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  1. Undyne hot and bothered by reading Alphys' nerdy fanfiction!
  2. Undyne calling up Asgore!
  3. Asgore hurrying over, thinking it's an emergency!
  4. Asgore surprised at finding nothing at all!
  5. Undyne trying to persuade Asgore into getting freaky with Alphys!
  6. Asgore being pent-up enough to go with it!
  7. Alphys' nervous shrieks as she sees the King of All Monsters in HER lab!
  8. Alphys' shrieks reaching near supersonic levels as Asgore removes his armor!
  9. The heat of the Hotlands had made him sweat on his way over!
  10. His damp fur sending such smells that turn on the degenerate reptilian weeb!
  11. Undyne excitedly tearing off her own armor, completely destroying it!
  12. The feesh ripping off Alphys' labcoat as she covers her face and blushes!
  13. Undyne pressing her chubby lover into a kiss, forcing her onto her bizarre bed!
  14. Asgore stroking his cock, a dollop of pre oozing from the tip!
  15. Undyne sliding a hand down to Alphys' slick cunt, hot and twitching beneath her ministrations!
  16. Asgore advancing as Undyne gently spreads her lover's folds!
  17. His titanic cock making Alphys shake and squeal breathlessly as it spreads her wide!
  18. Inch after hot throbbing inch sinking into her, filling her to capacity!
  19. The lizard's breasts heaving as she struggles to breathe, the sensations overwhelming her!
  20. Alphys' mouth silently screaming as she orgasms just from the penetration!
  21. Undyne grinning lewdly, letting her hair down around her shoulders and leaning down to kiss her lover!
  22. But Asgore's just getting started!
  23. Withdrawing his huge cock he barely hesitates before slamming in again!
  24. Rocking the whole bed and both women on top of it!
  25. Alphys' arms wrapped tight around Undyne, her claws digging into her lover's scales!
  26. Undyne biting her lip, this whole thing's going better than she imagined it!
  27. Alphys made to climax several more times!
  28. Asgore pulling free of her sodden cunt, twitching at the sudden emptiness!
  29. The boss monster guiding Undyne to grind her own burning sex against Alphys'!
  30. Asgore slipping his cock between the two sloppy slits!
  31. Both monsters writhing against his royal ravager with wanton lust!
  32. Undyne leaning down and biting down on Alphys' shoulder hard as her body flexes in orgasm!
  33. The added stimulation driving the weeb over the edge for one last time!
  34. Asgore letting out a low groan of ecstasy as he unloads between their two bodies!
  35. Their already slick scales now made sticky with his thick seed!
  36. The three of them collapsing together onto the bed in a panting heap!
  37. Undyne turning to smooch Asgore and wrapping her arms around both their necks, pulling them tight against her lithe form!
  38. Alphys cuddling into her Fish's side!
  39. Asgore stretching out a great arm for them to use as a pillow!
  40. The three of them falling asleep in seconds!
  41. Waking up to find that the mechanical bed was broken by the strain!
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