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  1. (7:26:43 PM) mk comply if she moves forward, it will damage her car. She wouldn't do that. she loves her car too much
  2. (7:27:29 PM) ajmunford14 your foot will mess up her car?
  3. (7:27:34 PM) ajmunford14 thats some power
  4. (7:28:24 PM) mk comply if on foot, I'll challenge her to chess, and if I win, she forfeits the space forever. if SHE wins, I forfeit the space. but she wont win. if she gets close, I'll flip the table
  5. (7:28:36 PM) ajmunford14 thats a good plan
  6. (7:28:41 PM) ajmunford14 Mac would be proud
  7. (7:30:13 PM) mk comply And yes, my foot will do damage. Her car is likely made of a plastic or polymer or something
  8. (7:30:30 PM) mk comply i'll kick that shit in
  9. (7:30:36 PM) mk comply fucking spin kick her wing mirrors off
  10. (7:30:42 PM) ajmunford14 f that bitch
  11. (7:30:42 PM) mk comply rip her tires off the rims
  12. (7:31:07 PM) mk comply then light the tires and throw them in her face
  13. (7:32:14 PM) ajmunford14 this is sounding a lot better
  14. (7:32:53 PM) mk comply I'll also make it a point to pee on her doorknob every day in the winter
  15. (7:33:24 PM) mk comply I may have to sneak into her house and hide a dead animal in her a/c
  16. (7:33:47 PM) ajmunford14 we may have to learn to pick locks so we can do that
  17. (7:34:14 PM) mk comply fuck locks, i bet she leaves a window open in the summer
  18. (7:34:19 PM) mk comply she's ground floor, right?
  19. (7:34:21 PM) ajmunford14 no
  20. (7:34:23 PM) ajmunford14 2nd
  21. (7:35:01 PM) mk comply this may just require a ladder
  22. (7:35:05 PM) mk comply or lock picking...
  23. (7:35:05 PM) ajmunford14 i have one
  24. (7:35:12 PM) mk comply i motion for lock picking
  25. (7:35:13 PM) ajmunford14 lock picking is sneakier though
  26. (7:35:17 PM) ajmunford14 agreed
  27. (7:35:43 PM) mk comply I want to be a badass rogue
  28. (7:35:53 PM) mk comply maybe put bees in her a/c
  29. (7:36:11 PM) ajmunford14 hornets
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