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  1. 2018 YEAR END TEST
  4. "A serving of love with a side of affection coming up! "
  6. A. Personal Information
  9. name : Lee Sumin
  10. class : 2-D
  11. birthday : 4th May 1999
  12. birthplace : seoul, south korea
  13. height : 162cm
  14. weight : 50kg
  17. B. About Yourself
  20. personality :
  22. ↳ cheerful ;
  23. If a smile isn't on her face, then something must be wrong because she smiles a lot and rarely gets sad or mad.
  25. ↳ hopeless romantic ;
  26. She thinks love = life. To her, there's no point in living unless there's love. Her goal in life is to fall in love and to find "the one". But no matter how many relationship she gets into, they just can't satisfy her ideal, dream-like relationship.
  28. ↳ creative ;
  29. As a fanfiction writer, Sumin is very creative and can come up with ideas or plots on the spot. The things around her inspire her and she can get ideas just by looking at a plant or something.
  31. ↳ full of love ;
  32. Sumin is filled to the brim with love and absolutely 0% of hate. Well not 0% but a low percentage of hate. She loves everything and everyone and would not hesitate to express it. Saying "I love you" is like a daily routine for her.
  34. ↳ daydreamer ;
  35. She has the most unrealistic thoughts and dreams. Daydreaming is something she's most often called out for by not inly the teacher but her peers as well. I guess this is why her grades are low, because she doesn't pay attention.
  37. background : Lee Sumin was born in an average family consisting of her mother, father and older brother. They all got along well and she's very close to her older brother. Her father works as someone who makes weapons for the military or other jobs that involves weapons.
  39. How she got into the business? She grew an interest for a student in her class and what does she do when she's interested in someone? That's right, she stalks them. And who was that student? None other than hwang hyunjin. She was stalking Hyunjin, wanting to know what he does when he isn't in class. She was hiding behind a pillar, eyes following Hyunjin when she saw him slip a small plastic bag containing some kind of white power out of his pocket and pass it to someone else and then he collected money from him. She unfortunately got noticed by Hyunjin and in order to prevent her from spreading anything, he tried to get her to join the syndicate. She didn't know what she was thinking at that moment because she had to take in a lot of things. Firstly, the person she's stalking and potential crush just sold drugs right in front of her, and secondly she just got invited to join them. Something told her to accept the invitation, so she did. And that was how she became the weapon master of a crime syndicate.
  41. trivia :
  42. ↳ steals weapons from her father
  43. ↳ has used every form of weapon
  44. ↳ is very good at stalking
  45. ↳ owns a Tumblr account and writes fanfiction there
  46. ↳ actually a pretty popular fanfic writer but no one knows its actually her
  47. ↳ has been in multiple relationships, but the longest only lasted for three months
  48. ↳ can go for days without sleeping
  50. strengths :
  51. ↳ learns really quickly
  52. ↳ has experience with a lot of weapons
  53. ↳ feather foot
  55. weaknesses :
  56. ↳ seeing her teammates hurt
  57. ↳ afraid of abandonment
  58. ↳ afraid of thunderstorms
  60. position : weapon master
  63. C. Other Info
  65. slot : pinterest
  66. backup : tumblr
  67. face claim : Gowon - loona
  68. backup : Olivia Hye - loona
  69. love interest : hyunjin
  70. backup : woojin
  73. D. Other questions.
  76. do you feel guilty doing this criminal stuff ?
  77. A little bit
  78. what will you do if you're caught ?
  79. Shoot them
  80. are you waiting for avengers : endgame ?
  81. Of course
  83. message to me : TQSM FOR CLOSING THE SLOT FOR ME ILY
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