white is megumin

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  1. A Hatknight: Yes
  2. A Hatknight: Soldat is me
  3. Kapper: excuse me?
  4. A Hatknight: I really hope i didnt send this to the wrong person lmao
  5. A Hatknight: Fuck i did
  6. Kapper: send me the virus link my dude
  7. Kapper: it's alright
  8. A Hatknight: Alright its uh
  9. A Hatknight: Csgojackpot273.ah
  10. Kapper: thanks
  11. A Hatknight: Np
  12. A Hatknight: Use code: getlucky pls
  13. A Hatknight: They have my family and if i dont get enough people theyll kill him
  14. Kapper: your names quite similar to a jackass who banned me from a discord server for no reason
  15. A Hatknight: Hmmmm
  16. A Hatknight: I wonder what server
  17. Kapper: by any chance do you happen to like the color purple or experience joy in screwing with kids on club penguin
  18. A Hatknight: Wtf is club penguin
  19. Kapper: ok somethings up here, everybody knows what club penguin is after it shut down
  20. A Hatknight: Dude i dont really spend a lot of time on the interwebz
  21. A Hatknight: Is this a trick question?
  22. Kapper: just mock me already since "oh hah hah whitesicles 11 lets make fun of him"
  23. A Hatknight: Who?
  24. Kapper: your an admin on the purple republic
  25. A Hatknight: Look bro
  27. A Hatknight: I dont hate you or anything and of your this angry over it then perhaps you should get help
  28. A Hatknight: And yes i know meg doxed you
  29. A Hatknight: We banned her a long time ago
  30. Kapper: you mean you banned me twice?
  31. A Hatknight is now Away.
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