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Alejandro - BSD Router

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  1. Hello Allan & Kris!
  3. Started listening to your show a few months ago and I’m totally hooked now. Although I’ve been tinkering with Linux for a few years, I’m considering switching over to FreeBSD or TrueOS on my desktop & laptop PCs.
  5. I’m curious if there is a ‘micro-sized-version’ of any BSD that might be suitable for flashing on to a consumer-grade Wifi router? Something comparable to OpenWRT.
  7. I know that Allan mentioned on a recent episode about attaching a consumer Wifi router to a PFSense box in order to provide Wifi in addition to firewall capabilities. And while I plan to set up a PFSense box at some point, I would be interested in starting with a simpler project like flashing Linksys WRT54G with a BSD OS. If such a thing is even possible?
  9. Thanks in advance and please keep all that great content coming!
  11. Alejandro
  12. NY, NY
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