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  1. scholar of the first sin may have pushed dark souls ii up to masterpiece.
  2. *spoiler free*
  4. scholar fixed two of my bigger gripes about dsii
  6. the first being enemy placement.
  7. a lot of horde encounters were replaced from several weaker enemies to one or two larger enemies.
  8. i liked how some unique or previously certian location-only enemies were moved or reused.
  10. the second being item placement.
  11. i don't really have concrete data on this, but i feel like item placement (chests, lootable corpses) was a lot better.
  12. it felt more rewarding as I explored everything this time around.
  14. as for the dlc content, i've completed 2 out of 3 (sunken temple + iron king)
  15. their strength is definitely the bosses added.
  16. temple wasn't as good as iron king in level design.
  17. iron king is a top 5 dsii location.
  19. if you don't already have the dlc as part of dsii, i'd say scholar is a must buy. (<= what i did)
  20. if you already have dlc from dsii... $20 may be a little too steep for scholar IMO.
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