Murder Mystery in a Timely Manor - Session 15

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  1. [13:32:47] <~sophos> The gargoyles maw snaps shut on the lantern handle, and lightning streaks across the sky. As the thunder rolls through the hedges, one can't tell when it ended and the gargoyle's roar began.
  2. [13:35:04] Mistress_D covers her ears, shielding from the roar and scans the area around to see if anything is coming.
  3. [13:36:37] Stellar_Ascent does almost the same as Mistress_D, though with much more panic in his blood.
  4. [13:58:11] <~sophos> The gargoyle lumbers forward a step. The lantern swings capriciously to and fro; spilling embers, clanging against stone, and casting a disorienting grid of shadows.
  5. [14:09:38] <Stellar_Ascent> Stellar makes a testing shot with his rifle at the creature in front of him.
  6. [14:15:26] <~sophos> The bolt of plasma bursts against the gargoyles shoulder, and it lets out another roar. Heat can be seen radiating off the stone.
  7. [14:16:01] <Stellar_Ascent> "Huh... seems effective now!" He exclaims, giving the good ol best anoter 3 shots into its frame without aiming anywhere in particular.
  8. [14:23:16] <~sophos> The gargoyle shields itself with its wings, and its left one absorbs all three bolts of plasma. The stone glows orange and seeps off the wing and onto the damp ground with a sizzle, leaving a foal-sized hole in its wing.
  9. [14:25:36] <~sophos> Giddy and confident, Bandolier dives through the gargoyles wing-hole with his talons outstreached.
  10. [14:36:20] <~sophos> Bandolier spins in the air and corkscrews into the gargoyles face with his talons. Chips of stone fly in every direction, but the gargoyle isn't left much uglier or mishapen. Bandolier backflips back to where he was initially standing.
  11. [14:38:04] <~sophos> Ace_Moonlight takes a few steps back and says, "Uh, I think I'm gonna go finish making that bomb." He turns tail and runs.
  12. [14:39:47] Mistress_D see's the Statue advancing and without a second thought attempt to buck the beast twice "STAY BACK!"
  13. [14:41:24] Mistress_D Over shooting her first buck she quickly repositions and strikes it dead center .
  14. [14:45:16] Mistress_D after making contact she swings and delivers a quick jab, then retreats down the hall "MOVE!"
  15. [14:46:45] <~sophos> Mistress_D's hooves each force a spiderweb of cracks in the gargoyles torso.
  16. [14:59:35] <~sophos> The gargoyles draws up and beats it's chest in protest. It's eyes glow white and, in the blink of an eye, it's gone. Ace can be heard screaming somewhere further down the maze.
  17. [15:03:43] Stellar_Ascent hears the sudden screaming after the gargoyle has teleported away, making him move to ace hastily.
  18. [15:06:12] <Stellar_Ascent> Hastily, he rushes by the Mistress D.
  19. [15:08:29] <~sophos> Stellar_Ascent discovers Ace midair in one of the gargoyle's stone hands.
  20. [15:11:26] Stellar_Ascent sees Ace in its hand and tries to recognize what the gargoyle is attempting to do with Ace.
  21. [15:14:29] <Stellar_Ascent> Making sure to not accidentally hit his small friend, he fires 2 shots of plasma at the general frame of this large beast. "Let go of the child, you monster!" He exclaimed in an unusual moment of bravado.
  22. [15:17:33] <~sophos> The plasma strikes and heats the gargoyle's arm to a dull glow; fortunately, not the arm holding Ace.
  23. [15:20:19] <~sophos> Bandolier looks in every direction, rubs his eyes, and calls out to the others, "Hey, wait for me!" He takes to the sky for a birds eye view and quickly catches sight of the gargoyle and Ace.
  24. [15:22:05] <~sophos> Clouds grumble overhead and lightning forks out towards Bandolier, but he dodges it without so much as a thought.
  25. [15:23:33] <~sophos> "Oops," Bandolier says as he descends to the ground.
