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  1. [11:11pm] DarkSlay: By the way, who will be taking over the BSR calculator work for Gen 6?
  2. [11:14pm] AgileTurtle: Im only in 8th grade and im taking geometry, but all that means is im smart for my age, and there are people here who have already gone through college and taken all the math classes so im not suited for it.
  4. [10:42pm] AgileTurtle: pwnemon, some people don't allow geometry in the 8th grade, or even algebra in the middle school at all. I feel sympathy for those unfortunate enough to not be allowed high school course in middle school like many others. But keep using it if you want.
  6. [8:58pm] AgileTurtle: I don't really go by all of these rules smogon has.
  8. [5:07pm] AgileTurtle: Tharts biased, but still, if he prefers designs cause of that, i guess I don't have a problem with him being biased that way, since that is his preference.
  9. [5:07pm] AgileTurtle: But he still made discriminatory comments, which is bullying.
  11. [8:14pm] Legend: what was the retard clause again?
  12. [8:14pm] Pwnemon: retard clause: don't be a retard
  13. [8:14pm] Deck_Knight: "Retard Clause" would probably get us sued.
  14. [8:14pm] Texas: "Mentally Disabled Clause"
  15. [8:14pm] Texas: "Don't Be Mentally Disabled"
  16. [8:15pm] AgileTurtle: Texas, thatsdiscrimination
  17. [8:15pm] AgileTurtle: Mentally disbaled people can't help it.
  19. [10:12pm] Deck_Knight: I like that better tan nyttyn, it has more humor and I don't want to get in trouble for including anatomy parts around 13 year olds.
  20. [10:12pm] AgileTurtle: Deck_Knight, Itd not like I haven't seen my own penis.
  22. [10:36pm] AgileTurtle: Sex is icky
  23. [7:29pm] Agile_Turtle: And I don't know why you would watch a lord of the rings porno, or any porno for that matter. Sex is icky.
  25. [4:53pm] AgileTurtle: Its like obama, he just wants to be president, he doesn't want the duties of a president.
  27. [9:43pm] Deck_Knight: We could make a huge metagross out of cheese and call it "Fetagross"
  28. [9:43pm] AgileTurtle: What kind of cheese will we be using?
  30. [7:25pm] Agile_Turtle: Squeeze your breasts together and fool people into thinking you have cleavage then show your face.
  31. [7:26pm] Agile_Turtle: best troll ever.
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