the training field, you see the guards have accumulated a fair pile of materials already.
  59. Building a fire pit, you transmute a large stone into a cast iron wok on loderate length legs. After steeing it up over your fire pit, you transmute a knife, and set to work chopping vegtables for a meatless Stir-Fry. Some sticks and logs, and a bit of work with your sparker rings, and you soon have a fire burning under your wok.
  60. Creating an apropriate sauce is fairly simple, and you throw it in, along with sliced carrots, string beans, celery, red and green peppers and a little onion and garlic. Transmuting the knife into a spatula, and start mixing it as it cooks.
  61. Guards returning with materials stop and hover nearby, intrigued by the smell. Soon it is done, and you transmute up a number of bowls, and pass them out to the awaiting ponys. They form into a line, Shining again getting the lead place. "You guys are going to get to try some human style stir fry. Dont expect me to cook for you much. As a group, I will give you 60 bits for the remainder of this week, and 100 bits a week afterwards. You will use those bits for food and other necessitys. Those who do well on tests will earn priveleges, like spending money or meals with me and my two main students."
  62. A murmur runs through them, and you can see a few looking worried. "Lets not worry about that though.  For now, lunch, then more work gathering materials, and finally I will make the house." After dishing up the food, you take a moment to look over the piles of materials.
  63. Sever felled trees, a couple large rocks and a number of smaller piles of twigs, branches and stones. Chalking up a circle on each tree, you look over the rocks. Moving some of the smaller ones together, you surround them in a circle, before drawing circles on the largest of them. Around the piles of assorted stuff, you draw more circles.
  64. The guards rather quickly finish lunch, and head back to work; except Shining, who comes over to you. "Hey, Anonymous? I have a few questions, if thats okay?" Sparing a glance his way, you nod before going back to your work.
  65. "I suppose first would be, how long is this training going to take? Personally, its not good for the captain of the royal guards to be away for too long."
  66. "Thats reasonable" You say, chalking up another circle "Now if I was training all eight of you in full alchemy, it would take five to ten years." He shifts nervously beside you. "But, since all I am training you in is some basic combat skills, and no theory, it shouldnt take more than three weeks or so, depending on how well you all learn."
  67. "Thats a relief" He sighs. "Are you going to be teaching us all the same alchemy, or will their be different ones?"
  68. "Its all going to be the same." You say "If I was to try different types, it may take too long just to find your individual skills. Now, unless you have any more important questions, I would advise you get back to work." He thinks for a moment, before shaking his head and running off.
  69. You have a few moments of silence to work, before a theatrical poof and some magic fireworks announce Trixie decided to show up. "The Great and Powerful Trixie has arrived!" When she looks around, she gives a dissapointed "Oh..."
  70. Taking a break from your preparation work, you step over. "Hey Trixie, whats up?"
  71. She sighs, and walks over "Tricie was hiping she would get to show off for the new apprentices, but they seem to be gone."
  72. Patting her on the shoulder, you say "Don't worry, you and Twilight will be putting on a bit of a show for them tomorrow."
  73. Trixie immediately perks up "What kind of show?" She asks, adjusting her signature cape and hat.
  74. "Well" you say, booping her nose "Considering you and her never finished your test, you will get a full day tomorrow. The guards will be encouraged to watch, and learn some movements and tricks." Looking down, you see her eying your right arm nervously. "Don't worry, I will be using only my left arm, like before. My right will be bound to my side."
  75. She breathes a sigh of relief. "Trixie... I... I want to appologize for last night. I realy shouldnt have climbed into bed with you before asking. And Trixies choice of words in the morning was... less than acceptable."
  76. Reaching over, you tip her hat forward, before ruffling her mane. "Don't worry about it to much. I can see why you would rather sleep in the same bed as a guy you like, rather than a girl you dont."
  77. "Yes, umm... WAIT!" She cries out indignantly "Trixie never said she likes you. She tolerates you as a teacher, nothing more."
  78. "Is that so." You say, rubbing your chin with an evil smile. "I guess you won't mind when I take Twilight to dinner tomorrow after the test then?"
  79. "Yes, Trixie does mind. Trixie wont let you spend time privately with that purple failure so you can give her secret lessons. And don't think Trixie didn't see you having lunch with her. Of course while you were eating in a low class place like that, Trixie went and had Lunch at Ponyvilles top resturant." Her stomach decides to betray her, and let off a loud growl.
  80. "If you just happen to be hungry, there is some human made stir-fry in the wok back there." You say, gesturing over your shoulder .
  81. "Your letting Trixie try your home cooking! Er tricie means, I suppose it will do, since you do owe her one for not taking her for lunch." Trixie skips over to teh food, and dishes herself up a bowl.
  82. 'Now if I can finish working without any more interuptions...'
  83. "HI ANON!" Your field of view is replaced by a sea of pink, and you pull pinkie off your face.
  84. "Hey Pinkie, whats up?" You ask as you set her on th eground.
  85. "Well." She takes a deep breath "We had the party at canterlot, but then I realised we never realy had a party here, and now there are new ponys in ponyville, so I gotta throw them a welcome to ponyville party and a welcome back to ponyville party for you and *Inhale* I was wondering if you could help by finding some place to have it?"
  86. With an exasparated sigh, you nod. "Yes Pinkie, I will help. Come back here in a few hours, and I should have a place ready." She vanishes with a happy smile, and you get back to work. Managing to avoid any furthr interuptions, you finish your preparations by dinner time, and you call all the guards in.
  87. "Alright guys. With all your hard work, you cathered more than enough materials for a good sized living quarters Now I want you all to pay attentuion, because I may have a few questions for you after." They give an affirmative reply, and you walk up to the first pile. Over the next half hour, you turn all the materials into wood, before making a giant circle o turn it all into a house shaped building.
  88. The guards all look impressed, and you manage not to fall asleep right there. "Go, pick room. Questions tomorrow. I'm Tired. Dismissed." Slowly trundling your way through town, you finnaly make it back to twilights before falling asleep on your impromptu bed.
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