  26. [15:26:56] <~sophos> Tears stream down Ace_Moonlight's face as he is throttled in the gargoyles grip. He starts to scream at the top of his lungs when the lantern the swaying lantern spills a few searing embers on his muzzle.
  27. [15:28:28] Mistress_D eyes go wides as she moves into free Ace from the grasp of the beast attacking the hand thats holding him with a single buck.
  28. [15:33:08] Mistress_D With the burning fury she charges screaming "GET YOUR PURTRID CLAWS OFF OF MY COLT!" as she puts her whole might into her buck, straight to it's arm.
  29. [15:35:59] <~sophos> Mistress_D strike lets out a sound like a lightning crack. The gargoyle's hand crumbles at the wrist and fissures run from its forearm to its shoulder. Ace falls still clenched between stone fingers.
  30. [15:38:57] Mistress_D Still filled with fury, she follows the cracks now wanting to see another flock suffer she goes to what she assumes to be the beasts head and delivers a flurry of quick strikes.
  31. [15:42:47] Mistress_D Her flurry is sloppy as she can't effectively see it, only able to hit twice, but she made sure they counted as each blow hit with the force of Thunder.
  32. [15:45:32] <~sophos> Mistress_D hooves chip away large chunks of the gargoyles head. It lets out a terrible roar, partially out of a hole in the side of its head.
  33. [15:47:19] <~sophos> With its remaining arm, the gargoyles a sweeping blow directly in front of it.
  34. [15:49:13] <~sophos> The gargoyle swings well over anyone's head, but it repeats the motion in reverse.
  35. [15:53:32] <~sophos> The gargoyles palm nicks the stone hand surrounding Ace and collides with Mistress_D.
  36. [15:55:01] <~sophos> Ace, stone hand and all, rolls into the wall with enough force the shatter the hand.
  37. [15:56:37] <~sophos> The gargoyle's eyes glow white once again, and it disappears.
  38. [15:56:49] Mistress_D Gasps for breath as she is knocked aside by the lumbering blow mentally cursing to herself, as she let her guard down.
  39. [15:59:42] <~sophos> Ace_Moonlight coughs blood out onto the surrounding, crumbled stone. More tears stream from his eyes as his lets out a groan.
  40. [16:02:08] Mistress_D coughs "Get him." she huffs as she stands to her hooves "A potion. we're heading for the exit now!"
  41. [16:06:28] <~sophos> "Where did it go?" Bandolier asks no one in particular.
  42. [16:07:24] <Stellar_Ascent> "I don't know" He exclaims, running over to the Mistress. "Can you walk?!" He asks her hastily, also giving Ace a look.
  43. [16:13:29] <~sophos> Ace sobs as he struggles to his hooves.
  44. [16:17:06] <Mistress_D> "I'm fine, just...out of breath is all." huffs looking back over the group "Band, are back, the exit is just around the corner, I'll take point." woobles a bit as she makes her way down back to the dinning room.
  45. [16:19:01] <~sophos> Ace_Moonlight hobbles after her.
  46. [16:20:02] Mistress_D will make sure everyone is inside before entering herself
  47. [16:20:42] <~sophos> "Wait for me," says Bandolier. "I kinda want to go looking for it, though. The fight just got started."
  48. [16:21:20] <~sophos> He follows after Mistress and Ace.
  49. [16:24:07] Stellar_Ascent follows the others as well, just wanting to get the heck out of here.
  50. [16:29:00] <~sophos> The party finds the dining room just as they left it. After the time they spent in the courtyard it seems quiet, dry, and cold-- almost alien.
  51. [16:33:37] Mistress_D closes the door behind her and walks further away from it slumping along the wall, as the adrenalin escapes her system and the extent from all her injuries finally reaches her limit of hiding
  52. [16:37:56] <~sophos> "I think," Ace_moonlight says before a hiccup interupts him. "I think we put lantern on the wrong statue."
  53. [16:39:21] <~sophos> The time is 21:13
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